Ashley’s Diary — Monday, April 6, 2009 (archives)

Monday, April 6, 2009

It seems like we’ve been playing the stripping game for a month now, but it’s really only been one week.  I managed to earn six points last week, which is enough to keep me out of the doghouse, but some other girls weren’t so lucky.  I felt confident enough to not even try for more points — I wore a tshirt and bikini panties, which is really a pretty sexy outfit.  You see, the shirt completely covers the panties, making people wonder, yet it’s short enough to be daring.

Sometimes when I wear this outfit, I ditch the panties.  Here’s what I do:  I let people “discover” my panties.  Like when I went out with Matt, when we kissed, he patted my butt, and I didn’t swat his hand away right away.  I let him feel my panties first, and then I pretended to be annoyed that he was groping my butt.  Then, when I went to the ladies’ room, I threw the panties in the trash.  After that, he was a complete gentleman, even when we kissed, even though I was completely bottomless!  It was very exciting.  But I digress.

My heart goes out most of all to poor Becky, who once again wore her pretty red-and-white checkered apron that only barely covers her pussy, and leaves her sexy butt completely bare.  She stood at the front of the classroom this morning, looking so hopeful for our daily measurement.  Unfortunately, the median dress length was only one inch, and although her apron only covers her pussy by an inch, she has the fewest points, so she was asked to sit down.  Normally, Becky is so cheerful, it came as a real surprise to us when she ripped off her apron, threw it to the ground, and sat down stark naked!  I stifled a laugh when I noticed she had crossed her legs and folded her arms over her cute little tits.  I think she felt a little uncomfortable sitting there naked, but she was too proud to go back to the front of the classroom and collect her apron.

The teacher wasn’t pleased at all by Becky’s tantrum.  He went over to her seat, and lifted her up by her ear.  She said “ow! ow! ow!” as she stumbled up to the front of the room.  Still holding her ear, he made her bend over and pick up her apron.  When he finally let her stand up straight, he took the apron out of her hands, and ripped the straps right off it!  He handed it back to her, saying, “Nudity will not be tolerated, Becky!”  She put it on, more or less, but without straps, she wasn’t able to tie it, so her pretty little butt was hanging out more than ever today!

Today’s pretty girl of the day was minding her own business, looking really cute in a white micro-minidress that only half covered her pretty butt, when a boy snuck up behind her and whipped it off!  She chased him all over the campus for about ten minutes before he finally gave it back to her.


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