Pretty Girl of the Day, November 13, 2013

I thought I would try something a little daring today, so I put on this cute little dress, do you like it? Before you answer, yes, I know my dress is a little flirty, and it shows a little cheek, but lots of girls wear sexy dresses, why not me? Honestly, I never would have worn a dress this short in high school, but here at the College, things are different. Lots of girls show a little cheek. And of course, none of the girls wear panties, so if a boy happens to see under my dress, he won’t be surprised.


In high school, though, things were a lot different, mostly because of the really weird dress code we had there. There was only one rule: no visible underwear. I guess when they made the dress code, they figured it was a good rule. All the girls would wear clothes that covered their underwear, and everything would be fine. And I guess it was fine for a while, but things started to change while I was there. T-shirt dresses were very popular, and you know how that style goes. There’s no set length for a t-shirt dress. Even an actual t-shirt was fine to wear as a t-shirt dress, so lots of girls, me included, wore nothing but a t-shirt and panties to school. Some girls wore a bra, too, if their tits were on the big side, but I never had that problem.

Now, about the dress code… “No visible underwear”, remember? Ha ha ha! We got around that rule by just calling our panties “shorts”. And the teachers mostly bought it, too. The only time a girl would ever be punished for a dress code violation was if her t-shirt was long enough to exactly cover her panties, because a t-shirt like that was considered a dress, and since her panties could be seen — by the teacher when the girl was sitting at her desk, or sometimes by other students, when the girl was coming down the stairs, or bending over — this was considered a dress code violation. And this was bad luck for me, because almost all of my t-shirts were exactly this size!

I mostly solved the problem of being punished at school by wearing a thong, although I wasn’t entirely comfortable with this solution. Wearing a cheeky t-shirt dress I knew, of course, that the bottoms of my cheeks weren’t at all covered, so I had to be very careful walking in the hallway between classes to keep my legs together and keep my cheeks clenched, just in case there was a teacher behind me who might see my thong strap. Other kids teased me, saying I walked like a model on the runway! And some of the boys must have thought I wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

When I was a sophomore, my math teacher was very strict. One day, I was wearing a t-shirt and thong, like usual, and he must have gotten a glimpse of my thong, even though it was my tiniest skin-tone thong, and the straps were completely transparent. As soon as he ordered me to stand next to my desk I know I was in trouble. “I can see the straps of your bra,” he said to me. What a relief! All this time I thought he saw my tiny little thong!

“That’s impossible,” I said.

“How dare you contradict me!” I stared at him, dumbfounded. I wasn’t wearing a bra, of course, so there was no way he could have seen it. “I’m going to send you home for a dress code violation,” he thundered.

“Wait,” I said, feeling short of breath for what I was about to suggest. “I can prove it.”

“Prove what? That I didn’t see what I can clearly see, which is your bra straps?”

I stared at him for a long time, my heart practically beating out of my chest. Then I did it. I took off my t-shirt, laid it on my desk, and stared at him defiantly. My little nipples were fully erect, and my heart was pounding.

My teacher stormed over to where I was standing next to my desk, grabbed me by one arm, and dragged me out the door, and stumbling down the hallway. He was practically running, and didn’t stop until he got to the principal’s office. “Thi-thi-this girl violated the dress code!” he stammered.

The principal quickly closed the door, and asked what happened. My teacher told a story about me wearing a t-shirt that didn’t cover my panties, and how I just took it off in the middle of class as some sort of sexual tease! Well, the principal bought the whole story, and was on the phone to my father before I knew it.

“No, not my father!” I begged the principal to call my mother instead. She has always kept my little problems with the dress code quiet.

The principal hung up the phone, and looked at me. He seemed a little embarrassed. He asked one of the secretaries to fetch my shirt. She was gone so long I was worried my father would get here before she came back with it. As it happened, when the door opened, they were both at the door. I put on my shirt as fast as I could, hoping my father didn’t see my little titties, and then I hugged him. “I’m so sorry, daddy,” I said.

“What seems to be the trouble?” He held me at arms length, and looked at me. “What’s this I hear about a dress code violation?”

“Her teacher said he could see her panties,” explained the principal.

“My bra,” I corrected.

“But you’re not wearing a bra,” said the principal.


“It doesn’t matter,” my father interrupted. “She’s wearing a very decent t-shirt that would completely cover a bra if she were wearing one, as well as any, um, panties that she might or might not be wearing.”

“Might not?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. “There’s no way to tell, just by looking at you, if you’re wearing panties or not. Am I wrong?” I shook my head. Where was this going?! “Stand up, little girl,” he said. I stood up. “Take a little spin for us.” I put one foot behind the other, and did a 360, ending with my legs crossed the other way, facing the principal, and with my back to my dad. Please don’t either of you see my panties, I prayed. “See? My dad said. No visible underwear.”

The principal laughed. But the teacher saw your daughter’s underwear. That’s why she’s here. You see, this t-shirt dress is just too short for school, if it doesn’t cover her underwear. She needs to go home and change, and then she can come back to school.”

My father got a kind of gleam in his eye. I’ve seen this look before. “But you don’t see her underwear, do you?” my he asked the principal. I sat with my legs crossed, so even if he looked up my dress, he wouldn’t see anything.

“Well… no, but–”

“Which means my little girl’s dress is long enough–”

“For my taste, her dress is long enough, but it’s not up to me–”

“Let me finish! Her dress is long enough so that we can’t tell whether she’s wearing underwear or not, right?

The principal grinned. “Okay, I’ll grant you that.”

My dad had the upper hand now, and I was loving it! “So, instead of sending the girl home, let’s just have her take off her underwear, and return to class. No one will know.”

I jumped up and hugged my dad “No one except that snooping teacher who’s always looking up girls’ dresses!” I said, taking off my thong, and stepping out of it. “And now he won’t find any violations!”

My dad and the principal shook hands, and I ran back to class, arriving just before the bell rang.

“That’s the same t-shirt you were wearing before,” said my teacher.

“Yes, but you’re not going to find a violation,” I said, giddy with excitement.

“Really? Why is that?” Just then the bell rang. I picked up my books, and walked out of the room. Just before I reached the door, I lifted the back of my t-shirt high enough for everyone to see my full moon!

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