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Archived: VPL Roundup (exhib)

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VPL Roundup (exhib)

One of the most eagerly anticipated (or dreaded, depending on your mindset) campus events every spring is the Annual VPL Roundup. VPL, which stands for “Visible Panty Lines” is not expressly mentioned in the Official Dress Code, which is very long and complex.  The first few paragraphs read as follows:

1.1.1 Purpose

The main purpose of the Code is to provide standards of modest dress for students who attend the College, so they can have a learning environment characterized by modesty, decency, and dignity.  The main emphasis of the Code is to spell out the two main coverage standards.  First, and most important, underwear must be covered at all times, and may never be seen.  Second, the “private areas” must be covered while the student is in a standing position.  Taken together, the main effect of these two coverage standards is to encourage decency.

1.1.2 Motivation

A paradoxically immodest consequence of the two rules, each of which encourages modesty, is to prohibit wearing underwear under very short dresses.  On balance, though, the effect of these standards is to encourage students to wear clothes with better coverage, for two reasons.  First, most students prefer to wear underwear, and the first coverage rule requires wearing clothes robust enough to cover the underwear at all times and from all angles of view.  Second, if a student is not inclined to wear underwear, the fear of exposing one’s privates will encourage the wearing of clothes with an extra margin of decency beyond the minimum required by the Code, so they will feel confident their privates are covered adequately.

The “panty rule” as it is called, has a lofty objective, to encourage decency.  Before it was added to the dress code, many girls wore micro-miniskirts and baby doll dresses, and relied on their underwear to cover their privates.  Since the rule was passed, fewer girls wear the very short dresses, but paradoxically, more girls go without panties, so the overall effect of the rule as regards decency is mixed.

The dress code goes on at some length, describing various combinations of clothing, alternatives such as body paint, and exceptions for bathing suits, etc.  But one part of the dress code that is not explicitly mentioned is VPL – Visible Panty Lines. It comes close to outlawing VPL where it says that underwear may not be seen.  But opinions differ as to whether VPL constitutes “seeing”.

During the VPL roundup, which traditionally runs from Mardi Gras to Easter, the Campus Patrol cracks down on certain dress code violations on campus.  This is just the time of year when the weather starts to warm up, and girls like to wear lighter clothing. The crackdown, say the Campus Patrol, is to stop girls from going to far in their clothing.  In particular, they look for violations of the panty rule while completely overlooking most other violations.

Stories of abuse by the Campus Patrol abound. In a typical scenario, a girl will get into her car, and is approached by a patrolman. She says, “What’s wrong, officer,” and he says “I saw your panties as you got into your car. That’s a violation of the dress code.” If she argues, and says she isn’t in violation, either because she isn’t wearing panties or because her dress is plenty long enough, he will ask her to remove her dress as part of a “voluntary inspection”.  The alternative is to be cited for an assumed violation of the code, stripped naked (the clothes are evidence of the violation) and given a summons for a hearing to be held a few weeks later.  Neither alternative is very pleasant, so often the girl will comply with the inspection.  As a crowd gathers, she removes her dress, and hands it to the officer. If she’s not wearing panties, the officer will ask her to put her hands on the hood of her car, and “spread ’em”.  Regardless of how far she spreads her legs, the officer typically kick her legs further apart. He’ll tell her not to move while he “checks her for priors”. Then he leaves her there to draw a bigger and bigger crowd while he ducks into his patrol car and masturbates. After she’s been on display for a few minutes, he’ll thank her for complying with the dress code, give her back her dress and send her on her way.  On the other hand, if she is wearing panties, it’s much worse for her. He’ll write her a ticket for violating the dress code, and keep the dress and the panties as evidence before humiliating her and sending her on her way completely naked.

Then, at the hearing, the girl can defend herself only by humiliating herself further in front of a packed courtroom.  The girl is required to appear naked in court.  The prosecutor will call the Campus Cop to identify the defendant as the one he saw that day.  The cop will feign difficulty recognizing the girl with her legs together.  She will be forced to spread her legs apart, parade herself in front of the court, and bend over, and even let members of the jury spread her lips apart for a better view of her vagina.  At that point, the cop says he recognizes the girl, and she’s allowed to sit down, but the humiliation is far from over.

If she chooses to defend herself, she must get into “The Seat”.  This is a test to see if the clothing worn that day was decent.  In this ordeal, she must put on the panties she was allegedly wearing that day (the ones that were introduced into evidence), and the dress.  Then, she must face the jury, and get into The Seat. It’s a fairly high seat that looks like a car seat. In fact, it is a car seat, bolted to a platform where the girl is supposed to rest her feet. It’s notoriously difficult to get into the seat without flashing the jury, though many girls succeed, and are ultimately found “decent” by the jury. But surviving The Seat is just the beginning of the humiliation.

By taking the stand, the girl opens herself up for cross-examination. The prosecutor will typically ask the girl to remove her clothes, which are, after all, evidence. If she covers her breasts and keeps her knees together while she’s sitting in the witness chair, he will point out to the jury how the girl is covering herself up, indicating that she is ashamed of what she has done. If she leaves her breasts uncovered or her legs apart, even slightly, he will tell the jury she has no modesty, and they should find her indecent.

The best thing a defendant can do at this point is to break down and cry. The jury will feel that she was probably guilty of something but that she’s already suffered enough, and let her go. If the girl remains defiant in the face of this humiliation, the jury will often find her indecent, even if she’s able to get in The Seat without flashing her panties. When the jury comes back, the defendant, still naked, is asked to stand and face the jury. If the verdict is “indecent”, the defense attorney will ask for the jury to be polled while the defendant sobs into her hands, leaving her legs slightly apart so she appears as vulnerable as she can. Often, this tactic will cause a juror to recant, and then the defendant will be let go. But if each juror repeats, “indecent”, then the worst is yet to come.

The judge has extraordinary leeway in setting the sentence, and judges have been known to be creative in their effort to humiliate guilty little girls.  Judges are even allowed to sentence a girl to be gang raped, as long as she is offered a non-violent alternative.  About half the girls sentenced this way actually choose to be raped, only because the alternative is worse, sometimes involving many days of humiliation.

Once, in passing sentence, the judge said to the girl, “you have been so eager to let people see your twat, you will be bottomless for 30 days.” The judge even went to the girl’s apartment and confiscated almost all her clothes, leaving her just a few short shirts. This was reported in the local newspaper, with a photo of the bottomless girl (with her legs spread apart, even!) on the front page.  Apparently, the censors permit full frontal nudity under the guise of “news”.  After her story was published, people came from far away to see the bottomless girl around campus.

More often, the sentence will be no underwear for six months to a year, and for a certain number of random dress code inspections to be performed over the course of the sentence. In one famous case, the random dress code inspection took place at a major league baseball game. The girl’s live picture was displayed on the scoreboard as the inspector asked her girlfriend to check for a bra. The friend patted the girl’s chest, and said no bra. The inspector told the friend to reach under the dress to be sure. The friend reluctantly felt under the top of the dress, and said, no bra. The inspector said, the friend had to reach under the bottom of the dress. The friend hesitated, but finally got down on her knees, and reached up underneath the girl’s dress and pushed her arms up until she was able to grasp both of the girl’s breasts. The inspector paused while the whole stadium took in the spectacle. The girl was standing with her friend’s head under her dress, and her friend’s hands on her breasts. Finally the inspector said, “now I want you to use your tongue to verify that the girl is not wearing any panties.” Again, a long pause. Finally, the large lump in the girl’s dress started to move upward, but the dress was too tight. Meanwhile a lump was forming in the pants of every guy in the stadium as a hush fell over the crowd. The friend, not knowing what else to do, apologized, took her hands off the girl’s breasts, and used them to lift the girl’s dress, revealing everything to the packed stadium. The friend extended her tongue hesitantly, and touched it to the girl’s vulva. The stadium erupted in a loud roar as the inspector waved to the crowd and departed. It is reported that even after the baseball game resumed, the girls kept at it until they were both satisfied.

A “panty rights” group has charged that the capricious enforcement of the panty rule actually encourages the wearing of much more provocative clothing.  They claim the Campus Cops target girls wearing long dresses and pants for embarrassing inspections, and that they conduct such checks in the most public places to discourage girls from wearing decent clothing.  A Panty Rights spokesgirl said, “It’s bad enough that panties are outlawed in the spring, but the way the rule is enforced makes it impossible for girls to wear a dress or pants.  Girls are pretty much forced to go bottomless during the spring.”  A Campus Patrol spokesman acknowledges that short dresses are the norm in the spring, but denies the VPL roundup has anything to do with it.  He says that girls who would otherwise wear panties are simply going without panties to comply with the rules, and this should encourage them to wear more decent clothes, since they won’t be able to rely on panties to always shield their privates from view.

It was now March, and the VPL roundup was due to begin. The Campus Cops were patrolling everywhere, looking for violators…

Donna had heard all these stories about the VPL roundup, and she was smart enough not to get snared by any of the cheap traps she had heard about. During this season she wore a blouse and long pants or else a long dress, and nothing else. No bra, no panties, nothing to get her caught by the Campus Patrol. Although she loved to wear very thin clothes, and she loved them skin-tight, she was also well aware there was nothing underneath, so she made sure they weren’t too sheer. After all, Donna was a modest girl.

On this day, she woke up in an especially good mood. The sun shone into her dorm room, and felt warm on her face. She closed the curtain, then stripped off her pajamas and admired her body in the full-length mirror while her roommate, Crysta, slept. She kept the light off, because she didn’t want to wake Crysta. She eyed a bright floral chiffon dress hanging in her closet. In the past, she had always worn this dress with a slip and underwear. There wasn’t any absolute requirement to wear the underwear, though. Sure, the bra provided some support, but her breasts were medium-sized and very perky, so they didn’t really need a bra. The slip was there just to hide the underwear, which could otherwise be seen through the thin dress. But if she didn’t wear any underwear, then she wouldn’t need the slip, either. Her skin was uniformly tan, so there would be no “white bits” to show up under the dress. Well, it’s worth a try, she thought, and put the dress on. Gosh, it looks great, she thought as she admired herself in the mirror. She smoothed the front of her dress over her breasts, and thought she might be able to see her nipple in the dim light of the room. She turned around, and looked over her shoulder in the mirror. My figure looks terrific, she thought. This dress is perfect!

Donna couldn’t wait to start the day, so she woke Crysta, and said, “Wake up, sleepyhead, it’s a new day!” Crysta wasn’t a morning person, so she moaned, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Donna opened the curtain, then whipped Crysta’s covers off, and paused to admire her naked body as she sleepily reached in vain for her blanket and simultaneously curled into a fetal position.

Finally, Crysta woke up. “You can’t wear that,” she said, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She could see right through Donna’s dress. She could not only tell Donna wasn’t wearing any panties, she could also tell she had shaved all but a cute little strip of pubic hair less than an inch wide and no longer than two inches long, extending from the top of her vulva.

“I can wear whatever I want,” Donna said petulantly, and put her hands on her hips. The sun was shining through Donna’s dress, casting the shadow of her beautifully curved ass on the front of her dress.

“But, but…” Crysta was trying to think of how to phrase this. She didn’t want to hurt Donna’s feelings, and the dress really did look nice, but, come on! This dress was just too thin, and really needed a slip under it.

“Guess what?” Donna interrupted. Without waiting for Crysta to reply, she continued, leaning closer to Crysta as she spoke quietly, “I’m not wearing any panties!”

Crysta was stunned. Not because Donna wasn’t wearing any panties — that she could see plainly — but that Donna didn’t realize how obviously pantiless she was!  How could Donna not know she was almost naked? Heck, she was naked! Did she get dressed in the dark?  Oh yeah, Crysta realized. She did get dressed in the dark. When would Donna suddenly realize she was naked?  Maybe not until they got outside. That would be fun, Crysta thought. She and Donna would be outside, maybe on their way to the dining hall for breakfast, when Donna would suddenly realize she’s naked, and run back to the dorm to change clothes. Better yet, Crysta thought, I’ll just bring some panties for her to put on when she finally realizes her mistake.

Crysta caught Donna’s reflection in the mirror and quickly threw some clothes over it. She didn’t want Donna to see herself and realize too soon that she was naked. She wanted to get Donna outside as quickly as possible. Crysta threw on a little black minidress that was one or two sizes too small for her, grabbed Donna by the hand, and hurried out the door. “I’m hungry,” she said in an effort to cover the real reason for her hurry.

“OK,” Donna said. Standing behind Crysta as she locked the door, Donna said, “but you might want to pull your dress down to cover your pussy.” As she said this, she stroked Crysta’s front, and was surprised to find her pussy all wet and open. Crysta turned around to face her friend. “What are you so excited about?” Donna asked, and reached down for another feel.

At that moment, Crysta reached orgasm, and her knees buckled. Donna caught her in her arms, and hugged her tight to keep her from falling. When Crysta finally righted herself, her dress was pushed up higher than her belly button, but she was so excited she didn’t notice. Donna pulled Crysta’s dress down, barely covering her beautiful ass. Donna stroked the soft skin between Crysta’s legs and around her butt hole as she asked again, “Are you going to tell me what’s got you so hot?”  It’s you, Donna, who’s making me so hot, Crysta thought, but she didn’t say anything..

They began walking, Donna on the left, Crysta on the right, as Donna kept a hand on Crysta’s ass, moving her wet fingers up and down alternately between Crysta’s cheeks then between her legs to soak up some more of Crysta’s love juice. “I don’t know,” Crysta lied, “maybe I had a sexy dream.”

As the two girls walked, boys and girls alike stared at them. Donna noticed the staring, but didn’t guess that it was because Donna was practically naked.  Instead, she assumed they were looking at Crysta, whose dress was extremely short and tight, and who was clearly getting a nice hand job as the girls walked. Crysta shuddered as she came again.

Finally, the girls arrived at the dining hall. It was decorated nicely inside, with plants hanging from the ceiling, and mirrors on the wall, which made the entrance hall feel roomy and comfortable. After the girls paid, they waited in line for their food. Crysta tried to distract Donna’s attention from the mirrors to no avail. Donna ran her hands along the curves of her body, and admired herself in one of the mirrors, then all of a sudden she gasped, and covered her breasts with her hands. “I’m naked” she said, a little louder than she meant to. Heads turned in her direction.  She put one leg in front of the other to hide most of her vulva, and continued staring into the mirror. “How could you let me go out this way?” she asked. Her squirming attracted more attention.

“You look great to me, right down to your landing strip” Crysta replied, and she touched her own wet, hairless vulva as if to demonstrate, causing an involuntary contraction of her vagina. She was still very excited.

“I have to change out of this dress, but then I’ll miss breakfast. What can I do?”

“I just happen to have a pair of panties with me. Here, take ’em.” Crysta stood close to Donna, and surreptitiously handed them to her. “Act natural,” Crysta said. “Put them on once we sit down, and no one will notice.”

Donna tried to act as naturally as she could under the circumstances. When she got her food she felt all the food servers looking at her landing strip, but she didn’t want to draw further attention to herself by making any move to cover up. She just wanted to get her food as fast as she could and then sit down and put on her panties.

As soon as she sat down, Donna felt all the eyes in the room on her. She began eating as if nothing were out of the ordinary. One by one, conversations started up, and people seemed to lose interest in her. Finally, Donna unfolded the panties, and slipped them over her feet. She worked them up to her thighs, then realized she would need to stand up briefly to finish the job. She looked around, and saw people mostly minding their own business, so she stood up, and pulled her panties up the rest of the way. Then she sat down, and checked the room again. No one was paying any attention.

“Now, don’t you feel better?” Crysta asked as she sat down. Crysta’s pussy was dripping wet.  She didn’t want to wet the back of her tiny dress, so she had pulled it up out of the way when she sat, her dress was around her hips.  Many girls went bottomless during the VPL roundup, so no one paid much attention to Crysta’s naked ass.

Donna thought about the question. She had been so wrapped up in the logistics of covering up her landing strip, she hadn’t had time to just relax and enjoy her breakfast. Now she breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Yes, Crysta, I do. Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Crysta said as she absently massaged herself under the table with her left hand, then she continued eating with the right.

When the girls had finished, Crysta stood up, and she saw Donna’s eyes go to her naked and hairless pussy, so she pulled her dress down again, barely covering herself. “We’re late,” she said. “Let’s get going.”

With that, the two girls bussed their trays, and headed out the door. The weather was warm, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Although Donna’s breasts were bouncing clear as day under her dress, she felt warm and snug in her panties, and all was right with the world. They hadn’t walked but a few steps when they were interrupted by a Campus Cop yelling through a bullhorn, “STOP! VPL Violation!” Everyone started looking around to see if they could spot the violator.

Donna almost pooped in her panties when she suddenly remembered the VPL Roundup had started. Now she was embarrassed again, but this time for wearing panties instead of not wearing them. Involuntarily, she covered herself with her hands, but it was no use. She had been spotted. She removed her hands, and waited for the cop to come over to her and begin the humiliating “inspection”. It seemed to take forever as the cop moved toward her in apparent slow motion. Closer and closer he came. Then, surprise, he kept right on walking past Donna, and came to a stop in front of another girl who was wearing tight hip-hugger pants. Everyone stood still in frozen anticipation. Was this girl the violator the cop spotted?  Donna thought about reaching under her dress and removing her panties, but she was afraid that would attract too much attention. Now all eyes were on the girl in tight pants, who was trying to smooth the wrinkles in her pants to no avail. Her pants clearly had lines in them, but were they panty lines or just wrinkles? It was hard to tell. Donna tried to work her own panties down as the crowd backed up to form a circle around the girl in the tight pants.

The cop said, “I need to inspect you for a possible Code Violation.”

“I couldn’t possibly be violating the Code,” she insisted.

“And why not?” asked the cop.

“Because I’m not wearing any panties,” said the girl proudly, hooking her thumb in the waistband of her pants, pulling them down a tiny bit.  Donna thought she’s probably telling the truth.  The pants were cut so low Donna could swear she could see part of the girl’s vulva.  And they only covered a small part of the girl’s ass.

“Take off your shirt,” said the cop.

“No,” said the girl. “I don’t have to.”

“You’re right. You don’t have to. But then I’ll have to cite you for a violation, and you don’t want that, do you?”

He was right. The girl didn’t want that. So she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. As she undid each button, more and more of her ample breasts showed until she undid the last button.  At this point, the shirt hung open, revealing a strip of skin from her neck to her belly button, but her breasts were still covered. She heaved a great sigh, and pushed the shirt off one shoulder, revealing one beautifully round and plump breast. She slowly worked her arms out of the shirt, and shrugged her shoulders, and let the shirt fall. She picked up the shirt, and handed it to the cop.

“Now, since you’re such a good sport,” said the cop, “I’ll let you keep your panties on. Just take off your pants.”

“I keep telling you,” said the girl, “I’m not wearing any panties!”

“Well, then, you have nothing to worry about. Just give me your pants, and I’ll let you be on your way.”

“You’ll give my clothes back to me?”

“No, I’ll need to keep them for evidence.”

“Evidence of what?  If I’m not wearing any panties then I’m not guilty of anything.”

“You’re guilty of failing to comply with the field dress code check.”

“Let me see if I understand this,” the topless girl said.  “I have to strip naked so you can verify I’m not wearing panties, then you keep my clothes for evidence that I’m not complying with your little check, is that it?”

:”Now you understand.”

“Then I’ll be naked.”

“You’re right, it’s not fair.”  The cop eyed the topless girl, and continued, “OK, I’ll make a deal with you.  Are you clean shaven?”

The girl blushed, and said in a small voice, “Yes.”

“If you’re not wearing any panties, and you are clean shaven, then I’ll let you have something to wear so you won’t be naked.”

The girl figured this would be the best deal she would get today, so she pulled on the legs of her pants and wiggled her hips.  The pants were so low, they didn’t even have a zipper or button.  By the time she had lowered her pants just an inch, it was easy to tell there were no panties.  Another inch, and she was in full view, and no hair to be seen.  She pulled her pants down, revealing a completely hairless pussy. She stepped out of her pants, and handed them to the cop. He excused himself, and brought the girl’s clothes to his squad car, and locked them in the trunk. When he returned, he just stood at the edge of the circle of spectators, admiring the girl.  She stood, legs apart, hands on hips.  Her beautifully rounded ass glistened in the morning light.  Her smooth pussy peeked between her legs.  Her firm breasts stood out from her firm body.  Finally, she said, “Aren’t you going to give me something to wear?”

“Oh, sure,” he said, resting his chin in his hand as if he was thinking. “You can wear the clothes of the first person here who resists your sexual advances.”

The girl spun around and surveyed the crowd that had gathered. One boy in the back decided he had seen enough, and started to leave.

“Seize him!” said the cop. Others grabbed the boy and forced him to come back. No one else dared try to leave.

The girl smiled. Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, she thought. She ran her finger across the chest of one boy, and up the leg of one girl. Then she came to Donna, who by this time had removed her panties and tossed them somewhere. She grabbed Donna’s breasts, one in each hand, and rubbed them hard. Donna didn’t resist. The girl lifted Donna’s flimsy dress, and massaged Donna’s pussy. Donna spread her legs apart farther.  Donna said, “I won’t resist you.  Have your way with me.”

“I don’t want your dress, anyway,” the girl said. “Too thin.”

Then she turned her attention to Crysta. She ran one finger of each hand along the inside of Crysta’s legs, starting at each ankle, then her thighs, and finally meeting at the wet place between her legs. “You seem happy to see me,” said the girl, as Crysta repositioned her legs to give the girl better access. The girl moved her hands along Crysta’s front, lifting her dress, exposing Crysta’s clean-shaved pussy.  Crysta made no move to resist as her firm belly came into view. Crysta raised her arms as the girl as she continued lifting the dress, exposing Crysta’s breasts. The girl removed Crysta’s little black miniskirt, and put it on herself. It fit her very snugly.

The cop said, “Uh uh uh, you can’t have that dress unless your sexual advances are refused.”

The girl pouted, took off the dress, and handed it back to Crysta, saying “Put this on, but only as far as it settles by itself; don’t pull it down. In fact, I want you to promise me you won’t pull it down all day, do you promise?” Crysta nodded, and let the dress fall about her hips, leaving her pussy and her ass fully exposed.  To avoid any appearance of resisting this order, and also because it felt good to do so, Crysta spread her legs apart, exposing her excitement to full view.

Emboldened by this, the girl turned next to a beautiful blonde wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. “Are you wearing panties?” she asked the girl. When the girl didn’t answer right away, the naked girl kissed the blonde full on the lips, and thrust her tongue into the blonde’s mouth. Rather than resisting this advance, the blonde put her arms around the naked girl, and kissed back. The naked girl unzipped the blonde’s pants, and thrust her hands into them, one in front, the other in back. She pushed the jeans down, revealing a complete lack of panties. The blonde responded by spreading her legs apart as far as they would go with the jeans around her knees, and continuing to kiss the naked girl.

“Could you remove the buttons from your shirt, please?” asked the naked girl. The blonde complied, pulling the buttons off, one by one, and throwing them on the ground. When she had finished, she moved her shirt flaps aside so everyone could see her breasts. Addressing Crysta, she said, “Bottomless girl, will you come here and lick the blonde’s pussy, please?” Crysta knelt by the blonde and started licking. “No, bottomless. Stand up, legs apart, and lick.” Crysta stood up, put her legs apart, leaned at the waist, and continued licking. “Sheer dress girl, come here please, and lick the asshole of bottomless.” Donna came over to Crysta’s backside, and spread her cheeks apart, and started licking Crysta’s asshole.  “Sheer, I want you to leave bottomless with the cleanest asshole in the whole state,” said the naked girl. Crysta helped by spreading her legs apart as far as possible. Donna started giving Crysta a rim job she would not soon forget.  She rubbed Crysta’s pussy with one hand, and rubbed her breasts with the other as she licked her asshole. Donna could feel Crysta’s asshole pulse as wave after wave of orgasm swept Crysta. Donna responded by thrusting her tongue in and out of Crysta’s asshole with each contraction. Crysta’s orgasms were piling one on top of the other, each one starting before the previous one had ended. She was in such a state, she didn’t know her own strength, and ripped the blonde’s blue jeans completely in half between the legs while continuing to thrust her powerful tongue deep into the blonde’s pussy. The naked girl pushed the blonde’s legs farther apart, now that they weren’t encumbered by the jeans, and from behind, she licked the downy soft hairs between the blonde’s pussy and her asshole. The naked girl slobbered and licked, her tongue sometimes touching Crysta’s who was working on the blonde’s other side. She licked in long strokes all the way from the blonde’s vagina past her asshole, to the top of her butt crack. The blonde moaned, but she didn’t resist. She relaxed her sphincter allowing the naked girl to penetrate her asshole slightly with each lick. The blonde bent forward and fell upon Crysta as she reached orgasm, pushing Crysta to her knees. The naked girl kept pushing her tongue into the blonde’s asshole, and felt the blonde’s pleasure as her asshole pulsated. The blonde stroked Crysta’s breasts as she heaved with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually, the girls collapsed in a heap of satisfaction, each having come multiple times.

The blonde asked, “May I zip up my pants?”

The naked girl thought about this request, and finally said, “No one has cleaned my asshole yet, and I’m afraid it might be dirty. If you follow me around like a dog, and lick my asshole whenever I spread my legs apart, then I will allow you to zip up what’s left of your pants.” The blonde, eager to comply, ran to the naked girl, and knelt behind her. She began licking the naked girl’s butt crack to show eagerness. The naked girl spread her legs apart, and leaned slightly forward to show she was ready for a cleaning. The blonde seized the opportunity, and slobbered a great stroke all around the naked girl’s asshole.

“I’m still naked.” She stated the obvious, and paused to be licked from pussy to asshole and beyond. It was such a pleasurable feeling, she spread her legs farther apart and allowed herself to be licked again. I need one of you to resist me so I can have your clothes.

“You!” said the naked girl to a quiet girl in blue shorts and a t-shirt. “Take off your clothes and lick my pussy.” She immediately did as she was requested, even as the blond continued to follow behind the naked girl.

While it was fun to have everyone not only comply but so eagerly, it was getting late, and she was still quite naked. Unless she got someone to argue with her, she would be going home naked. In desperation the naked girl said to the cop, “Take off your pants, and push your hard cock into my nice clean asshole.”

The cop said, “No, not me.”

All at once, all the naked and half-naked girls said “he resisted!” They surrounded him, ripped at his clothes, and stripped him naked. They left him on the ground, and gave his nice blue uniform to the naked girl. They all put on their clothes, as well as they could. The naked girl was now wearing the cop’s pants and shirt which were way too big for her. The blonde had to leave her shirt open because it had no buttons, and her pants were so badly ripped she had to hold them up, or they would just fall down. Anyway, it didn’t matter much because her ass was completely exposed. The naked cop got in his squad car and drove off. Donna lost her panties, but kept her dress, and wore it proudly the rest of the day. And Crysta left her dress up around her waist because she’d promised, and a promise is a promise.  Besides, she still felt so warm about her pussy and asshole she liked the feel of the cool breeze against her bottom parts.


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