About Donna

Clothes make the girl

Donna could never understand the fuss everyone makes about breasts.  Boys can go topless, so why not a girl?  Sure, if a girl has huge boobs, then maybe they should be kept under wraps.  But hers are fairly small.  When she’s lying down with her arms up over her head, they practically disappear.  When she was a little girl, her mom and dad never made her wear anything she didn’t want to wear.  After she sprouted little titties, her mom still let her go around the house without any top, but insisted she cover them to go out in public.  At first, she forgot once or twice, but she got some looks — doubletakes — from strangers, so she got the message soon enough.

Panties, Shorts, and Thong

From the time she was little, Donna never got the difference between panties and shorts.  They’re both items of clothing that cover her butt, so what’s the difference?  Her mom secretly agreed there wasn’t any difference, except by convention, and, like Donna, her mom wasn’t big on convention.  So if Donna preferred to wear panties instead of some other kind of bottom, that was fine with her.  When she was in her teens, and her mom made Donna wear a top in public, she still let her wear panties as a bottom, so Donna was happy wearing a t-shirt and panties.  She found thongs more comfortable than panties, and that was OK with her mom, too.  Donna felt sexy wearing a t-shirt and thong, because from most angles, the t-shirt completely covered the thong, and she could imagine she was bottomless.  She always checked her appearance in the front hall mirror before leaving the house, and was always delighted to be wearing a t-shirt long enough to cover the waistband of her thong, because then she would keep everyone guessing about her bottom.  Was she wearing anything under the t-shirt?  She played a little game by wearing the smallest t-shirt that would hide her thong straps.  Then, when she was out, she would take the first opportunity to remove her thong, and slip it into her purse.  She loved the sexy, breezy feeling of being bottomless in public.  Once in a while she would be caught, but that didn’t happen very often.

No Rise Jeans

Donna loved to play the game of “tailor”.  She invented new kinds of sexy clothing, and if they weren’t too over the top, she wore them.  One of her favorites was the “no rise jeans”.  She had a pair of low-rise jeans, and she looked very sexy in them, as you can imagine.  Her hip bones were fully exposed, and just the barest glimpse of her butt crack could be seen over the waistband.  She never liked the way some girls wear a thong under their low-rise jeans, so she never did.  Craving the sexy feel of the low waistband, she always wondered whether she could make it lower, and still hold her pants up.  Through trial and error, she discovered that pants with a very thin fabric needed help from her butt to stay up — any pants that didn’t extend at least half-way up her butt would fall down.  But jeans are different.  The stiffness of the denim fabric alone is enough to keep them up, as long as the legs are tight.  That insight was magical for her!  So she modified a pair of very tight jeans, cutting them in the front belowthe zipper, and evenly all around.  She tried them on, and was absolutely delighted to discover they covered her entire pussy, and about half of her butt.  When she sat in them, the back opened up, revealing just about all of her butt crack, which was a drawback.  And if anyone got close to her and looked down, they would see her pussy.  But most of the time, when she was standing or walking, the pants worked just fine.