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Government Education Inspector Visits the College

I was sitting in Math. It was my last lesson of the week and I was feeling great, looking forward to the weekend. Surprisingly, I had managed to avoid any dress code inspections for the last month which is quite a record for me considering that the boys always try to target me unjustly for inspections because I have a 36E (DDD) bust size, one of the biggest in the college. What I think has really helped me out is that I’ve finally figured out how to dress so that if any boy does try to inspect me, it would seem that he was doing so unnecessarily.

For instance, today, all I’m wearing is a short white blouse that reaches just below my navel, a red and black checked ultra micro skirt that shows about an inch of my pert bottom and a pair of 3 inch stiletto heels. No bra, no panties. My shirt only has two buttons which are way below my bust so it’s a little difficult to keep both my gigantic boobs inside my shirt or not expose myself giving ‘nipslips’ whenever I lean forward.

Earlier today was a bit of a nightmare. I was late for a lesson and had to rush from one end of the college to the other, down crowded hallways and packed corridors with my books in one arm and my bag in the other. Both my big breasts were bouncing around as I ran and they eventually flopped out of my shirt completely, but I couldn’t stop to fix myself as I had both hands full and I didn’t want to be any later for class. I had to totter down the hallways as fast as I could in these heals, which exaggerated the jiggling of my tits a lot. All the boys I hurried past were enjoying the show of my uncovered, free-flopping breasts bouncing around as I ran.

Anyway, today, every student was on their best behaviour because in the morning, a government education inspector made a surprise visit to check up on the college. For the whole day, the dean had been escorting the inspector around, showing him the facilities, the curriculum, etc, to make sure everything complied with national standards.

I first saw the inspector on the way to my first class this morning. He was about 50 years old with silver grey hair and had a handsome distinguished look about him. I noticed however that he was eyeing me up quite a lot when he was supposed to be listening to the dean. Throughout the day, as he toured the college, our paths crossed several times and each time I could see the faint glimmer of lust in his eyes as he stared long and hard at my deep gaping cleavage.

Anyway, there I was sitting in Miss Jameson’s class getting ready for Math, when there was a knock on the classroom door.

“Come in.” Miss Jameson said.

The dean entered the room with the education inspector.

“Miss Jameson, this is the education inspector, Mr. Steele.” The dean said. “He’s nearly finished his tour of the college and just needs to tick a few things off.”

Mr. Steele said, “I’m mostly satisfied with the college. The facilities are first class and the last exam results are among the best in the country.”

“Yes,” the headmaster jumped in, “but before he leaves, he thought he should make sure that none of the students were slacking with the dress code that this college has set.”

“Indeed,” Mr. Steele continued, “I’ve seen throughout the day that all the students outwardly appear to adhere to the dress code but I wanted to make sure that they we still adhering to the code where it concerned hidden arrears.”

“Yes,” the headmaster continued again, “So, I authorised Mr. Steele to select a girl at random and perform a tactile inspection on her to prove to him that our students are the best and adhere to the rules at all times.”

“What an excellent idea!” Miss Jameson said, “If there are any slackers, this will keep them on their toes for the future.”

Mr. Steele pretended to choose one of us girls at random but I already knew who he was going to pick.

“How about… her.” Mr. Steele said pointing at me.

“Ah, Kandi. She’s one of our best students. I’m afraid you’re going to be very disappointed if you’re expecting her to fail.” Miss Jameson said.

She gave the rest of the class work to get on with while I was ordered to sit on Miss Jameson’s desk and spread my legs for Mr. Steele, putting each of my feet on the corners of her desk. Miss Jameson quickly whispered in my ear, reminding me of my duty to make the tactile inspection easier for Mr. Steele by spreading my legs as far apart as possible for him. She also said, “Do the college proud and do not get wet!”

“No miss.” Was all I could say as I was mentally preparing myself to be touched by this stranger. While my legs were wide open, all the boys in the class used the opportunity to glance at my pretty pussy while they were supposed to have their heads down working. This made me feel a bit shy that my pussy was on display for everyone to see so I was actually glad when Mr. Steele stood in front of me blocking the boys’ vision but that meant he was about to carry out his inspection. Miss Jameson and the dean stood by the door so as not to get in his way, and started having a conversation about something.

Mr. Steele stepped in close between my legs, rubbed his hands together then started touching my soft pussy. He rubbed his fingers up and down it feeling how super smooth my vagina was. He was quite gentle but I could tell he was really liking the feel of my warm young pussy but did not let it show on his face.

As he stroked my hairless cunt with his right hand, his left hand moved to my arsehole and he began brushing against it with his fingertips, teasingly stroking my puckered hole. “You certainly don’t have any hair there!” He said to me.

He then did something I didn’t expect. He used his right hand fore and middle fingers to trap my clitoris and started to massage it, applying quite a lot of pressure. I then realised that he was now deliberately trying to make me wet. I didn’t expect this from a man that was supposed to be so professional but I could see the glint of wanting in his eyes once more as I looked up at him.

As Miss Jameson and the dean were now deep in conversation and not paying much attention to the inspection going on, Mr. Steele put his left hand inside my open shirt and grabbed one of my big soft tits. He started squeezing, kneading and caressing it, using his fore finger to strum my nipple, tickling it and making it hard and sensitive. With his right hand still working my clitoris, all the stimulation felt very good but I was determined to stay dry. It wasn’t easy but I did. I was used to the boys employing similar tricks just so they could consensually rape us and I had managed to build up quite a good resistance to sexual stimulation.

Mr. Steele then inserted his two fingers into my tight cunt hoping to feel that warm slippery wetness but my pussy wasn’t moist. Wriggling his fingers around inside me, he looked up at me in disappointment as he realised I was still not wet and that none of his fondling had worked.

But then an evil glint flashed across his face. Checking to see that Miss Jameson and the dean were still not paying him much attention, he quietly spat twice onto the fingers of his right hand then held them up, calling the other two teachers over.

“Look what we have here.” He said, as he played with the spit on his fingers. “Kandi was completely hairless, as per the code, but she got wet almost immediately. I had barely even touched her to carry out the inspection when she started getting moist. Quite shameful really!”

I was livid with such a barefaced lie! “Miss Jameson! He’s…” I said, starting to complain but she cut me off.

“Silence Kandi! It is disgraceful that you allowed yourself to get wet, especially in the presence of a government education inspector. This reflects very badly on the college. You have let us all down.”

“But he’s…” I tried to say again but this time the dean yelled at me.

“How dare you answer back! You’re in enough trouble as it is! Do not make it worse for yourself!”

I couldn’t argue with this now that the dean had spoken.

“We are extremely sorry about this.” The dean said to Mr. Steele. To Miss Jameson he said, “We have to show Mr. Steele that we do not take transgressions lightly and that Kandi’s bad behaviour of vaginal wetness will not go unpunished.”

All the boys started to get excited knowing what was coming next and hoping that one of them would be chosen to consensually rape me but Miss Jameson asked Mr. Steele, “If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, perhaps you could carry out Kandi’s punishment so that she has the opportunity to learn her lesson from an experienced education inspector?”

“Hmm…, well. It would be a bother but I suppose I could spend a few more minutes here.” He said feigning reluctance, but this had been his plan all along.

The dean addressed the class, “I suggest the whole class observes this so it serves as a more humiliating punishment for Kandi. That way, she will not forget why she must not become sexually excited in public no matter what is happening.”

I was now crimson red with embarrassment knowing that the whole class was about to witness me getting screwed by the education inspector.

Mr. Steele ordered me to take off what little clothes I had on. I looked up at Miss Jameson, my eyes pleading for her to save me a little modesty, but she turned her nose up at me and shook her head indicating that she was thoroughly disappointed in me. I had to strip with the whole class watching. Some of the girls felt a bit sorry for me but the boys were enviously eyeing by athletic but voluptuous naked body, wishing that it was their own cocks that were about to sink deep into my tight silky cunt.

Now completely naked, I was ordered to turn around and bend over the desk which revealed more of my hairless pussy to everyone looking. By now, the whole class of girls and boys had gathered around the table forming a circle. I didn’t want the students in front of me to see the humiliation on my face so I hung my head down, letting my long hair cover over my face. I found out later that this was a mistake.

Mr. Steele patted me on my bare arse then dropped his trousers letting his fully erect dick spring free from the restraint of his boxers. I heard Miss Jameson comment on the size of it but I didn’t want to turn my head and look. I felt his cold fingers ease my pussy lips apart then his hot cock slowly began to slide into my fanny.

Miss Jameson was right about the size of Mr. Steele’s dick. It was quite thick and I could feel it filling up more and more of my vaginal cavity, as he kept pushing forward into me.

“This is a little big for you Kandi so I won’t force it all into you.” Mr. Steele told me.

Boy was I glad to hear that!

He now began rhythmically pumping his big cock in and out of me, grabbing onto my hips for leverage. He was at it for a while, thrusting away at my cunt. I was just beginning to feel comfortable with such a huge dick in me when he stopped and asked if all the students and teachers could stand behind and to the sides of him as he was a little put off by the ones in front.

The dean arranged everyone to move but as they were doing so, Mr. Steele withdrew his fat cock from me. I looked behind and from the corner of my eye I saw him quickly spray something that he had hidden up his sleeve on his dick. I don’t think anyone else saw him.

This is when I started to regret covering my face with my hair because while the whole class was gathering behind me and Mr. Steele, I was still bent over the desk but had my arms by my sides. Mr. Steele reached forward with his left hand and covered my mouth but no one could see him do this because of my hair was in the way.

His right hand slid down my back and I prepared myself to feel his fingers part my pussy lips once again. However his fingers stopped at my anus and I started to feel his cock head push at my tight bum hole.

Now I was worried because I’d never had a cock in my arse before. Of course, some of us girls experimented with small dildos in our dorm rooms but this was on another level as Mr. Steele’s dick was huge! I then realised it was lubricant he had sprayed onto his dick before and he was using his right hand to disguise the fact that he was sticking his thick cock into my arse and not my pussy. I tried to raise attention to this but as his left hand was tightly over my mouth, I couldn’t get a word out.

I could feel Mr. Steele’s hot dick filling up my rectum as he pushed his cock further and further into me. He just kept going and when I felt the prickly hairs of his balls tickling my pussy lips, I knew he had his entire dick all the way in my bum with his warm thighs flush against the backs of mine.

With his broad cock snugly in my arse, he left it there, not moving, enjoying the feeling of my extremely tight bum enveloping his cock. I couldn’t believe how stretched my arse felt with such a huge object stuffed in me. He started sliding his prick in and out of my arse, slowly at first, but as his orgasm was building, he got faster and more forceful, gripping onto my mouth even more firmly, now using my head as leverage as he pounded my virgin arsehole.

The class was quiet and the whole room was filled with the sound of Mr. Steele’s thighs noisily slapping against the backs of mine. He emitted a low grunt that only I heard which I knew meant he was about to cum then sure enough, he aggressively pounded me four more times as he exhaled deeply and came inside me.

I felt a strange wetness flood my ass as he ejaculated deep into my backside. He withdrew his dick and straight away I could feel my arsehole rejecting his sperm as it trickled out of me accompanied by embarrassing sloppy fart noises as air had now taken up some of the space previously occupied by Mr. Steele’s cock. I stayed with my head down, bent over the desk in shame.

“I hope this little incident doesn’t tarnish the college’s exemplary record.” The dean said.

Mr. Steele replied catching his breath, “Well… I think I could leave this little episode out of my report as on the whole, your college is magnificent. But some of your students,” and he looked at me, “do need a little more self control.”

“Indeed,” Miss Jameson said, “That is something we will work on.”

She dismissed me so I could clean off Mr. Steele’s cum that was now dribbling down my inner thighs.

I was feeling rotten. Miss Jameson let Bonnie come with me to the bathroom to help me clean up. Bonnie was feeling very sorry for and as she wiped away Mr. Steele’s cum, she told me that she understood what I was going through as she too was often singled out because she had a similar breast size to mine. She could still see I was a bit upset so as she wiped away the last trails of cum from my inner thighs, she gave my pussy a little pat and kissed me.

“It would make me feel better if you did that again.” I said to her.

She smiled, kissed me again and patted my pussy once more but this time, let her hand linger, cupping my pussy, her thumb making contact with my clitoris. She gently caressed me.

Bonnie knew exactly how to make me feel better…