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Pretty Girl of the Day, May 2, 2017

Hi, boys and girls, it’s Donna. Well, let me tell ya, it’s been a couple of very hectic weeks around here. The “girls” (i.e. me and the other 7 female teachers under 35 years old) have been under a lot of pressure to stick to the College Dress Code since Jack-off-Jackman became our assistant principal.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s kinda fun, and the kids love it. But there hasn’t been a day that one of us wasn’t stripped naked in front of a class of screaming kids. On Monday last week, we had a fun “dress up” day for the girls called “Pajama Day”. All the girls come in wearing some kind of pajama, nightie, or other sleepwear. It’s been cold lately, so I thought about wearing my flannel pajamas, figuring I would ditch the bottoms some time in the morning, because the top is fun to wear by itself. The only thing was that the top is a little too short for me to feel completely decent, because it covers my belly button, but not much more than that.

So, instead, I decided to wear my pink baby doll nightie, which is hip-length — just long enough to feel decent, even without the panties. The only thing that made me feel a little nervous is that it’s sheer, so the kids will see my nips. But I figured that would be okay, because quite a few of my girls would be wearing sheer nighties, so I wouldn’t be all alone, you know?

So I got dressed, and I was heading out the door, and caught sight of myself in the mirror, and had second thoughts. Was my baby-doll too short? I mean, it kind of covered my pussy, but not quite, you know? And there was a slit up the front all the way to the elastic under my tits, and so even if it was long enough, it was sort of open, if you know what I mean. So I asked Crysta if it was okay, and she said it was fine, so I came to school this way.

With Jack running things, we have to come to school early, so he can meet with us before the kids arrive. I guess he was surprised to see us girls all dressed in our pajamas, but we explained it, and he was okay with it. But three of the other girls were wearing pajama bottoms, and he got all pissed off at us. “I told you girls to follow the College Dress Code. That means I want you to shave every day, and no bottoms.”

“No bottoms at all?” asked Doreen. “Or just no panties, because I–”

Jack-off interrupted her. “I want to be able to come into any one of your classrooms, and see at a glance that you’re following the Dress Code, do you understand?”

Slowly, the three girls took off their bottoms. That’s when I noticed that Doreen was wearing just a pair of pajama bottoms, and nothing else. Since we started following the Dress Code, Doreen came to school topless a few times, especially on dress-up days like today, so it wasn’t unusual. But then, after she took off her PJ bottoms, sitting there sulking in the nude, it hit me that Jackson wasn’t really being fair to us girls. It would be hard for Doreen to stand in front of her classes in the nude. The only thing that would make it somewhat bearable is that a good number of the girls in Doreen’s classes would also be nude, or partially nude.

But Jack wasn’t done with his rant. “I’m going to really enforce the Dress Code, girls,” he said. “No more skating by, wearing pants whenever you feel like it, do you understand?”

We all nodded.

“I want you to all look at each other,” he said. “One of you is overdressed. I’m not going to say which one — yet — but when the time comes, I’ll come into your classroom while you’re teaching, and I’ll make you strip. If you give me any lip, I’ll make things even worse for you, do you understand?”

We all nodded again.

In a way, I was relieved to be wearing such a short — and sheer — baby doll nightie. Somehow, the fact that my butt was completely uncovered, and my pussy was only intermittently hidden made me feel a little safer from the wrath of Jack-off Jackson. Later that day, I saw one of the other teachers who had taken off her pants in Jack’s office was completely naked. I put my arm around her, and said how sorry I was.

“It must have been humiliating for you,” I said.

She just nodded, and sobbed. She spread her legs to show me her pussy, which was all red and wet. She had just been raped by a couple of the boys in her class. She told me that Jack-off put a blindfold on her, and made her get down on her hands and knees, and call out the name of one of her students. If she named a girl, she had to strip naked. If she named a boy, he had to come up to the front of the room and fuck her in front of the whole class. Bless her heart, she just named boys. The first boy refused to rape her, so Jack made him strip naked, and just fondle her until she came. The boy’s punishment for not raping his teacher was that he wasn’t allowed to put his clothes back on. The second boy refused to rape her, too, at first. But the teacher told him it was okay, it wasn’t his fault. He only needed to push a couple times before he came inside her. The third boy also came inside her pretty quickly.

I went back to my CP class after that, and did some quick lessons on consensual rape, which is essentially the rule that if a girl “asks” for sex, she has it coming, and it’s not really rape. The way the College rules work, a girl “asks” to be fucked whenever she exhibits sexual excitement in public at the College. Being that it’s a CP class, and rape is part of the curriculum, the girls have all agreed in advance to be raped, and the boys have all agreed in advance to be rapists, when the time comes, so there shouldn’t be any whining (or lawsuits) if down the line there happens to be a rape in my classroom, either of me or one of the girls in my class. In fact, I told each of the girls to expect to be raped a few times during the course of the school year. They’re all over 18, and they all consented to it, so it’s all okay.

The next day, I just wore a thin white t-shirt. It was thin enough to see my nips, and short enough to see there wasn’t anything under it. I was being a good girl, and it paid off. One of the other teachers was stripped that day.

The next day I wore a short skirt and a cute top that showed off my belly. But I guess my skirt wasn’t short enough, because Jack came into my classroom and made me take it off. I felt lucky to be allowed to keep my top on.

That week continued like that, with one of the girls getting stripped each day, usually one who had the audacity to cover up her pussy that day.

Then, finally, today, we had another dress-up day called “one item day”. I’ll tell you a secret: I look forward to the first “one item day” each year, because I love to wear my “glove dress”. Do you know what a glove dress is? Let me tell you: it’s a pair of fancy gloves, you know, the kind that go almost to your armpits! And between the gloves I’ve stitched a sheet of spandex, almost exactly square, just over a foot on each side. The effect is stunning! When I’m wearing the dress, standing with my hands at my sides, the spandex covers my front perfectly from my nipples to my vagina, and my back is completely naked. When I’m sitting, it’s just as much fun. I cross my legs to hide my vagina, which frees my hands to hold things: drink, hors d’oevres, whatever.

At College, I used to love wearing my glove dress to class. I was a bit of a clown in it, you see. When you raise your hand, you can’t just raise one, you have to raise both of them, leaving you stark naked, and with your face covered! My classmates thought that was hilarious. The joke gets old after a bit, though, so I used to wear the glove dress sparingly at school. But here I am, teaching CP class at high school, so my glove dress is perfect for “one item day” — not too prudish, and not to risqué, either. Kind of elegant, in fact.

There’s one other thing about “one item day” that makes it a lot of fun for the girls: The “overdressing” challenge. Whenever a bunch of girls are seen together, a student, which can even be one of the girls themselves, challenges the girls to see if any of them are “overdressed”. These are ad-hoc challenges, just for fun, but the consequence of losing such a challenge is real: the girl has to take off her one item of clothing.

Knowing this, of course, the girls purposely underdress that morning, so they’ll be less likely to lose an overdressing challenge, especially in the early going while most girls still have their one item on. So, for example, instead of wearing a top that covers her pussy, a girl might wear a shorter top, perhaps one that doesn’t even cover her belly button. Or if she wants to wear a bottom, maybe she’ll wear a shorter skirt than she might ordinarily wear, or perhaps just a loin cloth, leaving her butt completely bare.

Some girls need to sneak past their parents, so they wear two items of clothing to school, which is fine, as long as they get down to a single item before the first morning bell rings.

A cute little skirt is fun to wear on “one item day”. A cute way to wear it is to roll the waistband, making the skirt even shorter. Some girls are shy about showing their asshole in public, but believe me, on “one item day” it’s perfectly okay to do so.

Today’s pretty girl is eager to show off the clever way she rolled her waistband. She has such a pretty smile, don’t you think? And a lovely hood ornament, too.

Eventually, many girls, even the cutest-dressed ones, lose an overdressing challenge, and are forced to take off their one item of clothing. Today’s pretty girl tries to hang onto her skirt as long as possible, because she’s a bit shy.

But eventually, she takes it off, because it’s all in good fun.

Another one-item day ends in nudity, which is fun, too, don’t you think?