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Extreme Sex Education Part 2 of 2

[Recap: A special sex education class has been ordered by the dean. The girls have just finished learning about the boys. With both sexes still fully naked, Jodie continues to tell what happens when the boys learn about the girls…]

Mr. Parker told us to all to stand opposite our partners again. Billy was now awake after his brief nap.

“Girls,” Mr. Parker said, “I want you all to keep your arms at your sides, while the boys learn about you.

“Boys, I’m sure you think you know everything there is to know about the female body, especially those of you who have participated in inspecting your female counterparts, but today, I will teach you about the finer details and the secrets to a girls form.

“Firstly, breast size. As you can see from the girls in front of you, breasts vary in size. From the petite Jessica here,” he said as he cupped one of her small tits in the arch of his thumb and first finger, raising her breast up a little, “to the ample Kandi over here.”

He stood between Kandi and her partner Josh and used his whole hand to cup and lift Kandi’s big bosom, weighing it as he did so.

He handed each boy a tape measure and told them that they would now learn how to measure our bra sizes.

“A girl’s bust size is made of two parts; the under bust, which is the number, and the over bust which gives you the cup size letter,” Mr. Parker explained. “First, slide the measuring tape all the way up under your partner’s breasts and close it behind her back.”

All the boys stood behind us. Billy’s hands wrapped around my waist then slid up to my tits to place the tape but he let them linger under my breasts, enjoying their warmth and softness. As Mr. Parker walked back down the line towards us, he quickly got on with the measuring.

The teaching continued, “Take that measurement. Next, measure from around your partner’s back to over her breasts. You need to measure over the fullest part of the bust to find the cup size, which is often over the nipples.”

The boys were still stood behind us and as they brought the measuring tape to a close over our boobs, many of them used the opportunity to give our nipples a little tweak or gently pull at them for their own pleasure.

“So, you should now have a pair of figures.” Mr. Parker said as he explained to the boys what we girls already new, “Take the under bust measurement, the first one. If it’s an even number, add 4 to it, if it’s odd, add 5. This is the bra size. Next the difference between the over bust measurement and the bra size will give you the cup letter.

“If there is no difference, the cup size is A. If there is a 1 inch difference, the cup size is B. If 2 inches, it’s C. 3 inches is D, 4 is double D, and so on from there, to E, double E, F, etc, etc.

As an example, Mr. Parker asked Josh for the measurements he took of Kandi.

“Kandi’s under bust is 31 inches, that’s an odd number so we add 5 making 36. Over bust is 43 inches. That makes a difference of 7, giving E. So that’s 36E, is that right Kandi?” Mr. Parker asked.

“Correct!” Kandi replied enthusiastically.

After that, the boys had to get ‘practice’ and went around measuring several of our breast sizes and comparing notes. Mr. Parker then told them, “Having breasts isn’t all fun and games. Some women can get backaches from their size and weight. To get an understanding of this, I want you all to stand behind your partners again and estimate how much her breasts weigh using your hands.”

As Billy stood behind me, I could feel his erection rubbing against my leg. He slid his hands around my waist then up to my soft tits again, enjoying the feel of my smooth skin. He cupped both my tits in his hands and began squeezing and kneading them, lightly mashing them together.

His dick was certainly enjoying this as well, as I could feel his hot cock pushed bent against my leg. This must have been uncomfortable for him because when Mr. Parker wasn’t looking, Billy made me spread my legs a little and let his cock rest in a more natural position, pointing straight ahead between my legs so that it was lying flat against the slit of my pussy.

With his hands groping my warm breasts, he began to slowly rock back and forth, sliding his cock against the groove of my vagina. He knew he wasn’t allowed to enter me without the teacher’s permission but that didn’t stop him from wanking himself against my soft pussy lips.

I looked at the other pairs and saw that some boys had the same idea, rubbing their stiff dicks against their partner’s bodies but stopping whenever Mr. Parker was near. Some of them were getting off by trapping their dicks between their girl’s round plump arse, using them as wanking tools.

Billy got lost in the feel of my pert titties and didn’t notice Mr. Parker closing in. I thought he was going to get a telling off but instead, Mr. Parker said it was a good idea and told all the boys to start gently squeezing our soft, warm breasts and to note how squishy they felt in their hands.

Next, each boy was instructed to take our left nipples into their mouths and suck until it was hard. Then they had to compare it to our still soft right nipples and measure the difference in length between them. Steven, who had partnered Ella, called Mr. Parker over saying that there was hardly a difference between Ella’s soft and hard nipples.

“Suck the left one harder.” Mr. Parker instructed.

Steven did so but there still wasn’t much change so Mr. Parker told Steven to pinch Ella’s left nipple until it was too uncomfortable for her to bear. Steven took her left nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed firmly. After a couple of seconds, Ella yelped

but Steven kept squeezing, applying more pressure making her yelp a few more times in quick succession. Ella tried to flinch away from his grasp but when that didn’t work, she raised her hands to try and get Steven to let go but Mr. Parker yelled at her telling her to keep her hands down as he didn’t want her getting in the way.

Thankfully, Steven then let go. He rubbed his fingers over the tops of both her nipples then said, “Yeah, that seems to have done the trick, it’s about a centimetre longer now.”

“Good,” Mr. Parker replied, “That seems to be the best method for extracting maximum length and I suggest you all do the same.”

With that statement, every boy began pinching our left nipples using more force than was actually necessary. We all started yelping and wincing and were straining not to raise our hands to get the boys to release our tender left nipples because we remembered the telling off Ella received. With the firm pinching, the boys were making us squirm on the spot and Mr. Parker got fed up with the noises we were making.

“Stop being so dramatic, girls!. The boys are just being thorough.” He said. “Why must you exaggerate so?”

The boys finally let our nipples go. I could feel my left one throbbing. All the boys confirmed with each other that our now super stiff left nipples were indeed longer than our soft right ones. Mr. Parker summed up, “This length is usually achieved through girls being aroused but we have successfully simulated it today as arousal is not yet allowed in my class. Let’s move on.”

Mr. Parker instructed us girls to lie on the tables at the head of the classroom and lift our legs up into the air supporting ourselves by holding the backs of our knees. He then told us to spread our legs as far apart as we could which totally exposed our pussies to all the boys.

“Right boys, allow me to present to you, The Female Vagina.” Mr. Parker said dramatically as all the boys stepped in close to the table and our bare cunts.

He went on, “Gently spread your girl’s vulva apart revealing the soft flesh within. Near the top you will find the sensitive area that I’m sure you know is the clitoris. It is probably hidden by the hood that covers it when a girl is not aroused. Further below that is the urethra. You may need to spread your partner’s labia a little further apart to see it as it is very easily missed. Just below that, you will find the succulent vaginal opening. Now, I want you all to get a flavour of your partner’s womanhood so stick your tongues into her open vagina.”

All the boys bent forward and eased their tongues deep into our slits.

“Every girl has their own individual scent and taste. Inhale deeply as you taste your partner’s vagina. Examine that flavour and savour it.” Mr. Parker instructed.

As Billy had his tongue writhing deep within my pussy, I couldn’t help but start to build to an orgasm. I wasn’t the only girl in this predicament and Mr. Parker could see what was happening and issued another warning, “May I remind you girls that you are still not permitted to become sexually aroused and definitely not allowed to orgasm. I may permit this later in order to demonstrate something to the boys but for now, you must all refrain. I can see that under the circumstances it will be extra difficult for you, so I will help. If any of you start to lose control and feel you’re about to climax, call me over.”

I was very close to cumming so I called for Mr. Parker straight away. He marched over then completely surprised me by suddenly grabbing both my nipples and pinching hard! The sudden pain instantly wiped out the orgasm build up I had felt and made me regret calling him over. He then went from girl to girl, applying the same treatment, suddenly pinching both nipples of any girl that was about to come very hard. As painful as it was, it did seem to keep all our orgasms at bay.

Mr. Parker told the boys to stop licking our pussies and asked them if our cunts tasted of anything specific. Billy said I tasted sweet and fruity, Michael said Bonnie tasted like a 9 volt battery which prompted Mr. Parker to instruct us all that under no circumstances should we be licking 9 volt or any other batteries.

Steven said Ella’s gash tasted like Mountain Dew which Mr. Parker thought he was making up but as Steven insisted, Mr. Parker used his fingers to ease Ella’s sticky cunt lips apart and then stuck his own tongue deep into Ella’s pussy. He stood up lioigcking his lips, concentrating on the flavour. After a moment he said, “Sorry I doubted you Steven. Ella’s vagina really does taste like Mountain Dew!”

Now all the boys wanted to taste Ella’s pussy but Mr. Parker stopped them saying there wasn’t enough time and we had to move on.

“Next boys, I will teach you something that will ensure your future spouses’ eternal bliss – The G-Spot.” Mr. Parker dramatically said again. Then he addressed us girls, “Now girls, I have a special pass from the headmaster. This is the only time I or any other teacher will give you authorization to become aroused and orgasm as you see fit as I will need to demonstrate the effects of g-spot stimulation to the boys.”

This was huge relief as we were desperate to cum having had our orgasms stopped before.

Mr. Parker told the boys to turn their hands palm side up and insert two fingers into our snug pussies, pressing lightly against the front wall of our vaginas. He told them to watch our faces as they slowly moved their fingers up inside us until they were just about on the other side of our clitorises.

He instructed, “You should be able to feel a slight change of texture, maybe feeling an area that is a little spongier”.

As Billy had his fingers deep inside me, roaming the internal walls of my vagina, I suddenly yelped with delight.

“That’s it Billy, you’ve found it. Gently concentrate on that area.” Mr. Parker coached.

As more of the boys found our g-spots, more of us girls started moaning and sighing with absolute pleasure.

“That’s good boys.” Mr. Parker said hearing our moans as he walked up and down the line of us. “Keep rubbing that spot. Notice the girls’ toes curling up at the extreme amount of pleasure they’re receiving. Now boys, with your free hand, gently stroke your partner’s clitoris and watch her face as she explodes.”

The stimulation of my g-spot coupled with the massaging of my clitoris was too much to take, I couldn’t hold out any longer and a wave of explosive bliss crashed through me as I had an extremely powerful orgasm.

More and more of us girls began climaxing loudly. Over the sounds of our orgasms, Mr. Parker warned the boys that we might be producing excessive amounts of vaginal liquid as they were rapidly fingering us and he was right. Bonnie was leaking pussy juice all down Michael’s arm as she was cumming. He kept withdrawing his fingers from her to lick it off.

Ella gushed quite a lot of gooey girl cream that was running down her arse crack, dribbling onto the table. Steven was frantically trying to scoop it up before her pool of thick pussy juice dripped onto the floor.

As our orgasms subsided, a lot of the boys returned their tongues to our pussies to lap up our fragrant vaginal fluids.

When all the girls were silent, with our orgasms over, Mr. Parker congratulated the whole class saying we had done well and had learned a lot. Everyone was exhausted and we were allowed to get dressed, rest and wait for the bell to ring for our next lesson.