Crysta and Donna

Donna has long silky brown hair and blue eyes.  Always smiling, she draws people to her like a magnet.  She loves fashion, and always finds the cutest clothes to wear, preferring pants to a skirt.  If she wears a top, she looks dynamite in a man-tailored shirt, and if not, her small gravity-defying breasts and firm, flat belly give her a little-girl cuteness that makes it hard to believe she’s almost nineteen years old.  She’s tall for a girl, which makes her look even thinner than she really is.  In a pair of low-rise pants there’s no question Donna is all-girl, giving “plumber butt” a whole new meaning — more about Donna.

Everything about Crysta is voluptuous, from her wild strawberry-blonde hair to her sexy hips.  Her green eyes sparkle when she laughs, which is often.  She sings and dances and greets people with a warm hug.  Unlike Donna, she doesn’t like to wear pants, preferring dresses instead.  She loves all kinds of dresses — some long and formal, others short and sexy — more about Crysta

Our Backstory

Donna does most of the talking here, although she speaks a lot in the third person.  (There really isn’t anyone named Richard Hertz, if you haven’t already guessed.  That’s the punchline of a stupid joke that makes Donna laugh all the harder just because its’s so dumb.)  She grew up in an average middle-American household, with a mom and a dad, and a little brother.  She spent most of the year just trying to get along at school, and the summers working on her tan.  Her dad didn’t like her to strip in the backyard, so on the weekends when he was home, she wore her bathing suit to keep him happy.

Crysta grew up in a little house in a town not far from Donna’s, although the girls never met until their first day at the College.  She lived with her mom and her little sister, who adored her.  Crysta’s dad wasn’t always around, because he had a succession of jobs in far-away places.  When her dad forgot to send money home, life was hard for Crysta, her mom, and her sister.  When Crysta was a teen, she developed beautifully, which pleased the boys to no end.  But there was a downside.  With money tight as it was, she wasn’t always able to buy new clothes.  From an early age, Crysta’s mom taught her to economize on clothing.  If a girl has to choose between a pretty dress and a pair of panties, the dress is the obvious choice.  And she learned quickly that a t-shirt is an economical alternative to a minidress.  Until she was a teenager, her lack of panties went pretty much unnoticed.  But by the age of thirteen or fourteen, some of her favorite dresses (shhh — t-shirts)  became  much shorter on her, requiring her to take greater care to hide her lack of panties.  To stave off insanity, poor Crysta developed a powerful mental ability that was more than simple denial.  Maybe it started out as denial — imagining her t-shirt was longer than it really was — but it became something much more powerful.  To her utter astonishment, she discovered that as long as she didn’t see herself as naked, then others wouldn’t, either!  She called this the “King’s New Clothes” phenomenon.

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