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High School Game (archives)

High School Game
It was getting on for finals week, and Donna was studying hard.  But there was talking and laughter in the hallway, and she couldn’t concentrate.  She decided to take a break, and go and join her friends.  Though she knew most of the girls were probably naked, she was still a bit shy, so she put on a pair of panties before joining her friends.

Upon seeing Donna, they were delighted.  “You didn’t have to dress up, just for us,” joked Melanie.  She sat next to her boyfriend, Mike, who was wearing only a pair of boxers.  Melanie appeared to ignore Mike’s hand in her lap, although a closer inspection would have revealed Melanie felt his presence on some rather visceral level.

Alice scooted to her right to make a space for Donna to sit between her and Melanie.  She greeted Donna with a kiss, and then recapped the conversation.  “We were just talking about our crazy high school teachers, like Heather’s math teacher, who used to make the girls in his class prove they were wearing a bra.”

Mike said, “and if they weren’t he kept their shirt!”  He wished he had a teacher like that in his high school.

Heather laughed, and added, “so one day I went to school wearing only a t-shirt and a bra, and only my best friends knew it.  Everybody else thought I had on a pair of shorts under the shirt, but it was long enough that no one knew for sure.  Then, when Mr. Roberts asked me to take off my shirt to prove I was wearing a bra, I took it off, just as every other girl did.  Everyone in the class gasped when they saw I was bottomless, and I laughed as I put on my shirt again.  But Mr. Roberts was tired of people making fun of his rules.  He bellowed, ‘Am I going to have to check your panties, too?  I can’t believe you girls’ ”

Mike clearly enjoyed that story, and began stroking Melanie more vigorously.  Melanie continued to pretend to ignore Mike’s attention as she told her own story.  “None of the girls were quite that bold in my high school, but we did play this game…”  She paused as Mike’s fingers disappeared between her legs.  “Maybe I shouldn’t tell this story.”

Heather begged Melanie to tell the story.

“No, you’ll think I’m dumb or something.  It was a really dumb game.”

Dave got up and said, “what if we all get as naked as you, Melanie.”  He immediately regretted drawing attention to Melanie’s nudity.  That was something you just didn’t do.  He turned bright red.

Donna said, “Since when have you ever gotten naked in public, Dave?”

“I could ask you the same question,” he retorted.

“I get naked all the time,” Donna said, her tits bristling.  But that wasn’t true, and everyone knew it.  The two shyest people on the floor were Donna and Dave.

Meanwhile, Melanie was glad to have attention diverted from her and the story about her high school game.  She relaxed, spread her legs apart, and leaned back against the wall as Mike continued to stroke her tender thighs.  She pulled her legs up to her chest, and closed her eyes.  She enjoyed the feeling of being “about to cum” almost as much, if not more than cumming itself.  And Mike was an expert.  When he sensed she was about to cum, he moved his fingers off her most sensitive areas.  He rubbed her back, stroked the outsides of her legs, and massaged her feet.  God, she loved it when he massaged her feet.  She practically came just thinking about his foot massages.

Melanie emerged from her daydream to find Donna and Dave hugging each other.  When she looked more closely, she noticed Dave’s dick was inside Donna, and he was thrusting.  Both of their underwear was flying at half mast.  “What’s going on?” she asked.

“They bet each other they wouldn’t cum first,” someone said.

Melanie laughed as Dave’s friends started rubbing Donna’s back, moving down her body, to her buttocks, and then her quivering asshole.  It looked as if Donna was going to hold out and win the bet until one of Dave’s friends spread Donna’s cheeks and stuck his tongue right between them.  Almost immediately, Donna let out a yell of ecstasy, and the game was over.  Donna barely noticed as her panties were ripped from her.  In a daze, she sat down again, between Heather and Melanie, relaxing her body completely, as Heather gently stroked her beautiful body.

“Good,” said Heather.  “With that out of the way, maybe we can hear Melanie’s story!”

D’oh! thought Melanie.  But then she figured if Donna can humiliate herself that way in front of everyone else on the floor, then maybe she can tell an embarrassing story.  Her high school days were long behind her now, anyway, so there wasn’t any harm.

She started without any fanfare.  “It was Suzy’s idea.  She asked our homeroom teacher if the girls could have a ‘t-shirt and panties’ day, and to our astonishment she said yes.  We spent the rest of the period working out the rules.  Some of the girls were worried their friends would chicken out and wear shorts under their t-shirts, so the teacher suggested that any girl who doesn’t follow the rules should be stripped naked, and her clothes would be donated to charity.  That way, she would have to spend the whole school day naked, and even go home naked on the bus.  We all agreed that would be a good incentive to play by the rules.”

“Really?” questioned Donna, her legs still akimbo.  “None of the girls objected?”

“We were caught up in the excitement of coming to school wearing only panties and t-shirt.  Some girls already came to school dressed this way.  Or they wore a micro-minidress that was even shorter than some t-shirts.”

Heather said, “I wore stuff like that in high school.  Like a thong and a top just long enough to cover it, so the boys would see my bare cheeks and wonder whether I was bottomless”

“Yeah, some of the girls dressed that way, but not all of us,” Melanie continued.  “But we were all caught up in the moment, and I think we were giddy with excitement over the idea of all of us dressing this way.  In any case, we all agreed to the punishment for not participating.  Then Yolanda — who always wore the sexiest clothes anyway — asked what would stop girls from wearing really long t-shirts.  Other girls chimed in, saying they had smock dresses that are indistinguishable from t-shirts but for their length.  One girl suggested we wear t-shirts short enough that some part of our panties be visible beneath the shirt.  We all agreed that would be sexy.”

Melanie covered her face.  She didn’t want to tell this part of the story, but she pressed on.  “That would have been fine, and it would have been a fun, sexy day for all of us.  No one would have been stripped naked, because we would have all participated happily, and followed the rules.  But it wasn’t that easy.  One of my idiot classmates raised her hand and asked whether we could have a rule that encourages us to wear shorter t-shirts.  Some extra credit, maybe.  The teacher thought that was a wonderful idea.  She suggested that we all pick the girl with the longest t-shirt, and then that girl would have to take off her panties.”

“Now you’re talking,” said Dave.

“Yeah, that was a great idea,” Melanie said sarcastically.  “I was about to object, but I wasn’t quick enough.  My classmates loved the idea, and agreed at once.  They said the girl with the longest top would have the least to lose without panties, and probably no one would notice all day that she was without them.  But I kept putting myself in the position of that poor girl, and wondering if I could get through the day wearing only a t-shirt. Finally, I raised the courage to ask whether the bottomless girl would get anything in return for her sacrifice.”

“Sounds fair,” said one of the naked girls in the hallway.

“I thought so.  That is, until I heard what the teacher had in mind.  She said the bottomless girl could pick out the girl with the second-longest t-shirt, and make her take off an article of clothing.  But this time the girl got to choose whether to take off her top or her bottom.  It would all depend on her own perception of the length of her top.  If it was long enough to cover her pretty well, then she could take off her panties, and no one would know.  But if her top was quite a bit shorter, she would be better off taking off her top.  That way she would only have to show her tits, and keep her pussy covered.  Once again, to my astonishment, the whole class loved the idea.”

“I guess they figured they would be wearing tops long enough to cover them pretty well, but not so long they would lose their panties,” said one girl.

“Or else they would be wearing tops long enough they wouldn’t mind losing their panties,” said another.

“Yes,” agreed Melanie.  “In fact, that’s what was in my mind, too, so I didn’t object to that rule.  I just pictured myself wearing a pair of bikini panties and a top long enough to cover all but the very bottom of my butt cheeks.  Then, if I had to take off my panties, then my shirt would keep me reasonably decent.  But one of the girls in my class asked how we could be sure the first bottomless girl picks the one with the second longest t-shirt.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Donna.  “That’s important.  If the bottomless girl could pick anyone then she might pick the girl with the shortest top, just to make her squirm.”

“Yeah,” said Melanie.  “The teacher solved that problem.  She said if the second girl takes off her top, then the first girl would have to take off her top, too.”

“That’s perfect!” said Donna.  Melanie smiled knowingly as the other girls turned to Donna for an explanation.  “Don’t you see?” Donna asked.  “Now the bottomless girl has an incentive to pick the girl with the second longest top because she’s the most likely to want to take off her panties, which leaves the first girl in the clear.”

“Just then, the bell rang, and homeroom was over.  We got up to leave, looking forward to the game.  I’ll be honest.  I was looking forward to a girl squirm when she was picked as having the longest top.  It excited me to think that I would know she’s not wearing any panties, and other people would just wonder.  And I thought it was fair that the bottomless girl would have the chance to pick another girl, so she wouldn’t be bottomless all by herself.  I even imagined myself as either the first or second girl, spending the day without my panties, and it even made me a little wet to think of it.  I was half-way out the door when Mary asked whether the second girl would have the same option as the first.  The teacher yelled,”


“We all stopped in our tracks.  Mary raised a good point, she said.  It’s not fair to the second girl not to give her the same chance as the first.  If she takes off her panties, then she gets to pick a third girl, and so on, until either one girl takes off her top, or all the girls have taken off their panties.”

“That sounds fair,” said Donna.

“I thought so, too,” said Melanie.  “That is, until the day came.  The teacher set the date two Fridays from the day we all agreed to do it, so we would have plenty of time to shop for the perfect outfit.”

“And plenty of time to panic,” said one of the naked girls in the hallway.

“You got that right,” said Melanie.  “You wouldn’t believe all the scenarios that rattled around in my brain.  I went home and tried on one t-shirt after another.  I ‘practiced’ wearing panties and t-shirt around the house to try to get comfortable that way.  At random, I would take off my panties to see if my parents or my little brother would notice.  They never did.  One time, when I was bottomless, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the mall, so I said no.  I was half-naked, for Christ’s sake!  But she wouldn’t leave me alone.  You never say no, she said.  She practically pushed me out the door, so I figured I would just play along.  For one thing, no one in my family ever noticed my lack of panties, so I figured I would get away with it at the mall, too.”

“Did you?”  Inquiring minds wanted to know.

“Almost.  But I think the guy behind me on the escalator had an idea.  I tried to keep my legs together, but I have a feeling he could still see my pussy.  But he never said anything or acted any differently toward me, so I guess I did get away with it.  But what a relief it was to come home.”

“What a relief!”

“Yeah, in a way it was a relief, but it also taught me a good lesson.  I realized I wasn’t at all comfortable in public wearing a t-shirt without panties.  So on the day of the game I really didn’t want to be one of the girls who had to take off her panties.  I realized the only way to avoid losing my panties was to wear a top just a little shorter than all of my classmates.  That way, as they lose their panties one by one, eventually one girl will take off her top, and then I won’t have to strip at all.”

“So when that fateful Friday came, I wore a cute little camisole that covered came to within about two or three inches of my crotch.  I figured it was short enough that a lot of other girls would be picked before me, but long enough that if worst came to worst, I could still take off my panties, and be almost covered.”

“Almost covered?” challenged Billy.  “You would be a whole lot more naked than you were in the mall.  Did you really think you could survive?”

“I did think so, because I figured I wouldn’t be the only bottomless girl.  Besides, it was just school, which felt like a safer environment than the mall.  I knew everyone, and everyone knew about our game.”

“The air was electric.  We all sat down in our seats with our legs pressed together.  I figured I would be wearing one of the shorter tops, but I was amazed to see so many belly buttons.  But there were plenty of girls with longer shirts, too.  The teacher started taking attendance.  When she came to the first girl, who happened to be Barbara, she asked her come to the front of the room, and face front.  She faced the class.  The teacher teased her, saying do you have any idea what face front means?  Barb blushed, and turned around, her cheeks pressed together.  Now, raise your hand if you see her panties.  No one did, because she was wearing a thong, and it was hidden.  Slowly, she spread her legs apart, bringing the thong strap into view.  One of the boys raised his hand.  Good, said the teacher.  You may face the class.  Barb was clearly embarrassed to have shown her thong, but at the same time relieved, because she knew the consequence of violating the rules.”

“She called the name of the second girl, Ellen.  Bashfully, Ellen came to the front of the class, and spread her legs.  She even leaned forward, but no one raised their hand.  Her t-shirt was quite big on her, and covered up her panties completely.  You knew the rules, and yet you did not follow them, chided the teacher.  You know what you have to do now.  She started crying, and saying no, no, no.  She lifted her top, and showed her panties.  ‘See?’ she said, but it was useless.  She ordered Barb to restrain Ellen, and she ordered me to remove the poor girl’s clothes.  Ellen clinched Barb like a prize fighter, making it difficult for me to take off her clothes.  Eventually, I stripped the poor girl, and the teacher ordered her to sit down.  I hope the rest of you followed the rules, she said.  I was secretly glad I opted for a shorter top.  At least I wouldn’t risk the same humiliation as poor Ellen.  I watched her quivering in her seat, her arms crossed over her little breasts, and her legs crossed.  I had no idea how Ellen would make it through the day.”

“The teacher took my mind off of Ellen by calling the next name.  One by one, the girls showed us their panties, and smiled as they passed the first test.  Before long I was called, and then the rest of the girls took their places next to me at the front of the class.   Quite a few of them had longer tops than me, so I wasn’t too worried.  Surely one of them would take off her top, and then we could all sit down.  In fact I was looking forward to that, because when the first girl takes off her top, the one before her has to take off her top as well.  I felt a little guilty for looking forward to seeing the girls squirm, and a little wet between the legs as well.”

“The teacher asked the class to vote for the girl with the longest top.  We all stood as tall as possible, hoping to show our panties, because we didn’t want to get picked.  I wasn’t at all worried, because, like I said, at least half a dozen girls had longer tops.  Eventually, the majority of the class voted for Gloria.  She smiled like a beauty queen who had just been picked third runner up, and took off her panties in a flash.  Should I sit down now? she asked.  No, pick the next victim, someone reminded her.  Oh yeah, she giggled.  She went from one girl to the next, feeling under her t-shirt, until she came to Noreen.  This was a surprise, because Noreen’s top wasn’t the shortest.  But she was wearing a thong, and then I realized Gloria’s strategy.  Since Noreen’s bottom was so skimpy, she had less to lose by taking it off than another girl with a more substantial bottom.  But Noreen surprised Gloria by warning her she would take off her top, and that meant Gloria would have to take off her top, too.  So Gloria continued her search, and eventually settled on Giselle.  Giselle threatened to take off her top, too, but Gloria called her bluff.  Giselle took off her panties, and now it was her turn to pick.”

“Giselle went from one girl to the next, and each one threatened to take off her top, including me.  But I guess Giselle didn’t believe me, because she picked me anyway.  But there are so many other girls with longer tops, I objected.

“But I picked you”, said Giselle

“I panicked.  This wasn’t any scenario I had planned for.  I didn’t expect to be picked at all.  What if I take off my top? I thought.  I started to take it off to make Giselle change her mind.  She didn’t flinch.  I thought about spending the rest of the day with people looking at my tits, and I couldn’t stomach it.  My panties were so tiny, and spending the whole day wearing nothing else was too much for me.  So I took off my panties, and glared at Giselle.  She sat down with a smug little smile on her pretty little face.

“I tugged unconsciously at my tiny top, trying in vain to make it cover me fully.  I knew it covered my front almost completely, and I was completely shaven, so there wasn’t much to see there.  And the back of my top covered at least half-way down my butt, leaving just the bottoms of my cheeks visible to the world.  And I was among friends.  I would be OK.  I turned my attention to picking the next girl, and then sitting down to watch the best part of the show — at least one more naked bottom, and two more pairs of titties.  Now I was in charge, and I relished the moment.  I lifted each girl’s top in turn, showing her panties to the class.  The last thing I wanted to do was pick a girl like Noreen who didn’t mind taking off her top, because then I would have to take off my top, too.  Even though my top was way to short for comfort, I desperately wanted to hang onto it, now that my panties were gone.  I picked the girl with the longest top and slowly lowered her panties.  I was surprised she let me do it.  She appeared not to care, or maybe not even to notice.  She just stood, facing the class with her panties around her knees.  I traced my fingers along the bottom of her top, first between her pussy lips, and then around her side to her back.  Her legs were slightly apart, and her cheeks were relaxed, so I was able to feel her asshole, which would have been left uncovered.  I felt a little sorry for her, but she didn’t seem to mind having her panties pulled down in front of the whole class, and her top was no shorter than mine, so I picked her, and began to walk back to my seat to watch the rest of the festivities.

I fully expected her to step out of her panties, but she didn’t do that.  I was shocked when she took off little top, and stood before the class naked save for a pair of panties about her knees.  She had the most beautiful pair of breasts I had ever seen.  I wish I had cleavage like hers even when I’m wearing a bra.  I sat down at my seat, still stunned by what just happened.  She came after me like a zombie, taking little steps because her panties were still around her knees.  She took me by the hand, and walked me back to the front of the room.  She pushed my arms up, moving me like a manikin.  I stood there with my arms over my head as she spread my legs.  I closed my eyes and prayed my top still covered my pussy as it slowly dawned on me that I would have to take it off, because the girl I picked took off her top.  Wait!  I said as my head started to clear.  I thought you –”  I had trouble finding the words.  “Let me pick someone else instead.  It’s too late, she said, as her icy fingers slid up my inner thighs.  I felt a warm glow in my pussy and prayed I wouldn’t cum in front of the whole class.

“Are you ready for me to take off your top?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I begged.  I was hoping for a miracle.  Maybe the principal would walk into the classroom and put an end to this before I had to strip naked.

“As you wish,” she said, her icy fingers tracing a slippery path between my pussy and my asshole.  I was mortified to be toyed with in such a sexual way, but still glad she allowed me to keep my top on.  The combination of her touch and my public humiliation was so exciting I could barely contain myself.  I tried to think of the least sexy thing I could imagine.  Mountain streams and forests.  Then she pressed her breasts against my buttocks, and felt my abdomen.  She slowly eased up my back, her breasts snuggling against me the whole way.  I shuddered as she felt my breasts.  I don’t think my nipples have ever been so hard — before or since!  I desperately tried not to cum, because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of that final humiliation.  My eyes were still closed as I felt her hands stroke my arms so sweetly.  I was this close to cumming, but I held on, still thankful that she let me keep my top on this long.

“You can put your arms down, now,” she said.

I put my arms down, and instinctively pulled at the hem of my tiny top, hoping it wasn’t out of place.  I knew my pussy was dripping wet, and probably bright pink as well, and the last thing I wanted was my whole class to see that.

SHOCK!  My top was gone!

I opened my eyes to face my tormentor.  Her panties were still down around her knees, and she was clearly as turned on as me.  Slowly it dawned on me that I could turn the tables on her.  If I was embarrassed to be visibly excited in front of the class, then she would be embarrassed, too.  If I was afraid to cum in front of the class, then she would have the same fear.  I wrapped my arms around her, and she melted in my arms.  She was putty in my hands.  I guided her arms up in the air just as she had done to me, and stroked her beautiful body from top to bottom.  One hand caressed her front, pausing at each of her breasts to make her nipples just a little harder.  The other hand caressed her back, pausing at her butt cheeks.  Relax, I told her, as I squeezed her firm cheeks with one hand, and felt her soft sweet pussy with the other.  I knelt behind her, kissing her and feeling her melt at my touch.  I knew she was about to cum, and while though I had been motivated initially by revenge, I now felt empathy for her.  Afterwards I realized I must have given the class quite a show, but at the time I wasn’t the least bit concerned that I was not only naked but having animal sex with another girl in front of a class of boys and girls who must have been astonished.  But at the time, my only thought was to make this girl cum before I did.  As I got more and more excited myself, I worked myself into a frenzy of sexual rubbing — my hands going from her tits to her inner thighs, pausing only long enough to pick up a load of pussy juice, which I spread all over her body.   As I rubbed her, I hugged her and kissed her all over, with special attention to her most tender areas.  She was so sweet all over.  Her pussy tasted as delicious as her asshole, and so I loved rubbing my face in her as I massaged her all over with my hands.  I was so engrossed in this activity that it took me some time to realize she was screaming.  She must have screamed for some time, because some of the other girls got up from their seats to pull me off her.  You’ll kill her, they said.  She’s been cumming for five minutes already!  I had no idea.

“I was so tired, I just lied down on the floor.  To tell the truth, I almost fell asleep, even though I was completely naked in front of a classroom full of fellow students.  The only thing that woke me was a delicious warm feeling between my legs.  I lifted my head far enough to see the girl I almost killed, her head bobbing up and down between my legs.  She was licking my pussy!  As you can imagine, I was embarrassed to be treated this way in the classroom, but I just didn’t have the strength to resist.  It felt so good, I bent my knees, bringing my bare feet close to my wet butt.  I let my knees fall to the floor, with the bottoms of my feet together as she licked me.  I could feel her breasts on my legs, and her long, beautiful hair on my belly.  Her long tongue probed me from my anus to my vagina, and in between.  Time stood stilll as I approached that precipice — the point of no return.  I tried not to cum, but it was no use.  I tensed up, squeezing her head between my thighs as I came.  She must have known I was cumming, but she didn’t stop licking me.  Asshole, pussy.  Asshole, pussy.  Pushing, probing.  When I felt her tongue in my asshole I squeezed it, because it felt so good.  Then I felt it in my pussy, and I squeezed that, too.  So sweet, so sweet…”

Monica’s voice trailed off as she remembered what was clearly one of her best sexual encounters ever.  Her pussy was glistening pink.  She closed her eyes, and leaned back against the wall as she remembered.  The other students in the hall didn’t want to stop her reverie, it was so dreamily sweet.  Instead, they stroked her naked body, and she came sweetly.


What a great game. An instant classic.
Comment By Grinch At 7/30/2007 5:20 AM

My high school was nothing like this!

I loved the genius of this game. Someone was going to be naked, or the entire female student body would be bottomless.

Comment By base At 10/13/2007 9:19 AM