Studying Abroad: Sally

Hi, you must be Mrs. Meier! It’s so good to finally meet you! I’m Sally, Sally Forth… thank you so much for agreeing to host me for this study abroad program! Can I come in?

Oh, you have a lovely home. I think one of your letters said your daughter Lena was going to be studying at my college while I’m here? Well, obviously I’m no substitute for your own daughter, but I hope it’ll help you to still have a girl around the house, so things don’t feel quite so off! Oh, yes, this one backpack is all I have, don’t worry, I like traveling light.

What’s wrong, Mrs. Meier? You’ve been looking uncomfortable ever since you opened the door? Oh? Naked? Well, yes, I suppose I am, technically.

Oh no, don’t worry! You see, with airlines charging so much for luggage nowadays, I wanted to be sure I could squeeze all my stuff into one backpack. So I have all my electronics and chargers and things, my favorite notebook, some food for the flight, my passport and wallet, some toiletries, and so on and on, and eventually I realized I just didn’t have any room in here for clothes.

Actually, the toiletries are a bit of a funny story, I had a water bottle and I guess the airline officials were worried it could be dangerous somehow? So I had to show them that it really was only water, and I took a little hand bath there in the security checkpost and rubbed myself all over with my little bar of soap. It really was very efficient and I think they were impressed and let me get on the plane. I’d be happy to show you too sometime, Mrs. Meier!

Anyway, yes, I guess you could say I’m naked, but at the same time not really? I mean, look at my backpack here, and look at how wide the straps are. You see how much of my breasts they cover? Watch, I’ll spin around for you—you see how from the side, you can’t even tell I’m naked at all? All you see are the straps! From the back I might as well be wearing some nice backless dress for this lovely weather. And from the front, well, first of all people will only be seeing me from the front maybe a quarter of the time, so on average it’s hardly a problem, don’t you think? And second, they do basically cover my nipples, and that’s the important part. I guess my areola do peek out a little at the sides but clearly I’m trying, and I think it’d be very unfair for people to get upset just over a little peek like that.

Now, yes, sometimes I do pull the straps back so my big breasts can hang free. (Though again, only from the front!) Like this! It’s just that the straps aren’t really meant for use as a top, so they can chafe a little, and I need a break sometimes. But I think you’d have to be very uncharitable not to understand that, don’t you? And so far everyone in your country has been so lovely and welcoming.

Besides, those times I do pull the straps back, I’m often rubbing my breasts to make them feel better, and then my hands cover my nipples. Like this—or actually, Mrs. Meier, do you think you could help me out here? I’m a bit tired from all this travel, would you mind terribly just rubbing them a little? That way you can see what I’m talking about, how they feel a bit chafed, and…

Oh, Mrs. Meier, you have such soft hands! I’m jealous, really—you’ll need to show me your skincare routine sometime.


Oh, mmmm.

I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh yes, the naked thing! And here I want to point out, I’m not naked really, see, I have shoes on! I’m not very familiar with foreign travel yet and I didn’t want to assume it would be safe to walk around barefoot. I did have to take them off for a bit at the security checkpoint at the airport, and that was embarrassing, let me tell you! One minute I was practically dressed for efficient travel, and the next minute I was completely naked, walking through the metal detector with all the guards’ eyes on me! But once I got the shoes back I felt much better, like I was at home with my own familiar shoes.

Speaking of embarrassing… Mrs. Meier, I know this is an awfully big imposition, and with you already being ever so lovely and so nice to let me stay in your home like this. But even though I’m perfectly decently dressed right now, truly, it is a little awkward having you wear so much more than me. I just don’t want you to worry that you’re judging me, you know? So even though that’s such a charming blouse you’re wearing, maybe you could take it off for just a little bit?

It’s okay, it’s only me here, right? We’re going to be living together for a while, and I can tell we’re already getting along fabulously…

Oh no, take the bra off too, you don’t need that thing! I mean, wasn’t I just talking about feeling comfortable? And you’ve got that holding you back all the time?

Oh wow, those are so nice and round! Mr. Meier is a lucky man, isn’t he?

Look, spin around for me, like I did earlier. See? From most angles I can’t tell what you’re wearing, and in front, well, really, your breasts are so nice, it’s a shame not to get to see them a bit. But look, tell you what, I can tell you’re still used to something covering you, right? So hold on, let me take my backpack off—whew! that’s better!—and then how about we do this? Walk toward me… yes, a little more… there, you see? If we press our breasts together, we’re both covering each other perfectly! And don’t worry if we don’t have quite the right angle right away, we can shift around a bit until it feels just right.

Oh, since you were so kind in rubbing my breasts earlier, to help with the chafing, I can return the favor a little, right? While our breasts are mashed together like this, and we’re grinding our hard nipples against each other’s soft flesh, I can rub your breasts too, from the sides, okay? After all, I’m sure they feel tired from all those clothes you had on a minute ago, and you could use a massage just as much as I could. I just want to make sure you know how grateful I am that you’re letting me into your house like this, you know?


Oh, Mrs. Meier, I’m sorry! I guess I just got carried away! Only with your face right there, and with you being so very kind to me, even in all your letters before I got here, I was feeling so grateful, and the most logical thing to do felt like giving you a kiss! Just a little one, to show my gratitude.


I hear in some cultures, kisses are a traditional greeting, right? Exchanging kisses, rather? I want to be sure to get a full multicultural experience while I’m studying abroad. So maybe if you gave me a kiss back, just to help me out here…



Ohhh, Mrs. Meier! That was so nice, thank you! What? Oh, don’t worry about that, sometimes I just like to stroke my pussy a little when I’m happy. Don’t you? I really do have so much to learn!

Maybe you could give me a tour of the house now? And let me see if I can remember what we were talking about.

Of course, me being naked! Actually let me take my shoes off now, since we’re walking around inside your house and all. Even though I didn’t have any more room in my backpack, I could still put shoes on my feet and wear them while I was traveling, so that was all right.

Well, yes, I suppose I could have worn other clothes on the trip too, just like the shoes. But think about tomorrow! Imagine if I’d shown up here wearing all sorts of clothes all over my body, maybe even underwear, but those were the only clothes I was able to bring. Well, tomorrow I’d have to change and then I’d be naked tomorrow, right? Think how confusing that would have been for you! It seemed much simpler for me to get it out of the way immediately.

And also, I’m from another country! The fashions here are sure to be totally different. If I was walking around town, trying to find your home, while wearing the clothes that are common at my college, I would immediately stand out and everyone would stare at me. But since I was naked, with all the same body parts as the locals, I could blend in much more easily.


Well… yes, I guess I could have bought new clothes here…

I guess I never thought about that.


Let’s talk about that tomorrow, okay? We’re still in the middle of this tour right now! Oh, I love your curtains, that’s such a beautiful color! I’d be interested in seeing your drapes too if we have the time.

Actually, all the fabrics in your house are so nice. Does everyone in your country have such wonderful taste as you? Like take this big skirt you’re wearing, and oh, that’s such a nice texture too!

Oh, sorry! I hadn’t realized you were still walking, I didn’t mean to pull it down like that! But here, be careful, you don’t want to step on it by accident and get it dirty, do you? Let me get it the rest of the way off you to be safe… Mrs. Meier, you don’t mind if I hang onto this for a little bit, I hope? It’s just that it really is so nice and soft, and I’d like to try holding it from a few more angles. Like oh, it feels very nice against my breasts, maybe they still are a little bit sore after all. And mmm, I really like it when I rub it back and forth across my wet pussy, like this… back and forth, back and forth…

Why, look at you now, Mrs. Meier! We almost match! It’s like I really do fit in here already, you’re such a wonderful host and I feel so welcome here. Why, at this point there’s just one little difference, just a minor thing, I can barely put my finger on it…

Oh, you took your panties off without me even having to ask! Thank you, Mrs. Meier, you’re so beautiful and kind!

And you know, this is a great way for me to finish up my little talk about being naked! Let me kneel down to get a better look at you, okay? Super! So once again, just like with my breasts and the backpack earlier, if I look at you from the side I don’t see anything at all, right? Just your legs! Most people have some of their legs showing all the time, so what’s wrong with showing the rest of them? They go all the way up to here.

Did I already ask you about your skincare routine, Mrs. Meier? Everything about you is so soft and pretty. I hope you don’t mind if I give you a little hug while I’m down here.

Next up is the butt. Everyone has one of those, don’t they? There’s not a man or woman walking around out there who doesn’t have a butt just like yours or mine. Well, actually, I am especially proud of my butt, I like to think it’s better than average, but why does that mean I should hide it away? That sounds like a ridiculous thing to do with things we’re proud of, don’t you think?

No, I think what you really expect me to want to hide is my pussy. And yes, while I’m kneeling down behind you, I can see your beautiful pussy just a tiny bit. But that’s because I’m down here! If we were both out on the street, walking, I wouldn’t be able to see anything out of the ordinary at all, just like nobody saw anything strange on me when I was coming here. Like I said, I was perfectly decent almost the whole trip!

From the front, yes, I can see a little bit more of you. But this is barely enough to claim that I’m seeing your pussy, is it, especially from above? From above all anyone can see is a little vertical line. Surely that’s not enough to make a big deal over? Again, from down here there’s more to see, and it’s very nice, but this is hardly the usual angle. Mrs. Meier, did you know your pussy is a little wet, by the way? I think it’s very nice of you to be so invested in what I’m saying, even though we’ve only just met and all! It’s really such a gracious compliment. Before I get up, why don’t I give your pussy a little thank-you kiss for helping me out while I explained my point.

Mm, mmmm!

I already told you I like to stroke my pussy when I’m happy, didn’t I? Sometimes I get a little confused and stroke other pussies instead, I guess. I hope you didn’t mind that ended up being more than just a kiss, and you did feel so nice. You aren’t upset, are you? You don’t look upset.

Like I said, your pussy was a little wet already, just a trifle really! Let me show you! See, if I use my right hand to caress upwards along your inner thighs, and then carefully enter your pussy and lovingly stroke your insides, and I use my left hand to finger myself a bit too, now look, you can taste the difference. Here, suck the fingers on my left hand, that’s me, then my right hand, that’s you!

Wait, wait, I want a taste too! One more kiss, okay? Mmmmm!

Oh, is that the master bedroom over there? Let’s go inside, I think I can explain better if I illustrate on myself!

Okay, so here’s me sitting on the bed, legs together. This is pretty much the same as if I was walking, right? Can you see anything? Of course not, just a little vertical line, like I said

Now here’s what happens if I spread my legs as wide as they go. This is what a pussy actually looks like, Mrs. Meier! This I only show to people I really care about, like you, Mrs. Meier. See? You can see all the way inside and tell how happy and wet I am. That’s not what it looked like when I was walking here. Look, here’s the difference again. Legs closed, like when I was outside… legs open, just for you. You see, I really was perfectly decent, almost my whole trip here!

Oh, yes, those aren’t all my own juices in there, are they? You’ve got such a good eye! That’s another funny little story from my trip. After the airport I had to take a bus to get here, and it was really crowded, so a bunch of us had to stand. I didn’t want to accidentally hit anyone else with my backpack, so I was facing in toward the middle of the bus, and there was a man there right in front of me. At first he was being very polite, not staring at any parts of me that might happen to get randomly exposed for a little bit at certain angles, and I guess I was very touched by his kindness, so…

Mrs. Meier, speaking of touching, why don’t you get on the bed with me? It doesn’t seem fair of me that I got to kiss your pussy and stroke it a lot too, but you have to stand all the way over there and just look at me. You can return the favor, since we’re so close already. And this way, mmm, I can hold your round breasts again… did you know, your nipples are awfully hard? I wonder what they would taste like if I sucked them just a little bit. Mmm, and then one more kiss while I’m here anyway?

Oh, Mrs. Meier, you’re doing so well with my pussy…! Ahhhhh.

Right, the bus! So I told the man he was being very nice, but if he wanted to be even nicer, he could help rub my breasts for me, like I was telling you earlier, because of the backpack straps holding them down. So he did that very well and helped me feel much less confined, but then I noticed he had a hard cock straining against his pants, and that felt unfair, if he was still so confined and uncomfortable while my big naked breasts were having such a great time. So I undid his pants and rubbed his penis all the way up and down the shaft for a while, out of gratitude.

Oooh! You’re so good at this, did you know that? Don’t worry, you can put your fingers all the way inside!

Speaking of which, wouldn’t you know it, the bus got even more crowded than before? We were all pressed so tightly together, there wasn’t any room for me to hold his cock anymore. So instead I just opened my legs and let him stick his whole hard, throbbing cock deep into my hot pussy, because that was the most space-efficient thing we could do! He kept rubbing my breasts all over too, of course, because he was a gentleman and wanted to help me feel good after my long trip.

Anyway, the bus ride got pretty bumpy for a while, so he couldn’t help but thrust in and out of me as we rode, and then finally we both came, not long before he had to get off and go buy some groceries. He apologized for cumming in me, and I gave him a good long kiss to let him know it was okay. After he got off the bus was still too crowded for me to try cleaning myself up, and I guess then I just forgot about it until I got here, so…

Ohhhh! Oh wow! Oh, Mrs. Meier!


That was so good, I need to… oh, was that the front door?

Your husband getting home from work? Oh, that makes sense, I…

Do you think we should change or anything? Stand up, at least? Oh, I forgot, I don’t have any clothes, do I? Well, I’m sure it’s fine.

Why, hello Mr. Meier! It’s so great to finally meet you! I’m Sally Forth, I’m the study abroad student you’re hosting, and your wife was just…

Wait, you’re…

You’re the man I fucked on the bus!

Well, this does make things easier, doesn’t it?

You know, Mr. Meier, Mrs. Meier… I was thinking. Wouldn’t your daughter Lena be upset having a strange girl sleeping in her bed while she’s away? What if I just shared the master bedroom with the two of you, for the rest of my visit? That way we can all have an incredible time together.