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Weekend Drive – Gina and Toni (archives)

Gina and Toni came walking down the hallway of their dorm hand-in-hand. Nothing unusual for them, but being naked was not common for either of them.

Mandy greeted them both, “Hi Gina and Toni! I didn’t realize you two came back earlier. I would have stopped to say, ‘Hello.'”

Gina and Toni looked at each other a bit puzzled. Gina said, “We are just getting back now. Why did you think we arrived earlier?”

Mandy said, “But you are both nude, and neither of you have any bags with you.”

Toni laughed. Gina blushed. Together they said, “Our room.”

The three girls hurried down the hallway – two still holding hands and nude, and one following close behind wearing her little, cute, sheer babydoll, no panties of course.

Inside their room were two travel bags right where they left them two nights before. Mandy was confused, “So you were back earlier. You lied to me!”

Gina turned around, “We did not lie! For making an accusation like that, you should lose the right to wear your babydoll. Hand it over.”

Mandy clutched her little garment that hid nothing at all. “I will not! I see your bags right there, and there’s your clothes on Toni’s bed. You both came in here and stripped down, then walked down the hallway.”

Toni said, “That’s right, but we didn’t lie. If you want to know the story, you’ll have to take off your babydoll. If after you hear the story and you still don’t believe us, you can take the babydoll and go. But if you do believe us, I think some sort of punishment for making false accusations is in order.”

Mandy said, “You just said I was right about your bags and clothes. What sort of story could you tell that would make me believe otherwise?”

Gina said, “First, your babydoll, then the story.”

Mandy looked around just to be sure no one else was in the room. She then pulled off her babydoll and laid it on the bed with Gina and Toni’s clothes.

Gina and Toni each grabbed one of Mandy’s hands and pulled her over to Gina’s empty bed.

Gina said, “Toni, you tell her. It was your family weekend.”

Toni agreed to start, “But you have to fill in the details as I tell the story.”

Gina nodded as she caressed Mandy’s bare hip and butt cheek.

Toni said, “Well, Friday after classes, Gina and I packed our bags for the weekend. My family was coming to get us for the weekend. I invited Gina along since the car ride can be really boring with Mom narrating the billboards and Dad computing the mileage and time to home after each and every mile marker.”

Gina giggled, “It’s soooo true!”

Mandy asked, “If you had your bags, then how did you…”

Toni said, “Don’t interrupt, and I’ll tell you.”

Mandy said, “Sorry, please continue.”

Gina took that to mean continuing massaging the girl’s bare skin, and Toni continued the story.

“So, we packed our clothes, but since I was going home, or so I thought, I packed some dirty clothes so I could wash them for free at home.”

Mandy said, “You mean so your mom could wash them. That’s what I do!”

Toni glared at Mandy for interrupting again.

Mandy apologized, “Sorry. I’ll be good. Keep going.”

Gina did just that tracing her fingers between the back of Mandy’s legs and tickling her way up her butt crack.

Toni huffed then continued. “No. I planned on doing my on laundry thank-you very much. I even mentioned to Gina she should do the same so we’d have full loads. Didn’t I?” Gina nodded, but no one saw her since she was nuzzling down Mandy’s lower back for a light kiss.

Toni shrugged. “So we planned on doing laundry and just hang out at home with my parents. So we were waiting for my parents to arrive at the curb with our bags of dirty clothes. Maybe we should have worn something else, but since we were still technically on campus, we had to follow the Dress Code. I was wearing the little navy blue skirt and white halter over there, and Gina had on that cute little mesh dress.

“So Mom and Dad finally arrived. Mom was a little taken aback seeing Gina wearing something so revealing, and I guess she made a little remark about it. So I told her it was normal for wearing on-campus. That’s when she asked me, ‘You’re not wearing a bra, are you?’ Gina and I laughed. I told her, ‘Of course not.’

“Mom said, ‘Well, I hope you have something more appropriate to wear in your bags.’

“I said, ‘We do, but we’ll have to do laundry first.’

“That pissed Dad off. He scolded me, ‘Do you mean to tell me all you planned on bringing was dirty clothes. Why didn’t you do laundry last night?’ I tried to explain, but he didn’t want to know about the two exams I had that day. He just told me, ‘Go back to your room and leave the dirty clothes there. You can do laundry when you get back.’

“I asked, ‘What are we suppose to do until then?’

“Mom snapped, ‘Go naked for all I care. But we are not wasting the whole weekend doing laundry. Now get going!”

Mandy felt Gina’s fingers working their way between her pussy lips. She was still trying to understand the situation as Toni was telling the story, but Gina was distracting her as well.”

As to delay the pleasure, Gina picked up the story as her fingers teased the entry, “So, Toni and I went back to our room. Gina was really upset with her parents. She said, ‘I ought to teach them a lesson for trying to embarrass me in front of you, my best friend. It would serve them both right if we did exactly what Mom said and go naked!

“I said to Toni, ‘Wait a minute! You want to spend the whole weekend naked with your family? You go ahead, but I’m taking clothes.’ Toni told me that it was a trick. If we both walked back to the car naked as a solidarity protest, her parents would have to buckle and let us grab our bags and do laundry. I was worried that her parents might call us on the bluff…”

Mandy said, “And leave you in the buff?” Gina slipped a finger deep inside Mandy which kept the girl from interrupting further.

Toni picked up the story, “I was sure Mom and Dad would never allow us to ride home naked. I figured Dad might test us by driving around campus, but if we didn’t flinch, he would.

Gina said, “He didn’t!”

Toni laughed, “You’re getting ahead of me. So Gina and I walked back down to the car naked. We left our clothes and bags here in the room… last Friday night. Mom was upset that we were naked, but Dad looked at his watch and told us to get in the car before we hit all the traffic on the highway. I just knew he was bluffing, and I whispered that to Gina, too. So we climbed into the car without a stitch of clothing. Mom complained about us parading around naked in public, but Dad just pressed on driving. I think it was when we were actually on the interstate that I began to realize he was not bluffing. Gina realized we were heading south, not north, too. Dad called out, ‘132 miles to Greensville. We should be there in just over two hours unless we hit traffic because of your delay.’

“I screamed, ‘Greensville? Why are we going to Greensville? I thought we were going home for the weekend?’

“Mom said, ‘If you had bother to listen when we called, I told you we’d be visiting your cousins who were thinking about going to your college.’

“I said, ‘I heard you say that, but they live in Clayton.’

“Mom said, ‘Not since four years ago. They moved right before they went to high school. Don’t you remember anything about your family?’

“I had to admit that I completely forgot they moved. I mean they lived in Clayton for years and years. Last time I saw them, was at my high school graduation, and I don’t think we talked about Greensville at all.”

Gina said, “So here we are traveling to some strange city without any clothes at all. I really wanted to ask them to turn around and leave me at college, but I knew that would make Toni upset, and her Dad would then get stuck in traffic all the way, too.  I whispered this to Toni who asked her Dad to turn the car around, but he said, ‘You two decided to go nude, and nude you will. 105 miles to go, and if I turned around that would add an additional 50 minutes if we were lucky to miss traffic, which we wouldn’t.’ Toni tried really hard to get her Dad to turn around for my sake, but he shut her down with, ‘I’m not seeing anything more than what I saw when she was wearing that mesh dress.’ I knew that was the end of the story. I was going to Greensville naked.”

Toni said, “Well, me, too!”

As Mandy felt Gina’s fingers slipping and sliding with less resistance due to increase wetness, she asked, “I suppose being naked in front of family is embarrassing, but for you Gina, isn’t like here? I mean they would be strangers like we see on campus all the time. You have to get over being embarrassed about being naked in front of strangers. And since it wasn’t really your idea to be naked, there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed. It’s like being inspected here. No fault of yours, right?”

Gina answered as she managed to insert three fingers into a warm wet pussy, “Well, you are right to a point, but the difference is around here, everyone knows the deal. Along the highway and in Greensville, everyone stares at people being nude. Lots of questions get asked, too. That’s the embarrassing thing.”

Mandy was about to ask another question, but a wave of electricity went through her body. She quivered. Toni’s eyes widened seeing the girl’s face and chest blush. It is a wondrous sight.

Gina whispered to Mandy, “Imagine being naked all weekend in front of strangers and having to tell them why you are naked. Especially because you chose to be naked. We couldn’t blame anyone else. We bluffed the naked thing and lost.” The girl teased the other’s pussy more and more. “Just imagine everyone seeing your bare tits and ass. And even your, oh my, dripping wet pussy…”

Mandy’s hand reached down and grabbed Gina’s hand still inside her wet pussy. The quiver turned into a full blown orgasm that anyone on the dorm floor would hear and recognize. Exhausted Mandy collapsed. Gina pulled her hand back and licked her fingers in triumph. Toni had a good humor laugh. She of all people knew the power behind Gina’s magical fingers. Several times over the short weekend as a matter of fact.

With Mandy barely conscience, Toni finished the story. Telling her of meeting her cousins, aunt and uncle. The girls’ nudity raised alarms, but when the Dress Code was explained, the adults nodded as if it made perfect sense. The twins, Toni’s cousins, realized they too would be subjected to the inspections and probably public nudity if they went to the same college. They hadn’t rejected it; however, they weighed the Dress Code against their real ambitions of a first rate education.  To test their determination, they joined Toni and Gina for a naked girls’ BBQ. They even asked if they could come visit later in the school year when they planned a campus tour.

Toni said, “So by the time we returned to campus this evening, we’d been nude since Friday evening, and everyone from here to Greensville saw us, especially at the diners Dad stopped for gas and food.”

Gina asked, “So Mandy, believe us now? When you saw us walking down the hall, we hadn’t been back in over 48 hours. You accused us of sneaking in and undressing tonight. Care to admit you were wrong?”

Mandy said, “Oh, please forgive me. I jumped to a conclusion. I’m sorry for not originally believing you.”

Toni smiled. Gina beamed, “So, you agreed to a punishment if we convinced you, right?” Mandy nodded her head. “Gina and I planned on going to class as we are right now. It’s too late to do laundry tonight. So, your punishment is to join us. Not really a punishment at all, right?”

Mandy asked, “Join you? What do you mean? Doing laundry?”

Gina said, “Yes! Once we finish laundry tomorrow evening, we can wear clothes again. That’s the deal.”

Mandy began to shake again. Just the thought of willfully going nude to class brought an intense orgasm.

Toni laughed, “You had better get some control over that, lest the boys will take advantage of you.”

Gina added, “Unless I get to her sweet pussy first!”