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Pretty Girl of the Day, January 2, 2022

Happy new year, everyone! Let’s celebrate by looking at some pictures of one of the Pretty Girls at the College. In the past, I’ve shown you some pictures of girls wearing minimal clothing, because it’s fun to see the College girls show off their pretty bodies. But today, I would like to break with tradition, and show you a girl who dresses fully and decently, wearing both a top and bottom, as she is allowed to do by the College Dress Code. She likes to cover both her breasts and her pussy, as viewed from the front, so she’s completely decent. Yes, I know this is a surprise, and perhaps you’re wondering how she can be cute and adorable like so many of the College girls we’ve featured in the past, given the way she covers herself up so prudishly. So please scroll through these pictures to understand that even the girls who cover themselves nearly completely can still be pretty, and, I dare say, cute, too.

Today’s pretty girl is fully clothed, by College standards, having decided to wear her bush as her bottom. It’s comforting for her to go out on the campus among the other girls knowing her bottom is always securely covered by her pretty bush. A fair number of girls at the College like to wear a natural bottom, because it’s always available to wear in public.
Today’s girl feels confident knowing her bottom is completely decent. It’s a nice feeling to go out in public wearing only a top, knowing you’re fully dressed and ready to face the day.
When it’s cold out, she runs from one class to the next. Although her top is light, it’s enough to keep her warm once she’s indoors.
In the meantime, it’s fun to frolic in the snow with the confidence that comes with being fully dressed.
“I remember when I was in high school, my teachers always hassled me for not wearing a bra,” she says, “especially if I didn’t button my top all the way up.” Here at the College, it’s so much better, because none of the girls wear bras. It’s such a relief to dress the way I want to dress, and to feel so comfortable among so many girls who feel the same way.
Even from behind, today’s pretty girl feels fully dressed and confident, even though it’s against the rules for a girl to cover her butt when she’s using her bush as a bottom. She knows her classmates understand, and that they won’t try to look at her pussy from behind because it would be like looking up a girl’s dress.
So our pretty girl feels comfortable playing or dancing between classes, knowing she is fully dressed and completely decent, having both a fully decent top and a fully decent bottom which she carries with her at all times with complete confidence, cheerfulness and joy.
Having a bush as her bottom, today’s pretty girl is able to spread her legs with confidence, knowing she’s covered as decently as possible by the pretty bottom she’s wearing.
Today’s pretty girl feels happy and confident, knowing she’s fully clothed, and dressed completely decently according to the College Dress Code. She frolics in the snow, spreading her legs freely, knowing her asshole and vaginal opening are safely hidden by her pretty cheeks from behind, and her adorable little bush from the front. If anyone should accidentally see these most private of parts, she understands completely that accidents might happen to any girl who at the College, even if she’s wearing a skirt or dress. It’s just one of the hazards of not wearing panties; totally innocent and understandable.
I love it here at the College, where I can dress comfortably and decently, knowing I have the freedom to spread my legs if I want to, without fear that someone might be offended if they should happen to see my asshole or vagina. It’s so nice to know that none of the girls are wearing panties or a bra, and while they might wear a traditional skirt instead of a bush as their bottom, they can still dance and play without any worry that someone might be offended by their feminine beauty.