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The Muddy Hike (archives)

The Muddy Hike

A “Just Sittin’ Around” Story

“Where is everyone?” asked Nadine.  She returned to the dorm after her late afternoon class to find just a few kids in the hall, chatting.  They were attired casually, if at all.

Bobby looked up, tossing her hair behind her shoulders, which uncovered her perfect breasts.  “I resent that comment!”, she said, laughing.  A few months ago, Bobby was one of the shyest girls in the dorm, but she came out of her shell over the past couple weeks, finally realizing there was no need to hide her gorgeous breasts.  It helped her feel comfortable that none of the other girls wore tops around the dorm, either.  But unlike many of the girls, Bobby still needed her panties to feel decent.

As Nadine arrived on the scene, she felt a sudden pang of modesty.  You see her dress was a bit short, even for College standards, but she loved it just the same.  She smoothed the dress against herself in an effort at modesty.  The effort was in vain, however, for she was standing, and everyone else was sitting, looking up at her.

Bobby was the first to notice Nadine’s discomfort in the dress.  “You could take it off, if that would make you feel a bit better,” offered Bobby.  Maybe Bobby was joking; Nadine couldn’t tell.  In any case, her suggestion made sense in an odd sort of way.  Somehow, she felt even more naked — more exposed — wearing the dress than she would if she were stark naked.  So Nadine took a deep breath, and whipped off her dress.  For an awkward moment, Nadine remained standing, with everyone still looking up at her.

Bobby patted the floor next to her.  “Sit,” she said.  “Join us.”  Nadine sat, cross-legged, not quite sure what to do with her hands.  She placed them awkwardly on her thighs, and hoped the other kids didn’t notice how excited she had become.

“Where was I?” asked Bobby, as she gently rested her hand in Nadine’s lap, and began stroking her thighs.  It was Bobby’s way of soothing Nadine’s awkwardness, and it worked.  Nadine immediately felt more relaxed at Bobby’s gentle touch.

“You were telling us about your date with Mike, when you were in high school,” said one of the boys.

“Oh yeah.”  Bobby relaxed, closed her eyes, and leaned back as she remembered the story.  Nadine admired Bobby’s beauty, which was highlighted by her tiny miniskirt.  She returned the favor, gently stroking one of Bobby’s bare thighs as she resumed her story.

He picked me up in his Mustang convertible.  It was a beautiful car, with leather seats and a great sound system.  With the top down, it was such a rush sitting next to him.  I almost came in my pants when I sat down.

“What were you wearing?” Nadine asked, as she traced gentle lines from the edge of her pussy lips to her knees.

Bobby seemed to like the attention, spreading her legs wider as she responded, “I wore a loose-fitting top, and a pair of jeans.  It was my most adventurous high school outfit,” she laughed at the irony since by College standards she would have been grossly overdressed.  ” It took all my courage to not wear a bra.  My top was so thin, I felt naked.  I wondered when Mike would notice.”

“Did he?”

Bobby laughed again, “Did he ever.  I was barely in the car before he reached under it and pinched my nipple!  I slapped his hand, gigling, and he kept to himself for a bit, but then driving at sixty miles an hour he deftly undid my jeans, but I pretended not to notice.  I wanted to see when he would figure out I wasn’t wearing any panties, either.  I sat up in my seat, letting my jeans slide down my legs just a bit.  He almost crashed the car when he saw my bare pussy!  But we managed to get to our destination, which was a county park.  Do you want to go on a hike, he asked me.  Sure, I said.  I was so in love with him, it didn’t matter what we did.  There were lots of people around, so I did up my pants as I got out of the car.  I thought maybe if we hiked away from the other people, I would let him have another peek at me.”

Nadine noticed Bobby was getting pretty excited as she recalled the story, her pussy blooming, juicy and pink.  She continued stroking Bobby’s thighs, right up to her pussy lips, but still not daring to go inside.  Bobby continued stroking Nadine’s lap as she continued the story, and noticed Nadine was pretty wet herself.

“We hiked up a huge hill,” Bobby said, “and the view was fantastic!  Then we hiked down the other side, and there was a stream, it was so pretty.  The sides of the stream were pretty steep and muddy, but there were stepping stones in the stream.  Mike started to cross, but I hesitated.  My shoes weren’t exactly the best for hiking.  But he held out his hand, and I figured he would protect me, so I started down the slippery bank.  But I fell on my first step!  I slid down the muddy bank, and right into the water!  It was terrible.  I tried to turn around to grab a hold of a root sticking out of the bank, but it slipped out of my hand.  I had mud caked all over my jeans, and my thin shirt, too — front and back.  I was a muddy mess!  Mike started laughing, and once I realized I was OK, I laughed, too.”

“You must have been quite a sight,” said Nadine, as she stroked Bobby’s slippery pussy.

“I suppose so,” Bobby replied, “but I wasn’t so worried about how I looked.  My biggest concern was how cold I was getting.  And I was starting to get mad at Mike, because he wouldn’t hug me or touch me at all, for fear of getting my mud all over him.”

“That’s understandable,” said Rachel.  Rachel was a really pretty little girl, and even though she was 18, she looked much younger because of her tender little breasts.  Rachel’s tan was gorgeous, highlighted by white bikini lines, because whenever she went outdoors, she always word a tiny pair of bikini panties, and nothing else.  And even though the college has a rule requiring girls to wear a top to class, she was such a cute and vivacious girl that the guards and inspectors rarely hassled her.

“I suppose so,” said Bobby, “but at that point, I just wanted to get home so I could change.  We got back to his car, but Mike was acting strange.  He didn’t open my door, like he usually did.  He cleared his throat, and when I asked him “what?” he asked me not to sit on his leather seats with my dirty clothes.  He popped the trunk, and asked me to put my clothes in the trunk first, and then it would be OK for me to sit on the seat.  Now I really wished I had worn some underwear.  I looked around, and there were lots of tourists at the park.  Do it quick, and get in, he encouraged me.  My jeans were the worst, and my top was long enough to cover me, so I took off my jeans, and I let my loose top act as a kind of micro-minidress.  You know how you can feel eyes looking at you?  I was scared to look around, because I knew my butt was hanging out underneath my shirt.  I begged him to let me just keep my shirt on, but he refused.  The longer you stand here, bottomless, he said, the more uncomfortable you’ll be.  He was right about that, so I took off my shirt, and handed it to him.  I started to get really mad at Mike, because he left me standing there, naked, outside his car, with all the mommies and daddies pushing carriages, and little kids playing.  I didn’t want to look around, but I could feel their eyes on my naked body.  I felt the wind against my breasts, hardening my nipples.  I clenched my little round cheeks so they would cover my asshole.  (I hate it when people can see that.)   Finally, he opened my door, and let me in.  When he got in, I asked him if he could put the top up, but he said no, it was “busted”, grabbing my naked breasts as he said that word.  Normally I would laugh at his little pun, but I was pretty mad about having to ride in the nude.  I didn’t believe him, but there was nothing to do.  I just told him to bring me home as quickly as possible.  I swear, he must have driven off at two miles an hour, letting everyone see me.  I covered my boobs as best I could, but people were looking down into the car, and they could see I was naked.  A little boy even asked his mother why I was naked, it was terrible.

“What did you do?”

“There was nothing I could do.  Just bear it, until he brought me home.  But it got worse.  He didn’t bring me straight home.  He needed gas, so we stopped along the way, which was understandable.  And then I needed to pee.  And the bathroom was inside the building.  I begged Mike to let me put on my shirt at least, just to go in the building, but he said no, and made me go in naked.  The worst part was seeing myself on the video camera at the entrance.

“I bet they saved the tape that day!”

“Thanks, I didn’t even think of that.  I went back in the car, and waited for Mike.  He seemed to take forever in there, as people walked back and forth past me.  I looked all over the car for a towel, or even a rag I could use to cover myself, but there was nothing.  Finally, Mike came back, and I begged him again to put on my shirt.  He thought about it, and finally said if I would let him fuck me, then I could have the shirt.  Well, the last thing I wanted to do was let this bastard fuck me, I was so mad at him, but I really wanted the shirt, so I said OK, you can fuck me when we get home, can I have the shirt now?  My plan was to never have sex with this boy, ever!  But he said, fuck first, then shirt.  Now? I asked, incredulously.  Now, he said.  He opened my door, and ordered me, elbows on the seat.  I couldn’t believe what he was asking me.  No, I said.  We’re not leaving until I get what I want, Mike said.  No, I repeated, and sat, cross-legged in the seat.  There were a few people standing next to their cars, pump handles in their hands, but they weren’t pumping gas.  They were trying to be inconspicuous, but they were watching everything.  We must have sat there for 10 minutes before I said, fine.  He opened my door, and I reluctantly put my elbows on the seat.  He ordered me to spread my legs.  So there I was, with my butt in the air, and a crowd gathering behind me.  I know they were looking at my pussy, because when I bend over I just can’t hide it.  But the last thing I wanted the onlookers to see was my asshole.  I can’t explain it, really, except to say this is my most private part.  But Mike said he wouldn’t fuck me until I did everything he said.  He tried to act friendly, telling me I could take all the time I needed.  He stood to the side, and stroked my hair and back, saying sweet things to me like “there, there, honey” which just made me madder.  Finally, I swallowed my pride, and spread my legs, opening up my cheeks, asshole, and pussy for total public humiliation.  Mike continued massaging my back, occasionally letting his hands stray to my chest, and once in a while to my butt cheeks as well.  Although he let his hands slide across my asshole from one cheek to the other, he studiously avoided touching my pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter from being — ”  Bobby sat, Indian style, seemingly unaware that her pussy was fully drenched and in full bloom.  She held her face in her hands, reliving the embarrassment she felt from the public humiliation at the gas station.  “I was so wet from –” Once again she stopped.

Nadine stroked the tears from Bobby’s cheek, and then kissed her gently on the lips.  “It’s OK, Bobby,” she said.  “We understand.”  There was a murmur of agreement, and other kids reached out to stroke Bobby, and kiss her.  All the girls had been in the same boat at one time or another.  Although it was humiliating for a girl to be forced to expose herself to strangers, especially in public, it can also be exciting, in a strange sort of way.

“I was so mad at Mike,” continued Bobby, “not only for making me stand there, but for continuing to massage me and make me excited.  I begged him to fuck me just to end this horrible scene.  But he wouldn’t do it.  He said I didn’t sound like I wanted to be fucked.  I pleaded with him, and told him how much I wanted him to fuck me, but he just said he couldn’t hear me.  I didn’t want to yell it, because I was embarrassed, but he kept saying he couldn’t hear me.  He made me yell at the top of my lungs how much I wanted to be fucked, and that just made the crowd laugh at me.  I felt so awful I started crying, and then Mike took pity on me.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was when he finally stood behind me, shielding me from the crowd.  I had been feeling so exposed, you see, it was almost like wearing clothes again.  Plus, Mike’s touch was soothing.  He was really good with his hands, smoothing them over my breasts and my abdomen, stopping just short of my pussy, which was actually a good thing, because I think if he had touched it, I would have come right away.  I must have let out a little cry when I felt him inside me, because he stroked my cheeks, and said everything would be fine.  He pushed twice or three times at the most, and then held me tight as we both came.  When he was done, I went to sit down, but he pulled me out of the car, and slammed the door.  Get yourself cleaned up before you can sit on my seats, he ordered.  I tell you, I was livid.  With his cum streaming down my legs, I stormed back into the building, and into the bathroom, which, thank God, was vacant.  I wiped his cum out of my pussy and off my legs, and returned to the car.  What about my shirt, I demanded.  He seemed embarrassed by having a naked girl outside of his car, yelling at him, so I kept it up.  My legs were wide apart, and the crowd had increased, but I was beyond caring at this point.  He said I had better get in the car or he would just drive off.  So I got in the car, and asked again for my shirt.  No, he said.  It was too muddy, and it would mess up the seat.  But you said if I let you fuck me I could have my shirt.  And you will, he said.  Just not now.

“That’s really mean,” said Rachel.

Bobby smiled at Rachel when she noticed the condition of her pussy.  “Are you enjoying the story, Rachel”

Rachel saw where Bobby was looking, and covered herself, but it was too late.  Everyone laughed, including Rachel.  “Yes,” she admitted.  “It’s a good story.  What happened next?”

“Well, it was starting to get late, and I was thankful it was getting darker.  I sat in the car, still naked, and fuming mad, but as we drove, there was something so sweet about Mike, I just couldn’t help getting a little less mad with each mile.  Even though he tricked me at the gas station, I would have let him fuck me sooner or later, and I had to admit it was exciting for me.  As we got closer to my house, I was worried how I would explain my nudity to my parents.  When we got there, I saw their car was gone, and the porch light was on.  I hoped both my parents were gone.  He kissed me so sweetly at the door, I almost came again.  I felt like I was melting into him as he gently stroked the small of my back.  I spread my legs apart as we kissed, and felt his hand slide between my cheeks.  I think I came, I whispered to him, and then we kissed some more.

“Were your parents both gone?” asked Rachel, her pussy still blooming.

“That’s a story for another day, I think,” said Bobby.

Does anyone remember that one girl from last year? She decided to beat the Dress Code by leaving the dorms nude, but rolling around the mud puddles at the new building construction site. She said it was like body paint, just less expensive. She wore mud all day then washed it off in the fountain after classes.

It worked for her, too. The inspectors left her alone. None of the boys wanted to get all muddy touching her. The amazing thing was how soft and smooth her skin was.

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A picture is worth a thousand words 😀
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