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Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, April 30, 2009 (archives)

Argh!  I’m still a day behind!  Maybe this weekend I’ll catch up!

I’ve been a good girl, dressing conservatively since Monday — panties every day — but on Tuesday I had to give up my panties for a friend, and then yesterday, oh my God!  OK, I’ll tell you briefly what happened…

I wore a cute top that came half-way down my butt, and because I’m a good girl, I wore a thong under it.  I could have gone without a thong, but my pussy would show when I’m sitting, and I know my math teacher doesn’t like that.  So when he called on me, and made me stand up, and face my back to the class, I figured I was in good shape.  I’ve seen him do this to other girls.  He makes them stand there, and then he lifts their dress slowly, until he can see their panties, and then he lets them sit down.  But if he doesn’t see the girl’s panties, he keeps lifting her dress until he’s lifted it right off her.  Sometimes the girl is wearing a bra, but more often, she’s standing there completely naked.  Then, while the naked girl is still standing with her back to the class, he “hides” her dress somewhere in the room.  Then he goes on with the class, ignoring the girl, still naked, still with her back to the class.  Sometimes the girl will say something like “are we done?” to which he will say yes.  Eventually, the girl will turn around, usually covering her pussy, but sometimes her tits, too, and sit down at her seat.  Some girls try to find their dress, but others just sit there, naked.  I guess the main idea is to teach girls to wear panties, but he has a funny way of going about it.

So anyway, he calls me up, this time, and I’m feeling pretty good, because I had the good luck to be picked on while I’m wearing panties.  So I wait while he lifts the dress off me, but he keeps lifting it, exposing my whole back to the class.

I turned around just as he whipped off my dress.  “Hey, I’m wearing panties,” I protested.

“They’re too small,” he said.  “Take ’em off.”


“You heard me.  They’re too small.  You should wear something more substantial.  It looks like you’re naked under that tiny little dress.”

“I think that’s the idea,” one of the boys said.

I glared at him, my nipples erect from anger.

I knew I wouldn’t win this battle, so I took off my panties, and handed them to the teacher.  He very sweetly gave me back my dress, and watched as I put it on.  “Your dress is too short,” he said.

Of course it’s too short.  It’s made to be worn with those panties you just swiped!  But I said nothing.  I just sat down, fuming.

This brings me to today.  Clearly, it’s a waste of time wearing panties.  So I wore a micro-minidress, commando, and prayed I wouldn’t be today’s math class victim.  I guess I was daydreaming about being stripped in math class, because I missed all of the announcements.  Something about Health Day for the girls, I think.  I seem to remember on last year’s Health Day we had to strip down to our bra and panties, and then one by one, we were called to see the doctor, who probed us, checking for who knows what.  But I wasn’t sure, so as we moved to each class, I asked some girls what to wear on Health Day, and they all thought it was very funny.  Really, I insisted, what should I wear?  Giggle, giggle.  I barely noticed as today’s girl was stripped in math class, I was so caught up in this Health Day dillemma.

Yesterday, we saw two pretty girls hugging.  Today, we have two pretty girls kissing.  Beautiful!