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Enamoured Adam

I just can’t stop thinking about her. Emily. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. I’ve tried so many times to be bold and say something to her but have never been able to pluck up the courage. Sometimes I’m relieved she is not in any of my classes. I don’t know if I could handle that because whenever I see her coming in my direction I just start to get so nervous and begin to panic. I see her sometimes in the launch hall or about the campus and I just stare at her, marvelling at her beauty. She has occasionally caught me and I’m just so shy I look away quickly wishing she hadn’t seen me.

I was miles away thinking about her when Mark broke my train of thought, “Adam! We’re supposed to have gym next but Mr. Walker has had to leave because of a family emergency. But guess what? The girls’ gym tutor, Miss Jayne is going to combine our lesson with theirs.”

This made me feel sick. It was very rare to have combined gym classes but when it did happen, it could be very awkward. I knew that the girls wore very short gym kits that only came down to their waists exposing most of their butts and crotch and someone like me just doesn’t know where to look! And on top of that, the last thing I need is to see the girls frolicking around like that and get an embarrassing erection. A lot of the boys here are used to the way things work around this college so can deal with it fine but me? Just the thought of the girls in their kits is starting to get me hard.

Mark and I made our way to the gym meeting up with the other guys for the lesson on the way. As we entered, the girls were lined up outside their changing room talking to Miss Jayne. And then I saw her. Emily. Looking as beautiful as ever. I don’t think she had noticed me yet but I started to panic at the thought I’d have to do a gym lesson with her in the room. With her wearing one of those kits.

“Don’t get hard” I kept telling myself.

Miss Jayne spotted us, “Great! Boys you’re here. As I was just explaining to the girls, Mr. Walker has had to dash off so I will be tutoring both gym classes together. As I understand it you were due to partake in some rugby or something. I’m not very familiar with that so I thought that since we don’t often have mixed sessions, it would be great to do something where you work with the girls.”

“Oh no,” I thought. Judging by the looks on their faces the girls weren’t too pleased about it either. They pulled Miss Jayne aside and I could hear they were concerned about the length of their kits with us boys being in such close proximity.

“Yes, I’m glad you reminded me,” Miss Jayne said. Turning to us she announced, “The girls are a bit embarrassed at having to wear their kits in front of you. I personally think they are making a big deal out of nothing because I know that you boys are very decent and true gentlemen and have no intention of ‘perving’ on the girls – as they put it. But to move things forward quicker and stop the girls making such a fuss, it would be best if you boys do not wear anything for this gym class. That way you can prove to the girls that you are not looking at them with any sexual intent and don’t have erections.

I was mortified. The other boys were silent no doubt astounded too. The girls were also perplexed as this wasn’t quite the solution they were looking for but Miss Jayne wasn’t finished, “Girls, the boys will prove that you have nothing to worry about them seeing you in various states of undress but it is only fair that if the boys are completely naked, then you should be too.”

The look of horror on their faces was clear for everyone but Miss Jayne to read. Completely clueless to the situation Miss Jayne continued, “We’ll what are you all waiting for? Go and get changed! And be quick about it.”

We all went into our respective changing rooms and not a word was said between us guys. I emerged with the rest of them to see the girls already out standing in a line naked, shyly covering their bodies with their hands.

We started to do the same but Miss Jayne said, “Boys, if you cover up, you cannot prove to the girls you are not thinking about anything sexual. And girls, if the boys go uncovered then so do you.” The girls grit their teeth letting their hands fall away revealing their breasts and pussies to us.

I couldn’t help but look for Emily. Like the rest of the girls she was focused on the floor too shy to look up. She looked like and angel just standing there naked. She had an amazing body. Her tits looked so firm and with not a hair on her pussy I could see the lovely shape of her vagina clearly.

“Don’t get hard! Don’t get hard!” I had to tell myself again.

Miss Jayne made us all separate and move about the gym. Somehow I ended up stood right next to Emily and I couldn’t believe it! My heart began to race. Miss Jayne said that we boys were going to make ourselves useful and help the girls with their exercises which was very handy as usually she could not provide one on one attention to make sure the girls were all okay.

The girls had to choose a partner and as I was already next to her, Emily looked right at me with a slight embarrassed smile. That smile melted my heart which I could now feel pounding even harder in my chest. I was trying so hard to stay calm and not panic. I forced myself to think of something to say to her, “…I’m… A… A… Adam.”

“I know,” she replied with a slightly bigger smile. Then she moved even closer to me whispering into my ear, “This is really embarrassing isn’t it?!”

I felt elated that she confided to me what she was truly feeling. I replied with the first thing the popped into my head, “Yeah! I have no pockets to put my hands in.”

I didn’t intend it too, but that remark made her laugh. As she did so, her plump breasts jiggled erotically making my own laugh turn into a slight grimace.

“Don’t get hard, don’t get hard!”

She seemed to have loosened up a bit after our brief interaction. Miss Jayne wanted to start the class, “Right girls! We’ll begin with some light stretching. Get the blue mats and rolls and find a space with your partner.”

The gym was large enough for each couple to have their own little area. We went to one side by the grey wall. Miss Jayne began coaching the girls with stretches they should do eventually moving on to a wide open legged crouch.

01-emily-crouch-rrEmily kept constant eye contact with me and I was trying hard just to focus on her face and not look down her body. After a few more simple stretches, Miss Jayne told the girls to perform an advanced manoeuvre by balancing their lower backs on the roll and raising their legs up in the air.

02-emily-legs-upNow Emily could no longer see my face I couldn’t help but look over her body and could not believe I had this beautiful naked girl so close to me. She tried to shift her view so she could see me and I thought I shouldn’t make things anymore awkward for her. I tried to find somewhere else to look but then Miss Jayne had an instruction for us, “Boys, pay close attention to what your partner is doing! She is about to perform something tricky and may need your guidance. Girls, spread your legs as wide as you can and try to remain balanced.”

The girls were horrified about doing this knowing they would be giving us a full view of their pussies and were very hesitant but Miss Jayne, oblivious to the way the girls were feeling told them to hurry up as we didn’t have all day. Reluctantly the girls complied and I couldn’t help but take in the amazing view of Emily.


She struggled a bit but she managed it very well. I wasn’t managing though. As she spread her legs, the lips of her pussy parted and her vulva opened slightly. The sight of her vagina splayed like that sent a surge of blood to my dick and I just couldn’t help but get hard. And I wasn’t the only one. One of the other girls called to Miss Jayne about her partner, “Look Miss! He has a huge erection! All the boys have one!!

All the girls stood up and Miss Jayne surveyed the room looking at us with our hard dicks throbbing. She came to only one conclusion, “That’s because you girls are being too suggestive with your leg spreading! Do not spread your legs in such a sexual manner! Honestly girls! Why do you always have to make things so difficult?! The boys are well mannered and had no sexual desires towards you. But now I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys have erections for the rest of the session because of the way you girls have been teasing them with your vaginas! You should all apologise to your partner for making him erect.”

The girls wanted to protest about the cause of our hard-ons and apologising to us but Miss Jayne stopped them, “If you girls continue this nonsense we will never get to the end. Apologise now and we can move on.”

The girls wanting to be rid of this embarrassing situation as fast as possible just decided not to argue and hurry through everything.

Emily looked at my taught dick then looked at me, “Sorry for… making you… hard.” she said not quite sure if that was correct.

“That’s okay,” I said, feeling the best thing to do was go along with what Miss Jayne had said, “I know you didn’t mean it,” I added. She seemed to like the recognition that she was innocent in this.

Miss Jayne was right about one thing though; there was no way this erection was going down anytime soon. I was actually quite pleased I no longer had to fight it. I could see Emily sneaking glances at it too when she thought I wasn’t looking. She let her hair down from its ponytail, covering her face to help hid her glances.

“Ok girls,” Miss Jayne yelled, “put the mats away and get out the gym balls.” They did as asked and the girls were all soon sitting on large black gym balls. Miss Jayne instructed them further, “We will be doing more balance exercises. Face your partner and place your arms behind your back.”


Some of the girls including Emily began to bounce on the ball slightly. This caused Emily’s tits to sway and bob with the movement making my aching dick twitch. This caught her eye and this time she saw me looking at her looking at my dick. She bit her lip and looked away shyly.

“Ok girls,” Miss Jayne continued, “lie on your back on the ball. Let the ball support your weight. I don’t want you to use your hands to balance so keep your hands on your chest. If you feel you are going to roll off, steady yourself with your legs. Separate them for better stability. If you still feel unstable, your partner will hold onto your arms.”

Emily and the girls got into the position. I complemented her on how quick she was able to do this which made her smile a little.


The only problem now was in order to hold her arms I had to move very close to her and my stiff twitching dick was now hovering over her face. She was trying not to look but had nowhere else to avert her eyes. The sight of her hands on her chest squeezing her tits together slightly made my cock twitch more which pumped some precum out my cock head. A stringy strand oozed onto her face. I was so embarrassed and was about to say something when she suddenly said, “I’m sorry for making you aroused again. I’m not doing it on purpose, I promise.”

She was genuinely concerned she may be blamed for this. She wiped my precum off her cheek with the back of her hand and not sure what to do with it, wiped it on her leg. This time I didn’t know what to say back.

“Ok girls! Next, lie on the ball on your stomach and stretch your arms and point your toes as far in either direction as they will go. And boys, please watch your partner closely to make sure she is okay,” Miss Jayne commanded.

As I looked on, Emily bent over the ball and looked back to see if I was watching.


Miss Jayne wasn’t quite satisfied, “No girls! Move forward on the ball more. Get your butts right up into the air.”

Still embarrassed by the situation, the girls shyly did as asked.


The site of her cute butt in my face was incredible! My dick jerked and leaked more precum but this time I wasn’t close enough to get it on her thankfully.

Miss Jayne continued coaching, “Right! This will be getting more difficult now. Spread your legs as wide as you can and try to retain your balance. But please remember girls, the boys are right behind you and they can see everything! I do not want to see you spread your legs in an explicitly sexual manner! I’m sure with all the shameful teasing you girls have been giving the boys, some of them must be close to ejaculating which wouldn’t be their fault”.

I couldn’t see their faces but you could tell the girls were struggling to figure out how to spread their legs as wide as possible without it looking sexual. After a moment, Emily separated her legs very slowly and they just kept getting wider and wider apart.


Her pussy was absolutely amazing. I felt my dick twitch and jerk even more and I just could not stop looking at her sweet vagina and butt hole.

Miss Jayne interrupted my thoughts bellowing, “Good girls, good! Now roll yourselves forwards so that you are only using your hands for support. Raise your feet off the floor and keep your legs apart to help you balance.”

Emily looked back and this time it was my turn to be caught looking at the mesmerizingly beautiful sight between her legs.


She was a bit embarrassed catching me staring. We both were to be honest. Thankfully, Miss Jayne continued with her instructions which broke the awkwardness between us, “Nearly at the end now girls! Roll forward slightly and bend your knees allowing your partner to hold on to your ankles for greater support.”

She found this a bit more difficult but got there in the end.

“Well done!” I told her which boosted her confidence a bit and made her smile.



As I held her ankles I had to complement her on how soft her skin was. She thanked me smiling more. My mind started to wonder what the rest of her skin would feel like if only I could slide my hands all over her body.

“Remember girls!” Miss Jayne interrupted my thoughts again but this time the rest of the boys and I weren’t prepared for what she was about to say, “Remember, the boys can see everything while they are holding your legs for you so please no unnecessary movements. I don’t want you gyrating your hips and thrusting your bottoms and vaginas in their faces. And please girls be decent and do not allow yourselves to becomes sexually excited. With the boys so close to you they will easily be able to see your vaginas glisten with wetness and some of the boys will probably be able to smell the sweet aroma your vagina will give off if you become wet. You’ve already made the boys highly excited against their will and it’s a miracle none of them have ejaculated all over you yet.”

The girls were cringing hearing Miss Jayne talk about them like this with us present. And yes, some of us were close to cumming and what she said wasn’t helping. Finally though, Miss Jayne said we were done. We packed up the balls and the girls were trying to make a quick exit to the changing rooms but Miss Jayne stopped them, “Girls! How rude of you! The boys spent their time helping you out and you’re just going to rush off without thanking them?! Give them a big hug to show your appreciation!”

Both we and the girls were a bit unsure about this as we still had raging erections with many of us had clingy precum trickling from our dicks. The girls approached us slowly with their eyes dropping to our taught cocks as they got closer. I was trying to tell myself to keep it together but as Emily reached in close and I wrapped my arms around her naked feminine frame, the feel of her warm soft body against mine and natural scent of her skin as I buried my nose in her neck and inhaled deeply flooded my senses. With my dick squashed against her stomach, more precum oozed out my cock lubricating it against her belly. The sweet sensation of my dick rubbing against her – I couldn’t help it, I came moaning and gently thrusting against her.

As my senses came back I was suddenly aware of Miss Jayne standing right next to me with a scowl on her face. “Emily! Look what you made him do! I said to hug him not hump him!”

Then I heard some of the other boys moaning followed by gaps from the girls. Some of the girls moved away from their partners with gooey strands of cum trickling down their bodies.

“You girls are absolutely outrageous! After everything I’ve said about not deliberately exciting the boys you completely go against everything by making them cum. Disgraceful! This will be on your reports!”