Pretty Girl of the Day, November 14, 2013

I love Dare Day! It’s just once a month, and all the dorms compete. The Dean of Students does the judging, at random times throughout the day. He just goes up to a girl he thinks is wearing something particularly daring, and asks her what dorm she lives in. There’s no prize or anything, just the prestige of winning.


Each Dare Day has a theme. Today’s theme is beachwear — bathing suits, coverups, and the like. Lots of girls will be wearing string bikinis. Some will be topless. Some will even be naked, but honestly, what could these girls be thinking? There’s nothing daring about going to class naked. Here’s my idea: a sexy one-piece bathing suit. Do you like it?

As bathing suits go, this one is actually pretty decent. The bottom is essentially a thong, covering my pretty little butt hole with a black strap that nestles between my cheeks. In front, there are a pair of straps that almost cover my pussy. Of course, if you’re looking up at me, my pussy isn’t completely covered, justĀ almostĀ covered. That’s what makes it daring, of course!


When I want to be a little sexy, I’ll just let my legs separate a tad. Oops!


The funnest thing about this bathing suit is the freedom I feel when I’m wearing it. It’s fully decent whenever I keep my legs together, while at the same time, whenever I feel horny, I can spread my legs and pleasure myself without taking off any clothing.


Can you tell I’ve been satisfying my feminine needs? I didn’t think so. When I’m finished, I just put my legs back together again, and (as long as you’re not looking up at me, you sneaky bastard) you won’t see my pussy, and so you won’t be able to tell how excited I am.


Do you think our dorm will win today? I sure hope so! Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, November 14, 2013

  1. Greg

    Well that days pretty girl looks pretty, but I don’t find her onepiece swimsuit daring at all. Just an ordinary swimsuit you wear all day at the beach or (indoor) pool).


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