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Archived: Bottomless Feast (exhib, MF)

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Bottomless Feast (exhib, MF)

Where is Donna? Crysta thought.  She was supposed to meet Crysta at their dorm room for dinner, but she was already half an hour late.  This is the monthly “bottomless feast” at the dining hall, where all the guests arrive bottomless, and a contest is held to see who is wearing the shortest “decent” dress or shirt.  “decent” means it covers at least some part of the sex organ.  The feast and the contest is open to both boys and girls, and it’s very popular, so it’s hard to find a seat.

Crysta has been disappointed that she never won this competition, so she was wearing her shortest outfit yet — a belly shirt with fringe that comes down to her clean-shaven pussy to satisfy the requirement that part of it be covered.

Half an hour late, Donna finally arrived at the girls’ dorm room.  She took off her thong panties, and threw them on the floor.  She took in a breath as she felt the breeze between her legs.  She felt very uncomfortable without any panties, and constantly worried that her pussy would be on display.  But she didn’t want to disappoint her roommate, whom she knew had been looking forward to this evening all month.  She pushed the hem of her dress against her pussy to gauge the coverage — it came down exactly even with her pussy.  “Let’s go,” she said, and started for the door before she lost her nerve.  She knew the back of her dress came down exactly even with her butt hole, leaving the bottoms of her cheeks exposed.  And if she forgot to keep her legs together, her pussy would be clearly visible from the back.  This was Donna’s first time to the feast, which made her even more nervous.  These thoughts made her feel both horribly exposed and at the same time very excited, and she took comfort from the knowledge that she would be in the company of many bottomless boys and girls this evening.

Together, the two beautiful girls left their room, ready and primed for adventure.  “Hi, Bob,” Donna said as she passed him in the hallway.  Bob saw Crysta’s naked pussy and ass, but only caught a glimpse of Donna’s pussy as she swept by, the back of her dress flapping with each step.  What foxes, he thought as he inhaled their mingled fragrances.

The girls looked stunning as they arrived at the entrance to the dining hall.  Each was wearing a tiny dress with high-heel shoes, outfits that accentuated their long legs.  A host, dressed in a neatly tailored uniform, stood at the entrance.  “Good evening, ladies,” he said.

“Good evening, sir,” the girls said in unison, then giggled.

“If you will lift your dress, please, miss,” he said to Donna.

“What?” Donna said, stalling for time.  Her heart was racing.  People were standing around, watching.  She expected her pussy to stay mostly covered.

“I’m sorry miss,” he said, “but it is necessary to ensure all guests are bottomless.”

“I know it’s silly,” said Donna, “but I’m a little shy because my…” She searched for the right word and finding it, lowered her voice to a whisper, “pussy,” She caught her breath, then forged on, “is, well, shaved clean, and I feel sort of embarrassed for people to see it.”

“I understand,” he said.

“Oh, thank you,” Donna said.  “I appreciate that.”  She relaxed a bit, taking his understanding as assurance she wouldn’t have to show her pussy in public.

“Will you spread your legs apart, please?”

“What??” Donna said, incredulous.

“I will respect your wish not to let people see your shaved pussy, so I will do a manual check that you are bottomless.”

“No wait, I’ll show you.”  She took a deep breath, then closed her eyes and raised her dress.  Somehow she thought if she closed her eyes that no one would see her, but she knew that was nonsense.  Still, it’s better not to see them seeing her.

“Very well, ladies, enjoy your dinner.  Please take this information card, and take a moment to look it over.”  He handed each girl a card that lists “do’s and don’ts” for the dinner.

Donna was shocked at the rules.  “Oh my gosh, Crysta, it says by entering the premises we give permission for intimate touching.”

Crysta read the next rule, “I like this one, Donna.  It says that girls do not need to ask boys’ permission before sucking on their dicks, but boys need to permission before inserting their dicks into any other person.”

Donna relaxed a bit when she heard this rule.  “At least I won’t be violated beyond touching, because I can always withhold my permission.”

Crysta replied, “Don’t be so sure, Donna.  You might end up giving ‘permission’ before the night is over, whether you like it or not!”  She made little quote marks in the air with her fingers.

This worried Donna.  Feeling suddenly vulnerable, she put her hand over her pussy, and found it was very wet.  The thought of being so vulnerable to unwanted advances somehow excited her even as it repulsed her.  But before she could ask Crysta how she might be coerced into giving ‘permission’ the master of ceremonies began speaking.

He was wearing a dinner jacket, and nothing else.  Donna put her hand over her mouth as she noticed his large dick hanging down below the bottom of his jacket.  He raised a microphone to his mouth.  “Welcome, boys and girls, to the bottomless feast!”  The crowd cheered.  “But before we begin, I want to make sure you all know the ground rules.”  The crowd quieted down, although a murmur of conversation could be heard.  Apparently, many in the crowd had heard these rules before, and so they weren’t paying attention now.  But Donna was rapt.  “Touching with any part of your body is fair game — you don’t need permission to do it.  But boys, touching anyone else with your dick is not allowed without their permission.  And this goes for everyone: there will be no inserting of objects into another person without their permission.  Now, let me say a word or two about ‘permission’.  Girls, to give permission to be entered from the front, you don’t need to say anything.  All you have to do is get yourself ready.  That means very slippery.  Boys, since touching is allowed at all times, you should touch a girl first to make sure she is giving permission to be entered before you actually enter.  Girls, to give permission to be entered from behind, again, you needn’t say anything.  Just make sure your asshole is properly lubricated, and permission is granted.  Are there any questions?”

The murmur of conversation continued.  Apparently there weren’t any questions.  But Donna was stunned.  She had no idea that ‘permission’ was granted just by being ready.  She felt her pussy, and realized it was wet, and wondered if someone would come and rape her.  It just isn’t fair, she thought, and that thought just made her wetter.  The more she thought about it, the madder she got, until finally, she spoke up.  “Yes, I have a question,” she said.

Surprised, the MC said, “uh, yes?”  He wasn’t used to questions after his spiel.

“Suppose I don’t want to give permission,” Donna began.  Crysta moved away from Donna and buried her head in her hands, she was so embarrassed.

“Come on up here, young lady,” said the MC.  “Give her a hand, folks!”  People started clapping.  Donna got up reluctantly, and stood next to him.  “You’re very pretty.  What’s your name?”

“Donna,” she said shyly.  She tugged nervously on the hem of her tiny dress.

“Will you lift your dress, so we can all see your pussy, Donna?”

A surge of emotion jolted her — a mixture of horror, excitement, and embarrassment.  She regretted opening her big mouth.  A cheer went up in the audience.  She felt her pussy swelling with anticipation of everyone seeing it because she knew they would.  She didn’t see any way to avoid the inevitable.  Slowly she lifted her dress, and everyone saw her pussy.  She recoiled as the MC put his hand on it, but then she remembered he didn’t need permission for touching.  He stroked it slowly up and down, and said, “You don’t have anything to worry about, Donna.  You can always withhold permission by simply not getting wet.”  But she felt herself getting wetter and wetter as he gently stroked her pussy, her inner thighs, and her buttocks.  He is very good at this, she thought, and she spread her legs apart, just a bit, because it felt sooo good.

Then just as she thought she might cum, the MC stopped his ministrations, thanked Donna for the question, and sent her back to her seat.  “She’s ready, boys,” he said into the microphone, much to Donna’s embarrassment.  Feeling the eyes of the crowd on her, she covered her face (but she left her legs apart, because she was so excited, she couldn’t help it).  After a minute, she looked up, and noticed the MC’s dick was long and hard.  Apparently she had turned him on just by getting excited herself, and that made her feel better.  At least she wasn’t alone in her excitement, and, in fact, his excitement was more visible and more embarrassing for him than hers was.

The MC went on, oblivious to his own hard-on: “Before we sit down to dinner, we’ll play a few warm-up games.”  The crowd cheered again.  Apparently they knew what was coming.  “For the first game, I’ll need two volunteers.”  Immediately, several people headed toward center stage.  The MC picked two girls, and sent everyone else back to their seats.  One girl wore a thin tank-top minidress, and the other wore a solid blue T-shirt.  The MC said, “This is a contest to try to avoid cumming, girls.  So do your best to think non-sexual thoughts.  May I have my helpers, please?”  Two girls appeared, both wearing black shiny shorts, and nothing else.  One helper went to each of the girls, and stood before her.  At the same time, the helpers began massaging the legs and buttocks of the two volunteers.  The helpers lifted the girls’ dresses off, leaving them naked.  They massaged the girls’ breasts, buttocks, and pussies.  They were obviously having an effect, even as the girls tried not to get excited.  Before long, one of the girls came, and the MC said, “we have a winner!” and held up the hand of the girl who didn’t come.  To the loser, he said, “sorry, honey, but you know your punishment.”  She said yes, but she didn’t seem sad about it, so Donna figured the punishment couldn’t be all that bad.  A spotlight followed the loser as she made her way to a stock, which Donna recognized from a history of 18th century New England.  She put her head and hands in the stock, and spread her legs apart.  “Five minutes in the stock,” said the MC.  Donna was horrified as boys lined up behind her, and took turns fucking her.

Donna said to Crysta, “It’s not fair that she has to just stand there and get fucked, like that.”

Crysta said, “You play the game, and you take your chances.  She’s taking it well, don’t worry about her.”

Donna agreed that she didn’t seem to broken up over her punishment, but she was worried she wouldn’t take it so well if she were punished.

As if reading her thoughts, Crysta said, “Donna, everyone has to participate in at least one game — it’s an unwritten rule.  And the early games are the easiest.  You’re better off if you volunteer before dinner.”

The MC said, “For the next game, I’ll need five boys and five girls.  In this game there will be two winners — a boy and a girl.  Donna, you’re not going to disappoint us, are you?  Come on up here.”  The crowd cheered.  Donna remembered what Crysta said, and figured she might as well get it over with, and got up.  But she wasn’t going to do this alone, so she grabbed Crysta by the hand, and Crysta joined her.  Three other girls and five boys went up to the MC.  Donna noticed her friend Billy was one of the boys.  I hope he wins, she thought.  I hope he wins with me, she added, in her mind.

The MC said, “Now make a big circle for these folks.”  The crowd parted, and make a large ring.  Five helpers, all girls, appeared.  They were wearing black strapless bras and micro-miniskirts. The miniskirts were made from a thin strip of material, tied in the back.  Donna couldn’t help getting even more excited when she noticed their assholes weren’t covered, and their pussies could be seen from the rear, too.  One by one, the helpers took off their bras, and fastened them around the girls’ heads as blindfolds.  Their breasts are gorgeous, Crysta though, just before everything went dark.  Then, one by one, the helpers took off their miniskirts, revealing completely shaved pussies.  The miniskirts were fastened around the boys’ heads.  The helpers also helped themselves to a feel of the boys’ members as they worked.  Each boy developed a hard-on, and the helper lifted their shirts up so their dicks were fully visible to the crowd.

The MC said, “Now, if you haven’t guessed already, the game goes like this:  The first boy to cum wins, and the girl he’s with is a winner too.  But the contestants are not allowed to talk, and they are not allowed to touch themselves.  Any talking or self-touching will result in that participant being ejected from the game.  If one of them wanders out of the ring, the spectators may take their clothes off, and send them back into the ring.”

Donna worried about wandering out of the ring and losing her dress, the only thing between her pussy and total humiliation.  Donna felt her pussy getting wetter just thinking about it as the game began.  For a minute or so, she slowly and carefully wandered about, afraid she would go too close to the perimeter of the ring.  She tried to gauge the level of cheering and clapping to stay away from the edge.

Without warning, a great roar of yelling and applause came from the crowd.  One of the naked helpers entered the ring, her hand full of K-Y jelly.  One by one, she smeared the K-Y on the assholes of the girls in the ring.  “Ooh!” each one said as she was surprised by the cool, slippery glop on her asshole.  The MC reminded the girls not to touch themselves.  Donna realized this meant she wouldn’t be able to remove the jelly from her asshole, which left her vulnerable to rear entry.  One of the boys came upon Donna, and tried to feel under her dress.  She was afraid he would feel the K-Y jelly and take that as permission to enter, so she got down on her knees, and took his dick in her hands.  As she held it, it became firm in her hands.  She licked it like an ice cream cone, and then put it in her mouth.  His dick was now rock hard, and Donna felt she had a good chance of winning the contest.  She was so focused on sucking this boy’s dick that she hardly noticed that some other boy had found her slippery asshole.  He knelt behind her, and shoved his dick up her.  Feeling helpless to prevent the violation (she had, after all, given ‘permission’) she tried to ignore the ass-fucking she was getting, and focused on making the boy in front of her cum.  Before long, her plan paid off.  The boy came in her mouth, and she came at the same time.  She released him, and let him continue cumming on her face.  At exactly the same time, the boy behind her came, too.  He pulled out, and came on her ass cheeks as her pussy pulsed with excitement.  All three people came at exactly the same time.

The MC said, “Boys and girls, this is a first for the Bottomless Feast — a tie!  There’s no rule to cover this, so I’ll make it up as I go along: there will be a run-off.  Whichever one of these boys can cum again will be the winner.”  Donna stood up, still woozy from cumming, and started to wander around aimlessly.  Unfortunately, she wandered out of the ring, and was discovered by a horny boy with a raging hard-on, which he wasn’t even trying to hide under his shirt.  He took off her dress and wrapped his arms around her.  He stuck his dick in her pussy and fucked her.  She knew she had no grounds on which to object, her pussy being so wet and all, so she just let herself be entered, and took her fucking in good spirits.  The boy came inside her, and let her go.  With mingled feelings of satisfaction, desire, and even guilt for having enjoyed being raped, she continued wandering around in a daze.

She came upon another girl, and she had lost her dress, too.  After a little exploration, she recognized her roommate, Crysta, and hugged her.  She was so happy to be with someone who wouldn’t take advantage of her, she kissed her.  Crysta kissed back passionately.  The two girls went at it as if they hadn’t had sex in a year.  Both girls spread their legs apart, and rubbed each others’ inner thighs and ass cheeks as they continued to kiss.  Before long, they were on their knees, still kissing and fondling each other.  One of the boys discovered the pair, and entered Crysta from the rear.  It about two strokes for Crysta to cum, and another three or four for the boy to cum, too.

“We have our winners!” declared the MC.  Donna and Crysta took off their blindfolds and saw the boy whose hand was being raised by the MC.  She was happy to see it was her friend, Billy.  Then the MC took both the girls’ hands, and raised them as well.  “We have three winners!” he declared.

Billy and the two girls exited the circle, and found some seats.  “Where are your dresses?” he asked.

Donna suddenly felt very naked.  She covered her breasts, but, uncharacteristically, she left her legs spread apart, her bright pink pussy still very wet and open.  She was still basking in the afterglow of the game.  “Yes, I should cover up,” she said.

“And I need my dress for the fashion show later on,” Crysta said.  “I’ll get our clothes back.”  With that, she got up, and made her way through the crowd.  Soon, she spotted a boy who had both dresses, and he was smiling at her.  She approached him, and asked for the dresses.

“It’s not that easy,” he said.  First, for your friend’s dress, you’ll need to suck my dick.  No problem, Crysta thought.  He’s a cute boy.  The boy stood up, and she got on her knees, and moved her face in between his legs.  She lifted his shirt, and noticed his dick was soft, so she licked it gently.   Then she licked his balls as she slid her finger gently between his ass cheeks.  He parted his legs to give her easier access.  She enjoyed his hairless body.  Before long, his dick was fully erect.  It didn’t take long after that to finish the job.  He was true to his word.  “Here’s your friend’s dress,” he said as he handed it to her.

“OK, and for my dress?  What do I have to do for that?”  Crysta inquired.

“Nothing,” he replied.  “Except stand on this table,” he motioned to the table nearby, “and cum.”

Crysta hesitated, not fully comprehending the boy.

“Your friend will kneel behind you and lick your asshole and you will cum.  There’s only one rule — she’s not allowed to touch your pussy.  Do you think you can do it?”

Crysta was never one to shy away from a challenge.  She motioned Donna to come over to her.  She explained the challenge to her friend, who seemed doubtful.  “Don’t worry, Donna, I’m sure I can do it, with your help.”  Crysta took off her shoes, got on the table, and stood up.  The crowd got quiet when they saw the naked girl on the table.  Donna, still naked herself, felt all the eyes on her, and decided she might as well get this over with.  She got on the table and knelt behind her friend.  Crysta spread her legs apart as far as she could, and leaned slightly forward, revealing her asshole and pussy to everyone standing behind her.  Donna stroked her friend’s thighs, and cheeks, and then with both hands, she reached between Crysta’s legs and rubbed her belly.  This brought Donna’s face just inches from Crysta’s asshole, so she took that opportunity to begin licking it.  It tasted sweet, as she remembered it.  She pressed her nose between Crysta’s cheeks and forced her tongue through her roommate’s sphincter.  Then she licked from the bottom of Crysta’s vagina to the top of her ass crack, back and forth, again and again.  She rubbed her inner thighs and belly.  She rubbed and licked everything except Crysta’s wide open bright red vagina.  Crysta began breathing heavily, her large breasts bobbing.  After a few minutes Crysta’s vagina began pulsing.  Crysta said, “please, please finish me!” and cried out with every breath.  Donna worked harder and harder, oblivious to the fact that her own pussy was swollen and wet (as everyone could see).  (An enterprising red-headed boy noticed Donna’s pussy was bopping up and down near the edge of the table, so he stood on a chair, lifted his shirt and positioned his hard dick so Donna’s wet pussy touched the tip of his dick every time she bounced.  Donna felt the red-head’s dick on her wet pussy, and it felt good.  She paused momentarily to let him enter her, but continued licking and sucking lest her friend lose her orgasm.  The boy came inside her, while Donna tried to remain focused on her main objective.)  Within another few seconds, Crysta let out a long wail, and her pussy pulsed visibly.  It was clear to everyone that she had a very public orgasm.  The boy who had taken the girls’ dresses, true to his word, gave Crysta her dress.  Crysta paused to don her dress, then gave him a long slow kiss on his erect dick to thank him for being such a gentleman, and then pulled his shirt neatly over it to cover him up.

The girls, now suitably attired, returned to their seats just as dinner was served.

author: Richard Hertz