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Dress Code – Short Skirt (archives)

Dress Code – Short Skirt

Jane was so excited about her new outfit — a sexy top and matching skirt, but she was a little scared to wear it in public, because the skirt was so short, so she went to Crysta for some advice, wearing her new outfit.

“Hi Jane!” Crysta was bubbling over with joy, which is why so many people sought out her company.

Jane immediately felt at ease, not just because Crysta was so friendly, but also because Crysta was completely bottomless in her baby doll dress. “Hi, Crysta.” The girls kissed, in a slow, lingering way, and hugged gently.

Crysta sensed something was wrong. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

Jane let out a sigh. “It’s just, oh, I don’t know.” She fingered her tiny skirt nervously.

Crysta approached her friend and put an arm on her shoulder. “You look terrific in this outfit,” she said. She let her arm slide down Jane’s naked back, coming to rest just above the waist of her minidress.

“You don’t think my skirt is too short?” she asked.

Crysta smoothed Jane’s skirt against her firm, round cheeks, and let her fingers caress the parts of Jane’s cheeks not quite covered by the skirt. “Not at all! Is that what’s bothering you?”

Jane laughed nervously. “Well, I’m worried that I’m not, you know, covered up enough. That people will, I don’t know, see me or something.”

Crysta grabbed her cell phone off her desk and pointed it at Jane. “Let me take your picture, and show you. You’ll see: you have nothing to worry about.

Jane posed for her picture.


Crysta huddled with her friend, and stroked her butt as she showed her the picture. “See? You’re one hundred percent decent!”

“From the front, maybe. But what about from the side. I mean, people are all around me. Some people might get a view from a vantage point I’m not happy about.”

“A *vantage* point?” Crysta asked, laughing. “What kind of books have we been reading?” She patted Jane on the butt playfully, and stroked her inner thigh.

“Just take another picture,” Jane said.

Crysta lowered the camera phone to waist height and snapped another picture.


When the girls looked at the picture, Jane said, “See? You can see my whole butt. It’s like my skirt isn’t even there!”

“What are you talking about? I only see a tiny bit of each cheek, no more than every other girl on campus. Your skirt covers you right down to here…” Crysta drew an imaginary line across Jane’s butt to demonstrate the hem of her short skirt.

“So I’m covered, then?”

“You’re covered.”

Jane didn’t seem convinced. “OK, look,” Crysta said. “I know it’s a close call, but you really are covered. I’ll take one more picture to prove it to you. Turn around.”

Jane wasn’t sure this was such a good idea, but she did as Crysta asked, and Crysta snapped the picture.


“There!” Jane said as soon as the picture flashed on Crysta’s phone. “You can see my pussy under the skirt!”

Crysta bent her head to get a closer look at the picture, and Jane did the same. As the girls gazed at jane’s beautiful backside, Crysta absently stroked Jane’s naked cheeks, tracing along her beautifully curved butt crack to the top of her inner thigh. She stroked Jane from her asshole to her pussy, and then along her thigh back to her asshole.

“No, you can’t,” Crysta said, after staring at the picture a long time. “All you can see is the bottom half of a gorgeous ass, and the butt crack in between. This is a really great outfit, and you would be crazy not to wear it in public.”

Jane put her head closer to Crysta’s as the girls continued to stare intently at Jane’s photo. She spread her legs absently, because Crysta was still gently stroking between her legs. She felt herself getting wet, but she didn’t say anything — it was too embarrassing. Besides, Crysta didn’t intend anything sexual between them, she was just being friendly. Besides, it felt nice to be stroked so gently. Jane rested her head on Crysta’s shoulder. “You’re right, Crysta. I’m just being paranoid, I guess. This has been quite a relief.”

“A relief?” Crysta asked.

“Yes, because I really wanted to wear this outfit, but I was just afraid.” She gently stroked Crysta’s abdomen, below her very short baby doll dress, but stopping short of her pussy. “Now, after you’ve taken my picture from all different angles, I see you’re right — I have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m so happy for you,” Crysta said. And she was genuinely happy she had helped Jane feel comfortable in her new outfit. She put away her camera and faced Jane directly. She put her arms around the beautiful girl, and kissed her firmly on her open mounth. Jane responded. Did she ever. The girls kissed hard for several minutes before falling hard onto Crysta’s bed.

Outfits like this give us inspectors a terrible time. We can see she isn’t wearing a bra or panties, but the problem is whether to classify her top as a dress. The string are wrapped below her navel,and the ends dangle far below her pelvic bone and tailbone.

What I find best is to issue the summons for a hearing, take the outfit, and allow the judges to make the ruling. Unfortunately for girls like Jane, they will have to do without their outfit until the official ruling from the judges.

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