Grievance Procedure

It is recognized that the College has an obligation to treat all students fairly.  Our College Rules and Regulations are designed to be fair and just.  They contain proper checks and balances to ensure that, for the most part, the proper behavior is strongly encouraged, and all the students can participate happily in the campus experience. However, on occasion, it is possible for a student to feel that she has not been treated fairly.  Thus it is the purpose of this procedure to give her a venue in which she can address her concerns so that she once again be a happy participant in the College experience.

Unfounded Grievances

Some girls just don’t like the College’s rules.  For them, too bad.  The purpose of the Grievance Procedure is to address complaints that the rules are applied unfairly or that they weren’t followed properly in her particular case.  But if you want to get the rules changed, the Grievance Procedure is not the way to go about it.  Sorry.

To help a girl discern the difference between valid and unfounded grievances, the following examples of proper conduct on the part of College officials should put her mind to rest:

Arbitrary Stripping and Forced Nudity: All girls are subject to voluntary inspection at any time.  It doesn’t matter how they are dressed, or how late they are for class.  If a girl is stopped by an Inspector, and asked to remove her clothing, she is expected to voluntarily comply with that request.  It is true that Inspections can be sudden and capricious, and catch a girl off-guard.  A girl must be mentally prepared to be modestly attired one minute, and stark naked the next.  She should also prepare by ensuring she adheres to all the regulations of the Dress Code.  In particular, she must not wear panties under any other clothing, and she is expected to be clean-shaven at all times.  Although there is no shame in being stripped in public, and having your classmates ogle your naked body, the College recognizes that some girls find this experience mildly uncomfortable.  That’s why inspections are limited to no more than five minutes in duration.  Rather than being upset, a girl should be proud to standing as a naked reminder to her classmates that the College is serious about the Dress Code, and that it is strictly enforced.  A complaint that a girl was stripped and humiliated in an arbitrary or capricious way is considered an unfounded grievance.

Profiling: Girls wearing longer dresses tend to be inspected more often.  If you want to call this “profiling” then go ahead.  But it’s logical that an Inspector would not strip a girl who is obviously obeying the Dress Code.  Girls wearing crotch-length dresses are not likely to risk wearing panties, because under a dress that short, the panties would certainly be seen.  So these girls are rarely inspected.  A girl wearing a longer dress, for example one that completely covers her butt, would be much more likely to be singled out for inspection.  Girls know this, of course, so over the course of a year, the fraction of girls who wear such long dresses dwindles.  Those who continue to dress this way will naturally be inspected more and more often as the year progresses.  The College acknowledges that profiling has the unintended side-effect of encouraging girls to wear shorter dresses to reduce their likelihood of being inspected.  However, we feel the perceived need to wear more revealing clothing represents only a minor inconvenience, and that most girls adapt quickly to wearing very short dresses.  Any complaint that a girl is unfairly targeted for stripping is an unfounded grievance.  Any complaint that a girl feels coerced to wear a dress too short for her to feel comfortable is likewise an unfounded grievance.

Frivolous Claims

To ensure valid grievances are given proper attention, it is necessary to ensure frivolous claims are weeded out as early as possible in the process.  To this end, the process has been designed to include intentional hurdles or obstacles that will dissuade all but the most earnest victims from coming forward.

Filing a Claim

The Grievance Claims Office is open for the students’ convenience from noon to 1 PM each weekday.  The office is located in the Administration Building.  Each day, the girls who intend to file a grievance are expected to line up outside the building.  Girls must present themselves in the nude in order to file an application.  Other students, both boys and girls may wait with the naked girls, and need not be naked if they do not wish to present a grievance.  Although naked girls are subject to being fondled as permitted by the College Code of Conduct, the girls waiting to file their grievances should refrain from cumming.  If a girl has an orgasm while waiting on this line, she is expected to relinquish her place on the line, and join the back of the line.  An unscrupulous girl may think she can take advantage of this rule by fondling and kissing the other naked girls on line.  They are not permitted to resist, according to the rules of the College Code of Conduct.  If the unscrupulous girl makes each of the girls before her cum without cumming herself, then she could make her way to the front of the line.  In practice, this behavior doesn’t work well, because the girls will gang up on their one unscrupulous comrade, and make sure she cums just before noon.

One by one, the naked girls are admitted into the office, where they are photographed and interviewed.  The photos and descriptions of their grievances are part of the public record, and so they can be published in the school newspaper.  The grievance section is printed in full color, and is very popular among the students, who are generally sympathetic with the girls who have been wronged.

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the Grievance Committee to make a decision, during which time the girl who complained is expected to remain naked.  The decision is rendered by calling the girl by cell phone.  When she answers the phone, she is given five seconds to use the phone to take a picture of herself and send it to the Grievance Committee.  As long as she is still naked, the committee will call her back and tell her their decision.  If the girl misses the phone call, fails to photograph herself, or is not nude, then her grievance is canceled.  Also, if a Grievance Committee member sees the girl about campus wearing clothes, her grievance is also canceled.

The purpose of requiring a girl to remain naked not only while she waits to present her grievance, but also while the committee considers it, is to discourage frivolous claims.  It may seem unreasonable at first to require a girl to go about her ordinary routine in the nude while her classmates are all fully clothed.  However, since this rule is well-known, the naked girl’s classmates and teachers will not be surprised at her nudity.  Often a naked girl will report a newfound sense of freedom because she no longer needs to worry about clothing, and perhaps she harbored a secret desire to shed her clothes, but lacked the proper justification for doing so.  Although the purpose of requiring nudity on the part of girls who file grievances, the College is on the lookout for the reverse: girls who file grievances just so they have an excuse to be naked among their fully clothed peers.  So far, this has not been a significant problem.