How to Wear a Dress

Generally, wearing a dress on campus will result in an inspection. The inspectors need to know the dress does not have a lining, a built-in bra, or is an attempt to cover up undergarments or pubic hair. All of these things would be in violation of the Dress Code.

So, what’ the best way to wear a dress when you are venturing across campus?

Meghan has discovered the best method in wearing a dress on campus. Technically, she is not naked since she is carrying a dress. She likes to say she is wearing her dress over her finger.

Sure, an inspector might still demand to “strip search” her in case the dress does have a built-in bra or a lining. But according to Meghan, wearing her dress in this fashion reduces the chance of thugs tearing her dress apart if she does not strip fast enough for the inspector.

Not every female on campus is ready to wear a dress over just her finger, but for Meghan, this style solves more problems than it makes.

If a groper tries to cop a feel, she only needs to swing the garment over her front. No longer exposed skin. No groping allowed.

She can honestly tell her mother, “I love the new dress you sent me. I wore to classes today.”

She laughs that she’s worn the same dress three days in a row and not one person seemed to notice.

Meghan does enjoy the freedom to wear her dresses in this style all over campus. No more pesky panty searches. She loves showing the world she can follow the dress code to the letter.

8 thoughts on “How to Wear a Dress

  1. Jennifer

    This is honestly what I do. It’s too much of a hassle to be inspected and forced to strip, I just store my T-shirt dress in my purse and go without any apparent covering. Makes it really obvious I’m in compliance, and if anybody wants to inspect it’s easy to show them what I’m wearing!

    I’ve gotten a nickname of “the naked girl”, but I don’t know why, I’m fully dressed like my roommates.

    1. Anonymous

      You go naked all the time? Don’t you get groped a lot? All the girls I know who go naked or bottomless regularly get turned on from touching and have to get raped.

      1. Jennifer

        I’m not naked! By the dress code I am fully dressed, and if I had extra clothing in my purse I would be in violation and would be stripped.

        I can’t stop boys from touching but that’s how the dress code is meant to work silly! I’m almost always a bit wet, and get turned on easily, but don’t worry it’s enough that it never hurts when they rape me. And I usually get a creampie early in the day to protect me until at least lunch.


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