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Stirrings of Discontent, Part Eight (archives)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Surrender. It was a really ugly word. It set her teeth on edge just thinking about it. But she didn’t see any alternatives.

She had gone over it with Ashley and in her mind at least a hundred times, and looked at it from every angle she could. What else could she do? Try to expose Amanda’s boyfriend? What proof could she provide? It was Amanda’s word against hers. She had been asking around, and the official inspectors on campus were a close-knit group. Todd, the boyfriend, was close personal friends with pretty much all of them, so if he asked them to do something slightly unusual like this and keep it on the QT, they would. She had even tested it yesterday. She had walked past an inspector in a long dress that went past her knees. He was just leaning against a tree, watching the girls go by, so he wasn’t distracted. In fact, he looked right at her, surreptitiously glanced at his smart phone for a quick glance at a picture, and nodded in her direction. That was all the acknowledgement she received from him,

Of course, she could just be like other girls: Try to find the balance between walking around naked and wearing inspection-magnet clothes. Once it became clear that she was giving up the lifestyle, Amanda might back off and let her be inspected again like everyone else.

But she couldn’t do that. Partly in rebellion against her upbringing, and partly because it just felt so damn good. She loved the feelings that walking around naked gave her: a gentle breeze on her tits, the sunlight warming her entire body, the slight arousal that was her constant companion. It was like she was held at a pleasure level just below orgasm on a continuous basis, and it didn’t take much to stoke the fires of that arousal to a blaze of ecstasy. It took very little to bring her off nowadays. Her roommate Ashley had definitely been a friend with (a LOT of) benefits lately. Maybe because the situation was so arousing, and maybe it was because Ashley was sympathizing with her, and maybe it was because Judy just wanted some comfort from all the stress, or maybe it was a combination of all three. But she had lost count of how many times they had made each other cum last night before bed, and she had woken up at about 2 A.M. with Ashley’s soft and gentle tongue on her clit. She’d had another dream about throwing all her clothes away, and it definitely was a wet one, probably inspired by Ashley’s clandestine seduction while she slept. Damn, she was getting wet again just thinking about it.

Aside from just leaving the school, which she didn’t want to do, those were her choices. And what were the consequences of giving in? She would be doing something that, deep down, she wanted to do. She might protest all she wanted about clinging to some remnants of her pre-college lifestyle, but her pussy told a different story. Every time someone had used Amanda’s proposal/threat as “dirty talk,” it had taken little more than a few gentle caresses in all the right places to bring her to a delicious orgasm. She would have to swallow a little bit of her pride, but would be it.

Oh, wait a minute, there was the problem with her folks. She had been raised to dress modestly, but there had been hints in conversations with her mom that she (mom) had known about the Dress Code and the inevitable consequences for her daughter (i.e., being stripped occasionally). In fact, those hints had even suggested that her mother approved of the notion of public nudity. If needed, Mom was very good at convincing Dad over to her side of thinking, so that obstacle could be overcome.

Something had been gnawing at the edge of her brain, and in a flash it came to her. Amanda had reminded her of someone in her past, and Judy couldn’t quite place it. It had been put on the backburner due to the situation and conflicting emotions Amanda had provoked, but now she knew who her tormenter was like. She had been best friends with Saeko growing up, and Saeko was always getting her into trouble. Saeko loved taking risks, and was always dragging her friend along. She remembered one time they had been swimming at a local pond, and this particular waterhole had a overhanging cliff about fifty feet up. The water was more than deep enough for a jump or dive, but Judy was terrified of it, being afraid of heights. Seako had literally dragged her up to the cliff to finally take the plunge and actually managed to bring her to the edge. Judy was adamantly refusing to jump, and her friend was using every persuasive means to convince her: “But you know you really want to!” “I’ve done it a hundred times!” “You know that it’s perfectly safe!” Finally, Saeko seemed to give up. She sighed and said “Ok Judes. If you really don’t want to jump, let’s go back down.” As soon as Judy had relaxed her guard, however, the slim Japanese girl (who was stronger than she looked) grabbed her and jumped off with Judy in her arms. Judy was so startled that she didn’t even have time to scream before she hit the water. Of course, they were both fine when they came up to the surface. She had yelled at Saeko, promising to never speak with her again. She called a day later to apologize about what she had said, and told her that she had forgiven her. Saeko told her that she was sorry for making her friend angry, but she didn’t promise to never do anything like that again. The two had gone on to several adventures together.

So was she really angry with Amanda for doing this? Saeko had always told her that what she needed in life was a good friend who would push her boundaries, who would even force her (somewhat) to take risks and dare to things that weren’t always “safe.” Saeko was going to a school in another part of the state, and they hadn’t had a lot of contact since high school graduation. Was Amanda her new Saeko? She wasn’t sure that she wanted to know that answer to that one.

After much thought and discussion with Ashley, Judy had decided give in, and had texted Amanda last night informing her. Amanda had immediately texted back, letting her know that she (Amanda) would be responsible for the arrangements, and they would hold the ceremony tomorrow morning in the quad at eight sharp. All Judy had to do was bring her clothes. She was encouraged to wear something for dramatic purposes, but it wouldn’t really matter what, since it was all going into the fire. Every last stitch.

Now she stood in the arranged place. The crowd of people, due to become spectators of a momentous event, was growing by the minute. The bonfire was lit in a large barbeque cooker, and her clothes were in trash bags at her feet. In a few minutes, she would even own any clothing. Part of her was scared to death, but another part of her was really looking forward to it. The cliff was approaching, and she was about to jump.

Posted By Keith At 11:28 AM • Comments (3)
Last part is coming soon, hopefully within the next couple of days. I think you might be surprised by how it ends.
Comment By keith At 10/29/2009 11:32 AM
I would be kinda disappointed if it didn’t surprise us… the story has been good and interesting so far, so for it to suddenly become predictable would be sad… Can’t wait to see what happens.
Comment By Dragavan At 10/29/2009 7:01 PM
It has been quite a bit more than ‘the next couple of days’ now…
Comment By The King of Norway At 11/4/2009 1:12 AM

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