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My Friend Chloe

Hello once again! It’s me, Abby. Today I’d like to tell you about another friend of mine. From the moment we met, I always looked up to her. Her name is Chloe. She’s fantastic and has an incredible dress sense. She’s always wearing something cool and trendy and loves dressing up in girly clothes but the only thing is that she can be a bit of a tomboy.

The other day, we were strolling though the campus to see the birds the local zoo had loaned to the college. As usual, Chloe had on a really nice dress.
She bent down to get a closer look at the birds in the cage and I just couldn’t help but comment.

“Wow Chloe! That’s another great dress you’ve got on!”

“Thanks Abby, you don’t look too shabby yourself!” she said standing up.

“Thanks,” I said but that’s when I noticed something. As I mentioned before, Chloe was a bit of a tomboy so she would wear all these nice clothes but not wear them properly. For instance, now that she was standing up, she did not readjust her dress. Her bottom was hanging out.

“Chloe, fix your dress! You don’t want a passing boy to apply the ‘groping rule’, do you?”

“What?” She hadn’t even noticed. I had to quickly fix it for her before any boys around got smart ideas. She helped too, firmly pulling her dress down.

“Oh, thanks Abby. What would I do without you?”

“Probably be fondled a million times a day!” I said jokingly. “Just remember to think ladylike, ok? This is precisely why we’re not allowed to wear underwear under our skirts and dresses, to help us to remember to be decent at all times.”

“Yeah, I know, but I just forgot,” she said and went back to the bird watching.

Moments later, she was following the birds that were flying around the cage. They swooped down low and landed near the bottom.  Without thinking she crouched again but this time remembered her dress. She stood, pulled her dress down even more, and then crouched again to look at them.

“My butt’s not out now is it?” she asked with a smile. She already knew it wasn’t but wanted a little praise for remembering this time and I was pleased that she did.

“No, well done!” But then I spotted something else. In her eagerness to stop her butt from being exposed, she had pulled her dress down far too much, revealing her breasts.

“Oh, Chloe. Look at your chest!”

“Huh?” she said clueless. She looked down to see her breasts popping out over the top. “Oh! I thought things felt a bit chilly all of a sudden!” she said laughing off her mistake.

“Aren’t you going to fix it?” I asked.

She was about to then stopped.

“I can’t fix it,” she said. “If I pull my dress up to cover my tits, then my butt will be on display. It would be very rude of me to flash my butt at everyone walking by. No one’s going to want to see that!”

“Isn’t it rude of you to ‘flash’ your tits too,” I questioned.

“Well, I suppose it is but I have to choose the lesser of two evils. Exposing my tits is not as bad as exposing my butt.”

I didn’t know what to say back to her. She had me confused and I didn’t know if she was correct or not. After a pause, I had just thought of a good argument to put to her when she shifted her position to get a better look at the birds.

“Chloe! If you’re going to crouch like that, at least shut your legs! I can see everything!” What was worse was that there were a group of boys behind me who could see her vagina too. Luckily for her, they were freshmen and didn’t quite have the courage to apply the fondling rule.

“Gosh, Chloe you’re such a tomboy!” I said as I rushed over to her. I straightened her out, fixing her dress perfectly so that it covered her butt and her tits. “This is how you do it, ok? Keep your legs together and if you must sit on the floor, sit like this,” I said repositioning her.

“Thanks, Abby. I just don’t know why I can’t get the hang of this.”

“You just need to listen to me and practice. Remember, I said it before, just think like a lady, like one of the posh aristocrats from England.”

“Oh, I see. I think I get it now.”

I was glad that she’d finally understood. She went back to bird watching looking fully decent, without her vagina or tits showing.

The boys that had been watching Chloe earlier found her very attractive and couldn’t take their eyes off her. I could see they were desperate to strike up a conversation with her but were actually quite shy. I think it was because I was around too. She caught what was going on.

“Abby, one of those boys is quite cute, but he’s not going to come over with you standing here.”

She wanted me to make myself scarce. As I already had a boyfriend, I didn’t mind but I didn’t want to move too far away in case she needed my help. I walked a few steps away and sure enough, the boys went over to her. She sat on the ground to get comfortable.

“I like your dress,” one of them said.

“Oh, thank you,” she said bashfully. She was so flattered by the complement from a boy that thoughts of being ladylike completely left her brain. She started to swing one of her legs in shyness which left her legs open.

“Oh, no! Chloe!” I thought. I tried to mouth and gesture for her to close her legs but her attention was taken by the boys and she didn’t get what I was saying. I nearly rushed over to her again but thought that it would be more embarrassing for her if I suddenly turned up and shut her legs for her.
Since they weren’t open too wide at the moment, I was hopeful that the boys around her wouldn’t have noticed anything much.

I moved to a slightly different location to try to get her attention. One of the boys began to tell a long joke. She was so engrossed in it, she completely neglected to mind the way she was sitting and shifted her position again, totally absorbed and what I had been fearing happened; she absentmindedly opened her legs even wider totally immersed in the boy’s joke.

I frantically waved about trying to grab her attention. Again, I didn’t want to humiliate her by walking straight over and forcing her legs closed in front of those boys.

Eventually she noticed me and as clueless as she was, I think she got my drift. She finally brought her legs together closing them firmly and started shifting about, adjusting her dress and just when I thought she had it, she turned over and looked at me proud as if to say: “There! I’m fully decent and ladylike!”

She thought she had done it but as you can see, she had made the problem worse.

This made the boys even keener to win her over and they were all trying to outdo each other with their best jokes and funny musings.

I tried to think of a way to extract her from the situation without causing her any embarrassment.

“Hey Chloe!” I yelled. “I just saw Brian Turner go into the canteen!”

She had a huge crush on Brian. She leapt up and ran over to me. But I think I had said the wrong thing. I had got her so excited that she completely forgot to fix her dress now that she was standing and it was halfway up her torso. She saw the look of absolute horror on my face and only then did she figure to fix her dress.

“Oops!” she said, shyly.

“One of these days I’m going to have to shake the tomboy out of you!” I said exasperated.