Your favorite blog is in safe hands

Just wanted to let you know what’s been going on with the blog the last 3 weeks. Someone hacked it partially and put different exploits on the blog, such as some kind of spam service and an iframe on all the blogs.

It’s been cleaned and the security has been upgraded. Hopefully this won’t happen again. Anyway, the blog and the server is backed up daily, weekly and monthly, so if something goes completely wrong, it’s “just” annoying.

And just to be extra safe, we have made a new ally that will protect the blog.

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5 thoughts on “Your favorite blog is in safe hands

  1. Kiener

    Good job – I was worried about the site, but I’m glad it’s not triggering alerts anymore. I like the new look, too. The font is easy to read, and the images don’t overwhelm the text as much as they used to.

    As long as we’re making changes, can I make a suggestion? I’ve always wanted a ‘List All Stories’ link for this site, just like the older version of it did. From what I know of WordPress, it wouldn’t be too hard – so, please?

  2. Dick Hertz

    Thanks, Grinch, for fixing the site. You upgraded it, too, which is extra nice for writing stories, so I knocked out a few more stories in my “Pretty Girl” series.



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