Monthly Archives: December 2022

Yuletide Gifts

Just wonderful. I’m stuck at college for Winter Break since my folks are traveling, I’m staying on campus. It wouldn’t be so bad normally. Over Winter Break, the inspectors are not out writing citations for every little thing.

What happened to me was after my last final exam, I went out to celebrate with my friends before they left for their homes. I thought the inspectors were supposed to ignore minor dress code violations after the exams were over. Everyone is traveling home and all.

Well, as the inspector who stripped me explained, “Yes, after the last final exam, we put away our citation books until the beginning of the Spring Semester.”

Seems I made the mistake of thinking my last final exam was the last final exam. Others were still taking their exams. So, I was technically in violation of the dress code wearing a cute red top with a green skirt and candy cane stockings. Overlaps.

The worst part was showing up to celebrate with my friends totally naked, and reading my citation court date: January 20th! I would be naked for weeks! Then I’d get a nude sentence to start the Spring Semester. The judge always likes to set an example at the beginning of each semester. I wondered if I could dress for Spring Break!

Oh, this horror doesn’t just end with me being naked for weeks or months. No, I get a package from my parents. My Christmas gifts… all clothing. I used some to decorate my little tree.

Turns out I was not alone on campus with a citation extending thru Winter Break. Others shared their holiday outfits, too.

I wonder if she received gifts of clothing, too?

I hope she doesn’t get into trouble for carrying her holiday cheer around campus.