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Bottomless, Again (archives)

Bottomless, Again

I’m tired of wearing minidresses, like all the other girls on Bottomless Day. If you’re going to be bottomless, I think you might as well go all the way. Why “beat around the bush” so to speak? I know the other girls get off on covering their pussies part-way, so the boys get little glimpses of their girlhood. And they wear dresses that cover the top of their butt crack, so the boys can ogle their little butt cheeks hanging down below the hem of the dress. But who are they kidding? Being bottomless is all about displaying your pussy to whoever wants to see it.


I’m proud of my pussy, and so I look forward to Bottomless Day, so I can show it off. I like to keep it moist, so it looks its best, too. I rest my hands in my lap, and gently stroke my clit during class, so whenever someone looks my way, they’ll see a bright pink and juicy pussy. I feel sorry for the girls who keep their legs together, and try not to get excited, so their pussy doesn’t open up. Me, I look forward to French class, where the teacher sits us in a circle. I spread my legs so all my classmates can enjoy my pussy as much as I enjoy it. Just knowing they’re looking at it gets me more excited and juicy.

So while the other girls are being coy in their minidresses (even though everyone knows they’re naked underneath) I will be bold, and enjoy displaying my girlhood today.


The truly bold would reason that to be bottomless, nothing would cover any portion below the very top.

I’m not speaking of shoes. Yes, what you are calling a top may very well be called a bottom by the hat and cap mindset.

Since nothing is above a hat, everything below the hatline ought to be considered a bottom for bottomless day.

So display all your girlhood.

Comment By Prof. Ingles At 10/10/2007 6:35 AM

That’s the spirit! It’s beautiful and we all know it now!
Comment By Mystery Man At 8/8/2010 9:42 PM