The World of Crysta and Donna

We’re a pair of fresh young girls, and this our exciting universe.  We’re enjoying newfound freedom at a small college, and loving every minute of it.  Here you’ll find stories about us and our friends.  We talk about our daily lives here at the college, our ups and downs, and mostly about the things we find fun and exciting.

Although we’re shy, we’re young and curious, and we dare to test the limits of the rules placed on us, such as the Dress Code, which is designed to ensure modest dress.  Sexual taboos are strong, and the professors sometimes take advantage of our naiveté.  If we miss a class, or score poorly on a quiz, some teachers might forced us to remove an article of clothing in front of our classmates as a mild form of punishment.

Though the universe was created by Richard Hertz, you’re welcome to play here, too.  Do us a favor though: don’t mess (too much) with the Dress Code, or put (too many) words in our mouths.  It’s a big universe, with lots of other characters to write about.

This site is organized to help you understand our universe.

Donna and Crysta — about us, and our “backstories”.  This link is your entrance into the girls’ secret world where you’ll learn what makes them tick.

The College — the dorm, the campus, and the little town in which it is set.

College Rules and Regulations — rules including a Code of Conduct governing academic honesty and decent behavior, and a Dress Code for girls.

New!  A guidebook, complete with pictures, to help girls feel comfortable complying with the Dress Code.

Just Sittin’ Around Stories — (links to the old blog) Stories told by the girls and their friends who drop in for some conversation and fun.