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The Perfect Length, part 2

Hi, it’s Donna, with another story from my CP class. Jeez, my poor kids. They’ve never experienced first hand what it’s like to wear a dress an inch too long, and be branded “indecent” for it! It’s not pretty, let me tell you.

Well, I’m here to change that. We’ll be playing a little game in our class to help you girls figure out the perfect length dresses. This is a game we played before, so it should be pretty familiar to you. As it happens there are exactly 16 girls in our class, so we’ll be stripping half of you down to a single item of clothing, and the other half — and all the boys — can watch and enjoy.

As before, we’ll be asking for four volunteers to strip down to the item of their choice. After that, we’ll get the boys to help pick four other girls, and the boys will say which of their items they’ll be allowed to keep.

Do I have to say it? NO BRAS! Listen, I know some of your teachers like to pick a girl seemingly at random and make her strip down to her underwear, and this can be a little embarrassing for you if you’re not wearing a bra, but trust me: it’ll be a lot worse in this class if the boys pick you, and make you strip down to just your bra. Enough said.

The special dress code for this game will be pretty much the same as last time. You can wear a top and two bottoms, such as a skirt and panties, but no dresses. What counts as a dress, you might ask? Last time, anything crotch-length or longer counted as a dress, and so it wasn’t allowed. This time, I’ll be a little more lenient, and I’ll allow crotch-length tops, but nothing longer than that.

Pretty Girl of the Day, September 2, 2016

Last time we played this game, do you remember what happened? Four of you volunteered, and all four of you took off your tops. That’s because all your tops were shorter than crotch-length, and while I really wish you girls would start wearing shorter tops without any bottoms, I recognize you’re just in high school, and it’ll take some time for you to get used to leaving your butts bare in school, especially in your other classes.


I hope by allowing you to wear slightly longer tops that some of the first four volunteers will be willing to take off their bottoms, and wear just their crotch-length tops. It’ll be exciting for you, I promise.

Audrey, for you the rules are special, just like last time, since you’re sporting a bush as your bottom. I must say, I’ve been very proud of you for coming to school wearing only a top every day, and such cute little tops, too. The sports-bra you’re wearing now, for example, is very sexy. And you’ve been keeping your bush so neatly trimmed, it’s almost like nothing at all.

As you know, the ordinary Dress Code rules will be suspended for the game, so girls can wear panties, and overlap their clothes if they like. The same goes for you, Audrey. If you want to wear a bottom for a change, feel free. But if you are selected to strip down to one item, then you know what I’m going to say, right? It’ll be your bush. In other words, you’ll have to strip naked, I hope you understand. It might not seem fair to you, but think of it from the other girls’ perspective. They might have to strip down to a single item of clothing, so the same should apply to you, and since your bush is, well, permanent, then that’s the item of clothing you’ll be wearing.


Now, for the rest of you girls, you can think of this as a little vacation from the Dress Code. Go ahead and overlap your clothes a little. But if you wear shorts, it’s best not to wear panties under them, because if you’re one of the second group of girls to strip down to one item, remember, it’s the boys who will pick which item you’ll strip down to. If you’re wearing shorts, the boys will want to see if you have any panties under them, of course, so be prepared to take them off in any case.


But if you’re wearing a cute top, the boys will probably want you to take off your shorts, I hope you’ll be understanding of their wishes, and take them off graciously. It’s not necessary to spread your legs unless someone fondles you, but if a boy asks you to spread your legs, you should try to please him.