Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 4, 2014

When the weather is hot, it feels really good to take off my t-shirt, and just wear shorts. My┬áprofessors don’t seem to mind. And there aren’t as many Inspectors in the summer, so I rarely get hassled. But just in case, I leave my shorts unzipped. That’s my excuse, anyway. Truth is, they’re more comfortable unzipped.


Do you want me to show you how quickly I can take them off? This is a good skill for a girl to have, just in case she’s inspected.


Don’t look! This is the most awkward part, because I have to bend over to finish taking them off.


There! Now can I have my shorts back? You’ve had plenty of time to examine them.┬áNaturally, I wasn’t wearing any panties. And look, I’m completely shaved. I’m a good girl.


Listen, sweetie, I’m late for class, and clearly you need more time alone with my shorts. So I’ll just go there now, and you can return my shorts later, okay?




One thought on “Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 4, 2014

  1. sexy_pants

    I’m glad she’s understanding about her shorts. I’m sure she’ll have a nice time being naked in her classes for the day, maybe groped and raped a few times, and I’ll be able to return her clothes when she comes back to the dorm for the night.


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