Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 3, 2014

The pretty girl from July 1 is back again today, still naked, apparently. In the rest of the world, it would be surprising to come upon a naked girl, but at the College, it’s very common. In the rest of the world, a girl would feel awkward to be found in public, naked, and maybe she would run away when you approach her. But here at the College, girls have an unusual reaction when they’re spotted walking around in the nude. They stop, spread their legs slightly, and wait.

Why would they do this?

It’s a touching story. No, I mean a story about touching, LOL. The College Code of Conduct allows students to touch girls anywhere on their bare skin, in an effort to encourage girls to cover their most intimate areas. Moreover, a girl isn’t allowed to interfere with a student who tries to touch her. That makes it especially nice to come upon a partially or completely naked girl at the College, because here, you’re allowed to look and touch. And, the girls are okay with this, because if they weren’t, they would cover up, of course. Some people like to pat a girl’s bare butt. It’s natural for a girl to “clench” her butt when a stranger touches it, but she has to resist this temptation at the College, because of the “no interference” rule. Clenching her cheeks could be seen as interference, because many people like to follow up a butt-pat with a gentle probing of the soft skin between her cheeks.

Another place people like to touch is the soft inner thigh of a girl’s pretty leg. Even girls who are fully clothed may need to pause every now and then to allow a fellow student to touch her sweet thighs. If she’s naked or wearing a short skirt, she should spread her legs slightly to avoid interfering with efforts to touch her perineum, since this tender skin is typically not covered by the short skirts girls commonly wear at the College.

Although all girls tolerate the touching, they often give the appearance of doing so grudgingly. This is because girls are not permitted to exhibit signs of sexual excitement in the public areas of the campus. To avoid getting excited, a girl will try not to let you know the touching feels good, even if it does. But there are some telltale signs a girl can’t hide. The first one is her erect nipples. When a girl gets an erection there, you can gently suck her hard nipples while stroking her asshole with the tips of your fingers, and she may even cum.

If her skirt is short enough to show the bottoms of her adorable little butt-cheeks, then you can feel between them until you reach her vagina. If it’s wet, you can slip one or two fingers inside her, and smear her juices all up her front, right up to her clitoris. Remember, the whole time you’re touching her, the girl will try to act as if she’s not getting excited, but her juices tell a different story. Often, a girl will cum, sometimes multiple times, while controlling her breathing and posture well enough to make it look like she’s just patiently waiting for you to go away.

But if she exhibits any outward signs of sexual excitement, it’s an indication that she’s ready to be fucked. If you’re a boy, then you can strip her naked, if she’s not already naked, and if she objects, simply point out that her pussy is wet, and she’ll understand. A girl in this position can choose whether to view being fucked as a punishment. Many do, and, of course, the thing they’re being punished for is allowing their sexual excitement to be seen in public. A naive girl might object to being fucked, saying the only reason they’re excited is because of the fondling. But a more sophisticated girl knows the fondling came from wearing too little clothing. So it’s the girl’s own fault that she’s being fucked, and so she takes it in stride.

If she’s still wearing a dress, or even a top, you can take it off her before fucking her. Boys like to strip girls naked before fucking them for a variety of reasons. For one, an excited girl who’s about to be fucked by a stranger generally hates to be stripped naked, and so having this power over her is sexually exciting for the boy. But another reason is simply that a girl just looks pretty when she’s naked, again, to help the boy’s arousal. After she’s naked, some boys like to make the girl lie on her back, spread her legs, and bring her knees up to her armpits, keeping both legs on the ground. In this position, her pussy will be pink or bright red, and very wet. You can tease the girl by stroking her inner thighs with the palms of your hands, and tickling her asshole with your fingertips. Let the palms of your hands gently stroke her pussy as you switch from one thigh to the other, just as a tease. When she’s at the peak of sexual frenzy, you can push your dick into her pussy, and hug her tight as you push.


Or, if you like, you can just give her a quick pat on the butt. She’d like that, I bet.



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