Pretty Girl of the Day, December 3, 2015

Today’s pretty girl. . .


Body paint is a popular form of clothing at the College. Girls like it because it allows them to have bare skin while feeling completely decent at the same time. The fondling rules are slightly different for a girl wearing body paint, as compared to ordinary clothing. There aren’t any parts of her body that are off limits for fondling, although you should fondle her gently, to avoid rubbing off the paint. For her part, as soon as fondling begins, she should spread her legs as wide as possible, so her fondler can focus on her inner labia, vagina, and anus. If possible, she should try to think about things other than the fondling at hand to avoid getting too excited, because her juices may cause her paint job to run. If it’s necessary to consensually rape a girl wearing body paint, it’s best to let her kneel so you can fuck her from behind, or else let her be on top, because the traditional “missionary position” can ruin her paint job.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 3, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    Girls wearing body-paint instead of clothing are completely in according with the dress-code. They have to take into account not to have any pubic-hair, which count as a bottom. Body-colours are often shiny. This can cause in misunderstandings, especially if the crotch is painted. By mistake, a boy can suspect a girl wearing body-paintings is excited, because her pussy is shining. Naturally checking it manually will not give the correct results, because the colour shields that the boy could feel the moisture. A girl wearing body-paintings around her vagina may not complyin, if a boy gives her what he erroneously suspects she had asked for. The girl should accept his understandable error and let him do his business, that is raping her.

  2. someone

    Nowadays our inspectors have become quite skilled in discerning body paint from tight clothing. They will still ask a girl to stop and be looked from all angles, but when found in accordance to the dresscode, nothing bad will happen.
    However there was a case once of girls painting their body as if panties on and then putting colthes on top of it. When inspected they had been found in violation of the dresscode – and this clearly is – and therefore had all their clothes removed. But since the panties were painted on, they could not be removed and even while stark naked for the rest of the day, they laughted at the inspectors. Well the punishment was even harder and visible to alle students. Preventing anything like this to happen ever again.

  3. someone

    There was another instance of girls body painting there body. This way they would look like wearing yogapants with visible cameltoe. That can be distracting to onlookers but may make the girls themselfes feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable while wearing no clothes is fine. Therefor we recommand to paint the body in colors that can not confused with clothing, while still giving the girl herself same feel comfort.

    However there was another case once of girls painting their body and then painted their panties in the same color. When for an inspection the girls had to remove their panties they still looked like nothing changed. Again this was found to cheat the inspectors and is henceforth forbidden.
    It is not allowed to cover any section of skin that is painted or tattooed.


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