Pretty Girl of the Day, December 4, 2015

Today’s pretty girl. . .


Beach volleyball is very popular at the College. Although many girls simply play in the nude, others wear the blue uniform of some random college, St. Barts, in this example. Our girls’ uniforms just happen not to have any bottoms. In general, the College girls would prefer their uniforms to be slightly longer, they understand making the uniforms too long would hurt their mobility. While the uniforms are plenty long enough by College standards — long enough to wear to class, for example — they still present a slight problem to some of the shyer girls when they visit other colleges, so they usually zip up their uniforms for a slight improvement in modesty.


5 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 4, 2015

  1. base

    Beach volleyball is a great means for the girls to get used to being less inhibited, or self-conscious. First of all, it is natural to be nude on the beach for sunbathing or skinny dipping. Yes, sometimes of the year, the breeze may be chilly, and this is when the uniform of a team jacket comes in handy. Once the player or the temperature warms up, the jacket can be discarded for the reminder of the volleyball game. Great means to work on an all-over tan, too – just remember to switch sides of the court after each game.

  2. lover_mystery

    Often sportswear is really uncomfortable and hindering for training and excercises. It should be mandatory for the girls to wear only a short vest, but no bottom. This would certainly improve their agility and flexibility. For matches, either if during trainings or competitions, one team should play weaing the vests only, but bottomless, while the other teams should join in completely naked. The girls will quickly come to appreciate the comfort of being unhindered of too long and disturbing clothes and will enjoy popularity from the ever-expanding number of spectators.

  3. Greg

    Where I come from, it is tradition for all athletes to work out in the nude. The tradition goes back thousands of years.
    Some girls with huge breasts might want to wear bras for the reasons Johann mentioned earlier, but stil feel the freedom of fresh air funneling past their skin.
    So our female athletes wear a thing – I don’t know how it is called – that looks like a Sports-bra, but with the boobs cut out. So it does not hinder mobility, keeps the breast in place and prevents sweat from accumulating underneath. The best of all worlds.


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