Pretty Girl of the Day, December 2, 2015

Here is today’s pretty girl…


Even though there’s no rule against being completely naked at the College, after the first week, it’s rare to see a stark naked girl just walking around in the buff. But during “freshman orientation week”, just about all the freshman girls are naked. For one thing, their ID pictures need to be taken, and clothes get in the way of that. Years ago, the girls were forced to strip inside the administration building, but that just slowed everything down. In a few months, all the girls will be comfortable removing their clothes in public, but at first, the freshmen are shy, and so it takes them forever just to take off a single item of clothing! So it was just more practical to keep them naked for the first 168 hours of their time at the College.

This was also a good time for the girls to get used to being raped. Many girls came to the College never having been fondled before, much less raped, so it takes some getting used to. Of course, all rapes are consensual at the College, which means that the girls have already agreed to the College Code of Conduct, which says clearly that girls give their consent to be raped every time they become sexually excited in public. Of course, most girls would prefer not to be raped, especially in public, but they are not yet very skilled at hiding their sexual excitement, or avoiding it in the first place.

It’s against the rules for a boy to simply pick out a girl and rape her. Instead, he must wait until a girl is sexually excited, and then he can rape her. So, when approaching a group of naked girls huddled together for warmth and modesty, you would think he could just pick out one of them, fondle her until she got excited, and then rape her, but that’s against the rules, too. It’s just not fair to these freshmen girls, all barely 18 years old and completely naked, to pick one out and get her excited just so he can rape her.  So, often a boy will approach a group of naked girls, touching them one by one, and testing their reactions. If she’s standing, a gentle stroke down the middle of a girls back should force a girl to expose her asshole by bending over or squatting. With her asshole exposed, it’s easy for the boy to rub her inner labia, forcing her to spread her legs wide to give him full access. Usually, her clitoris is uncovered by this time, and the girl is fully lubricated, and ready to be raped. Of course, the boy who fondled her can’t simply rape her, because that’s against the rules. But not all freshmen girls know this, and also, the boy might still rape her in the heat of the moment, and make up some reasonable-sounding explanation later, such as that his purpose in fondling her wasn’t to make her excited. So it’s not hard to enlist the excited girl’s help in fondling the other girls.

By the time several of the girls are excited, then it’s just a matter of picking out one of them to rape. Although none of the girls would want to be raped by the boy, they all know one of them will be raped. Until he picks out his victim, though, the girls will be eager to have sex with each other, as a way of forestalling the inevitable. The boy can easily make a pair of girls hug and kiss while they fondle each others’ buttholes, while the boy fondles their pussies until they both cum. Often, when a boy orchestrates a little orgy like this among a group of four of five pretty freshmen girls, a crowd will gather. Many girls find it embarrassing to cum in public, but they’ll do it to avoid being raped. Eventually, the boy will settle on one girl, and make her spread her legs wide, and beg to be raped. He will massage her inner thighs while her girlfriends take turns massaging other parts of her until she’s wrapped up in the sensual delights of half a dozen hands stroking her all over. The girl will touch the bottoms of her feet together, letting her knees hit the soft grass, her pussy dripping wet and slippery, on the brink of cumming. The boy will slowly insert his dick into her, and push gently at first until she cums. Then he will hold her tight, and push firmly once, twice, or three times at the most, while she continues to cum. The girl, embarrassed not only to cum in public, but to be raped in public, will try not to scream too loud, but often she won’t be able to help herself, because the excitement is so intense as she cums for 10, 20, even 30 seconds before he finishes. The other naked girls will continue stroking her as she basks in the afterglow of the biggest orgasm of her young life. The boy will disengage, leaving the girl’s legs spread wide, her eyes closed. She will be smiling, even purring as the girls continue to stroke her.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 2, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    It seems not fair to pick only one girl to satisfy her excitement by raping her. If the boy has a bunch of naked girls all aroused, naturally he won’t be able to rape them all. In open public, usually other boys will standing around and watch. So it should be easily for them to provide assistance. The boy may ask as many onlookers as necessary to take part. Each of them could easily pick one of the aroused and eagerly awaiting girls, give them what they are asking for and rape them.

  2. Dave

    I’ve always loved this time of the school year. I’m a trainee teacher at the college having gotten board of my previous profession. Being in my early 30s it’s not as easy as it use to be to meet young girls in bars, but freshers week never let’s me down.

    I remember seeing a seen like this where a group 12 naked freshman girls where approached by a senior boy, in fact I think it might have been this very incident. It was only there 2nd day at the college and the boy moved between then massaging each girls brests, cute little butts and of course there freshly shaven tight little pussys.

    In fear of getting raped the girls where willing to do anything the boy asked to avoid being punished for there viable sexual excitement. The boy had them all on the grass fondelling, massaging, caressing, fingering and even licking each other out. Apparently he had told them he would punish which ever girl moaned the loudest, and not wanting to be fucked in public by a stranger they where all willing to sacrifice there friends. It wasn’t long before there monies and crys as they mercilessly fucked each other drew a massive crowd.

    When the boy finally picked a girl to fuck the whole crowd applauded. He orderd her onto all 4s and as he slid his cock into her soaking wet pussie you could see a look of hattrid on her face. Of course once the guy started pounding her harder and harder her face became a mask of joy, then pleasure, then moning, screaming, Cumming, then a look of bliss.

    The thing I remember most about this insident was that when the boy stood up with a grin from ear to ear he looked down at the girls trying to catch there breath and said aloud. What do you think guys, have they all been punished to your satisfaction.

    The code states that a girl is not properly punished until every guy that witnessed her sexule arousal is satisfied with that punishment, it also states that every guy present has the obligation to add to that punishment until they are all satisfied.

    12 stunningly hot young girls, barley 18 years old and still a little inexperienced, learnt the meaning of sufficiently punished when every guy in the crown rushed forward to take there turn shoving cock after rock hard cock into there tight little pussies.


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