Message from the Dean; re:Unstreaking

A Message From The Dean:

A disturbing practice has erupted on campus that must immediately stop. Harsh disciplinary action will be taken if this trend continues. Of course, I’m talking about the recent prank of unstreaking. While many view it as harmless, it is upsetting to the order of things on campus.

For those fortunate enough to not have had their classroom unstreaked, let me describe the unruly behavior some have engaged. Some girls wear as many items of clothing as possible, and race through classroom lectures flaunting the Dress Code. This is a direct violation of the Code of Conduct and must cease.

While we agree that college life sometimes requires students to unwind and do things that normally they would not do, this particular behavior crosses all lines of decency. The inspection team was able to catch up to one student, and upon confiscating her clothing determine she was wearing several layers of clothing. The sight was so upsetting to many students as layer after layer was removed, that once decency was restored and the inspector had all her clothing, the naked girl escaped before a positive identification could be made. A donation to the needy was made of her jeans, sweats, leggings, panties, thong, g-string, pantyhose, thigh highs, knee sock, tube socks, bobby socks, bra, camisole, tee shirt, blouse, pull-over, sweat shirt, sweater, coat, scarf, and two hats as no hearing could be set.

If you or others are planning to unstreak on campus, be warned that additional measures will be taken to end these disruptive stunts. We encourage you to talk your fellow coeds out of participating in such acts. You will remember fondly your days of college life without such gross displays of lewd behavior flaunting the good discipline the Dress Code provides all of us across campus.


6 thoughts on “Message from the Dean; re:Unstreaking

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    If this behaviour continues and increases, the Dean may have to take the extraordinary step of temporarily banning ALL clothes from EVERY student on campus until he’s gotten down to the bottom of this…

  2. Mzm

    I’m sure a ban will only threaten the girls that haven’t developed their coping mechanisms. I have a feeling some of these girls unstreaking don’t really care.

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      You’re probably right but since the unstreaking girls are currently a small minority, a total clothes ban would make all the other girls gang up to out the culprits so that they could wear clothes again.

  3. Dr. Luther

    This has already happened once in my class and it caused a lot of disruption for the class.

    I was teaching my history students about the bravery of our soldiers in the Indian Wars in the late 1800’s, when somebody at the back of the lecture room started shouting that attacking defenceless villages without cause and massacring innocent people, women and children, burning their tents and food stores and leaving them to freeze to death was no bravery! The lights in the room were down as I was showing them a slide show with some of the great pictures and paintings from the archives, so I couldn’t see who it was. I tried to explain it was the indian’s fault, they attacked us and we had to deal with them to secure peace. This same voice, and I could tell it was a girl, insisted that was a lie.

    At this point I had reached the row of light switches and flipped the lights on the back of the lecture room on. I couldn’t believe my eyes: someone had some kind of boiler suit on. The boiler suit was either one of those with thick lining or she had a lot of clothes under it as she seemed shapeless. She also had gloves, and a ski mask with goggles on, in my class!

    I was speechless in the audacity of that girl, and so seemed all the student who sat there gaping at her. Who would have thought they would see a girl dressed in the room with them. She then ducked behind the last row of tables out of my view, but I heard the door slam as she exited the lecture hall.

    The mood in the room was restless, and a few students tried to continue asking rebellious questions, but I managed to shout them down. I thought I could find out who the disruptive girl was by having a roll call and the missing girl would be the culprit, but the class ended before I could finish and the students started leaving the room although I demanded them to stay.

    I’m unhappy to say this event has had long term effects. It has made the whole class more disrespectful and restless. Similar attacks on the teachers’ authority in the class room or even in the campus area should not be allowed to continue.

  4. William Kazak

    My second year in college, at a Midwest school, I was in a huge classroom/lecture hall. The seats went up like in a raised type of arena. The history teacher was at the lectern in the front of the room. He was going to and fro to the chalk board illustrating his points about ancient history. This teacher was so oblivious to the students, as he rambled his mouth on and on, that he did not even notice when one of the guys fell out of his chair, tumbled to the floor and passed out. We had to yell at the teacher to make him stop talking and to try to get this guy some attention that he deserved. Maybe if the students would have silently taken off all of their clothes as they sat in their seats at the beginning of the class, he might have noticed us by the end of his lecture on history.


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