Message from the Dean; re:Unstreaking

A Message From The Dean:

A disturbing practice has erupted on campus that must immediately stop. Harsh disciplinary action will be taken if this trend continues. Of course, I’m talking about the recent prank of unstreaking. While many view it as harmless, it is upsetting to the order of things on campus.

For those fortunate enough to not have had their classroom unstreaked, let me describe the unruly behavior some have engaged. Some girls wear as many items of clothing as possible, and race through classroom lectures flaunting the Dress Code. This is a direct violation of the Code of Conduct and must cease.

While we agree that college life sometimes requires students to unwind and do things that normally they would not do, this particular behavior crosses all lines of decency. The inspection team was able to catch up to one student, and upon confiscating her clothing determine she was wearing several layers of clothing. The sight was so upsetting to many students as layer after layer was removed, that once decency was restored and the inspector had all her clothing, the naked girl escaped before a positive identification could be made. A donation to the needy was made of her jeans, sweats, leggings, panties, thong, g-string, pantyhose, thigh highs, knee sock, tube socks, bobby socks, bra, camisole, tee shirt, blouse, pull-over, sweat shirt, sweater, coat, scarf, and two hats as no hearing could be set.

If you or others are planning to unstreak on campus, be warned that additional measures will be taken to end these disruptive stunts. We encourage you to talk your fellow coeds out of participating in such acts. You will remember fondly your days of college life without such gross displays of lewd behavior flaunting the good discipline the Dress Code provides all of us across campus.


16 thoughts on “Message from the Dean; re:Unstreaking

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    If this behaviour continues and increases, the Dean may have to take the extraordinary step of temporarily banning ALL clothes from EVERY student on campus until he’s gotten down to the bottom of this…

  2. Mzm

    I’m sure a ban will only threaten the girls that haven’t developed their coping mechanisms. I have a feeling some of these girls unstreaking don’t really care.

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      You’re probably right but since the unstreaking girls are currently a small minority, a total clothes ban would make all the other girls gang up to out the culprits so that they could wear clothes again.

  3. Dr. Luther

    This has already happened once in my class and it caused a lot of disruption for the class.

    I was teaching my history students about the bravery of our soldiers in the Indian Wars in the late 1800’s, when somebody at the back of the lecture room started shouting that attacking defenceless villages without cause and massacring innocent people, women and children, burning their tents and food stores and leaving them to freeze to death was no bravery! The lights in the room were down as I was showing them a slide show with some of the great pictures and paintings from the archives, so I couldn’t see who it was. I tried to explain it was the indian’s fault, they attacked us and we had to deal with them to secure peace. This same voice, and I could tell it was a girl, insisted that was a lie.

    At this point I had reached the row of light switches and flipped the lights on the back of the lecture room on. I couldn’t believe my eyes: someone had some kind of boiler suit on. The boiler suit was either one of those with thick lining or she had a lot of clothes under it as she seemed shapeless. She also had gloves, and a ski mask with goggles on, in my class!

    I was speechless in the audacity of that girl, and so seemed all the student who sat there gaping at her. Who would have thought they would see a girl dressed in the room with them. She then ducked behind the last row of tables out of my view, but I heard the door slam as she exited the lecture hall.

    The mood in the room was restless, and a few students tried to continue asking rebellious questions, but I managed to shout them down. I thought I could find out who the disruptive girl was by having a roll call and the missing girl would be the culprit, but the class ended before I could finish and the students started leaving the room although I demanded them to stay.

    I’m unhappy to say this event has had long term effects. It has made the whole class more disrespectful and restless. Similar attacks on the teachers’ authority in the class room or even in the campus area should not be allowed to continue.

  4. William Kazak

    My second year in college, at a Midwest school, I was in a huge classroom/lecture hall. The seats went up like in a raised type of arena. The history teacher was at the lectern in the front of the room. He was going to and fro to the chalk board illustrating his points about ancient history. This teacher was so oblivious to the students, as he rambled his mouth on and on, that he did not even notice when one of the guys fell out of his chair, tumbled to the floor and passed out. We had to yell at the teacher to make him stop talking and to try to get this guy some attention that he deserved. Maybe if the students would have silently taken off all of their clothes as they sat in their seats at the beginning of the class, he might have noticed us by the end of his lecture on history.

  5. Jane

    Un-streaking is a serious problem on campuses today. Seeing a girl completely covered up, even in multiple layers, is a distressing sight for students regardless of gender.

    I remember one day, having chosen to go bottomless in a cute halter top, and was getting groped and raped by a boy when a girl ran through covered in long, excessively-covering clothes flowing past her. The boy and I were both slack-jawed at the scene, and he ended up cumming on my leg instead of inside me!

    1. Heather

      I once un-streaked on a dare. I was wearing a dress down to my knees, panties, a bra, and knee high stockings on. I had to run from my dorm to the student center and back for the dare. I ended up getting stopped by an inspector. My clothing was all confiscated and I was given a hearing date. My punishment ended up being nudity for 1 months. Also it was announced that anyone on campus was allowed to have sex with me during that time for any reason. It was posted online and fliers were distributed. This punishment is now taking up all my time. Isn’t this punishment a too much sex for girl who is already forced to go naked? Is unstreaking really that serious? Is this for my own good?

      1. Professor Peach

        Positive punishment is a perfectly acceptable method of disciplining students: something is added to the situation to decrease the unwanted behavior. Too much sex will make you misbehave less in the future.

        1. Mary

          I’m Heather’s room mate. When they confiscated all of her clothing they took my clothes also. Now I’ve been force to go naked even though I had nothing to do with what happened. What’s worse is that I keep being mistaken for Heather. We do look a lot a like. I want to file a grievance, but I have not been able to make it to the office since I get fucked all day long as soon as I leave my dorm.

          1. Professor Tulip

            Hello Mary dear,

            Of course they confiscated your clothes as well, you’re roommates! We cannot have Heather be able to “borrow” your clothing and avoid her punishment.

            As for your concerns about sex, do not worry. Girls being fucked all day is completely normal, nobody will look down on you for it. Even in public, engaging in sexual activity is something that happens a lot, so please enjoy those orgasms to your heart’s content!

      2. Jane

        Oh I am remember you! Thanks for eating out my pussy, it felt great (though you didn’t have much of a choice)

        Unstreaking IS very serious! You’re actively flaunting the dress code which we need to be modest. It’s shocking and perverted to see a girl covered up as much as that, with all those layers, it’s extremely distracting for the school. Being naked is an important punishment for you because then you can’t wear any immodest or dress code violating clothing! I go naked myself too frequently, I can’t be in violation of coverage rules if I’m not covering anything, right?

        As for sex, what did you expect? If you’re anything like me you get wet and raped and it’s just how life is. Why complain? The punishment is for you to be naked and of course it’s important students be able to touch you. If it’s affecting your schoolwork then after the punishment is done submit the ticket to your professor and they’ll give you credits. But you need to pay back what you’ve done to sully the dress code!

  6. Mary

    Professor Tulip, but why should I be punished too? I get that Heather would be able to borrow my clothes, but is it really worth it for a good girl like me to also be forced to be naked. Then I am fucked silly all day. I thought this was suppose to be a punishment, but I have done nothing wrong and there is no way for me to avoid it. These last few days I’ve been passed around all over campus and the town getting fucked from all angles by guys and girls alike. I’m pretty much always covered in cum.

  7. Professor T.

    Rules must be followed. Anyone who violates, must be punished. It has already been announced several times that UNSTREAKING cannot be tolerated under any circumstances and will be severely punished.
    The punishment of remaining completely naked for some time is far too harmless to have a deterrent effect on the girls who wantonly disrupt the campusorder. On the other hand, it seems to work that the convicted, guilty girls are simultaneously sentenced to the fact that all boys, anytime and anywhere, can have sex with them.
    As always, the judgments must be published. In these cases, it is very useful to distribute leaflets inviting males on campus to help enforce the ruling. The second part of the verdict in particular requires the support of as many male fellow students as possible, who will help put an end to the criminal mischief of UNSTREAKING and rape the convicted girls as often as possible.
    In any case, it must be prevented that the perpetrators can continue to violate the rules during their sentence. That’s why the clothes are confiscated.
    These notorious lawbreakers are likely to take the next opportunity to repeat their harmful behavior. It would be made too easy for them to simply take the clothes of a roommate and then again reduce the campus order to absurdity. The only way to effectively prevent this is to confiscate all the clothing of everyone in the room and give it to those in need.
    The fact that roommates also have to be naked on campus for a certain amount of time is unavoidable. However, this also means that a certain amount of pressure is expected from fellow students on potential imitators who also plan to massively disrupt campus order. The roommates will probably try to stop the perpetrators from committing their crimes.
    Coming back to the girls whose clothes were confiscated and therefore can only walk around campus naked, even though they themselves have not been convicted of a crime, this is an impairment that cannot be avoided and must therefore be accepted. The girls affected by this should definitely think about whether they couldn’t completely prevent the massive disruption to order, or whether reporting the disruption, at least early on, could have prevented the disruption.
    Basically, the girls who have to walk around naked on campus because of their confiscated clothing are subject to the normal CCC rules. The rules regarding touching and visible sexual arousal must be applied in all cases. Specifically, this means that these girls can be stopped at any time, touched and caressed anywhere, and if they are sexually aroused, they must be consensually raped.
    The leaflets distributed, call for help the management of the college and support the punishment of the guilty.
    The guys are very often unable to recognize that the girl on the flyer is actually not identical to the one they are currently meeting. If the guys don’t recognize the mix-up, they have to assume that the girl is lying when she claims to be someone other than the lawbreaker. Accordingly, it can happen that roommates who are also naked are accidentally raped if they are looking similar, even regularly and several times a day.

  8. Anonymous

    Professor T. I understand that rules are to be observed, but the way they are handled in UNSTREAKING, is what urgently needs to be corrected.

    I’d been in town and on my way back to the campus when I was stopped by four guys. One of them sat next to me in a lecture in my first semester. He asked if I was Ellie Johnson. My name is Elisabeth, but I’m also called Eli and my last name is Johnston (t), but because he smiled nice and is also good-looking, I didn’t want to scare him off by correcting my name and just said yes. One of his companions had a piece of paper and almost shouted that it was me. Almost simultaneously they grabbed me and dragged me to where was a table and a few benches. I screamed what they wanted and that they should let me go. They showed me the flyer where Ellie Johnson was sentenced to 10 days of nudity for UNSTREAKING. I tried to explain that my name is Elisabeth Johnston. They should look at my ID card. One actually took it out and compared the information with the leaflet. Ellie Johnston has brown hair, but I’m blonde. The guys weren’t interested in that at all, they said I looked like the one on the flyer and had the same ponytail. One then said that they could compare the second picture. The pussy picture is also on the ID card. Two held me and the other two took off my dress and then, when I was naked, they pushed me onto the table, lifted my legs up and pulled them apart. My labia are close together and almost closed, almost in the ms barbie shape and I don’t shave my pubic hair completely, but have left a triangle. That’s exactly what the boys took as supposed evidence, because the girl in the picture also has a triangle, but her labia are clearly apart. I was raped once, twice, three times and then a fourth time and each time the guy spurt his sperm into my pussy. I couldn’t get through the whole fucking so easily and just as the last one was cumming, I had an orgasm. When I came back to sense again and was able to stand up, the boys were gone and with them my dress. I had to return to campus naked and with cum dripping from my pussy.
    I’m not a prude and have sex with fellow students regularly, like most girls in college. I have also been inspected many times and when the inspector has rubbed particularly carefully to see if I might be aroused, I have also been consensually raped a few times afterwards. I know that this is stated in the CCC and I accept it, even if I don’t like it. But what I reject is that a bunch of uncontrollable guys attack me without me having done anything wrong. And that I should accept being a victim of gang rape without the perpetrators being held accountable.

    1. Julius Bumper

      I’m Julius Bumper, junior professor, and I’ve investigated the case of Elisabeth and the four boys in detail. Professor T. has commissioned me to publish a summary of the results of this the investigation. .
      Because I happened to be working in the administration, I noticed one of the boys reporting the incident and offered to record and investigate it.
      The young man was very cooperative and was able to answer all of my questions in detail.
      Essentially he described the process as it is told by Elisabeth. This was also confirmed by the other three boys involved, whom I interviewed too.
      Everything pointed to a mistake, which was not doubted by anyone involved. The aim was to find out whether and, if so, how, this error could have been avoided.
      After interviewing the boys, I asked a boy who had struck me as reliable and inquisitive from lectures to accompany me and, if necessary, to serve as a witness of the accuracy of my research.
      I then immediately went to Ellie’s room, the girl who was convicted of UNSTREAKING and sentenced to 10 days of nudity. The punishment also includes requiring males to have sex with Ellie regularly and frequently during the 10 days. I found Ellie in her room, naked and with her roommate and two boys, all of them credibly confirmed that they hadn’t left the room for at least two hours. By checking the ID card I was able to rule out that the boys couldn’t have surprised the real girl in town. So all that remained was to determine how this mistake could have happened or whether there was any intent. I brought Ellie and her ID card into the meeting room next to the administration office and at the same time asked the boy, assisting me, to go find Elisabeth, who was affected, and get her ID card along with her. An initial comparison of the two girls revealed that they were not very similar. Both wore the same hairstyle, a ponytail, but which, apart from the different hair color, clearly reinforces the similarities. At this point, an error was becoming more and more likely. The boys said that they had even compared Elisabeth’s pussy with the photo on the flyer. I had the two girls sit next to each other on a table and spread their legs wide. Upon closer inspection, the vulva showed a slight variation in shape but significant variation in color, whereas the as triangle trimmed pubic hair was deceptively similar in both cases. The difference in color, Ellie’s pussy was clearly reddened while Elisabeth’s was yellowish, should have been noticeable in any case, even if one takes into account the color difference caused by the printing of the leaflets. However, after she got back to her room, Elisabeth had taken a long cold shower and cleaned her pussy. I was able to eliminate the resulting cooling of the skin by rubbing the labia for a minute or two. The subsequent re-assessment, based on the entire photo on the leaflet, then revealed a significant increase in the similarities, which is more than enough evidence to prove that when the boys undressed Elisabeth and had sex with her, they did so in the assuming they had the convicted perpetrator Ellie caught. Since the girls’ continued presence was no longer necessary, I dismissed them. However, the young man who helped me pointed out to me that Elisabeth was showing clearly visible signs of sexual arousal, either as a result of the incident or my efforts to explain the color difference in her pussy. So I had to ask her not to leave right away. Since I know about the enormous burden on the inspectors, I decided not to ask for support, but rather to carry out the measures defined in the CCC in the event of sexual arousal, by myself. According to the regulations, I raped Elisabeth consensually. My companion proved to be extremely useful the whole time and even when I was finished, he didn’t hesitate when I asked him, to immediately stick his fully erect penis into Elisabeth’s pussy and fuck her too.
      The incident described by Elisabeth is therefore clearly explained and is based solely on an unavoidable and unrecognizable error for the boys. Assuming that, as is their duty, they are complying with an explicit request from the university management, the boys, through a chain of coincidences, forced Elisabeth and not the assumed Ellie to have sex. Elisabeth herself at least negligently encouraged this error, as she confirmed to be the requested ellie Johnson.


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