College Tale Trilogy Part 1 – The Gym Helpers

“Isn’t it nice for the college to help out that charity?” Bonnie said.

“Yeah,” I said, “It’s great the college can give those unemployed men something to do.”

All week the college had been playing host to the Men’s Help Charity, who had arranged for several unemployed men over the age of 40 to be makeshift teaching assistants for the week on a volunteer basis. The scheme was designed to help them establish a daily routine and give them some work experience and confidence. We were all pleased that people in unfortunate situations could be helped out.

“Come on girls, if we don’t hurry up and finish our lunch, we’re going to be late for gym,” Kandi urged us.

She was right; we had spent so much time talking about the volunteers that Bonnie, Kandi, Ella and I still had our plates half full. Serena however, hadn’t touched her food at all. In fact, she had been very quiet this whole time. I suddenly remembered that she had her dentist appointment right after lunch. Poor thing, she was so nervous about it.

“I’m sure it will be alright, Serena,” I said to her. She kind of smiled back but didn’t say anything.

We all ate in silence so we could finish quickly then us four girls left the dining hall for gym class while Serena went to her appointment.

When we stepped in the gym, most of our female only gym class was already there with our instructor Miss Jayne. There were also six men from the charity who were putting away the apparatus and mats the boys gym class had just used.

“It’s great having the volunteers around,” Miss Jayne said. “The boys used to take forever putting away their equipment but girls, if you get changed we can start straight away.”

“Right, but it’s really hot in here. Is the heating still on?” I asked Miss Jayne.

“Yes Jodie, it is. I don’t want anyone catching cold, it’s freezing outside,” she said. “Now hurry up so we can get started.”

We rushed into the changing room to put out gym kits on.

“What are we going to do about our kits, Jodie? Ella asked me.

All the other girls seconded her question but I didn’t know what she meant.

“You know, our gym kits are so short, they come down to just halfway across our butts. If we go out there wearing them, those male volunteers will see everything!

I thought her concern was a bit silly, “it’s an all female class so they’ll probably be gone and just come back to clear up.” That seemed to make sense with all the girls and we got changed and headed out.

To our shock the six men were still in the gym. They had finished putting everything away and were standing around talking to Miss Jayne. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw us in our gym kits. We all became instantly shy and covered our exposed vaginas with our hands and tried not to turn around so they would see our bare butts.

“Good, you’re all ready,” Miss Jayne said when she saw us but she hadn’t picked up on our embarrassment with the men looking at us. We were still standing by the changing room door and beckoned her over.

“Miss, can you send them away now?” We asked her. She gave us the most puzzled look.

Send them away? Girls, they’re here to help out during this class, I’m not going to send them away.”

“But Miss, they’ll see everything!” We said incredulously.

It took a moment for her to realise what we were talking about. She looked up and down our bodies, at the way our gym kits came down to just below our hips and she saw the way we were trying to hide our vaginas with our hands. Then she looked back at the men who were all looking at us but trying hard not to when Miss Jayne looked at them.

“Look girls,” she said, “I’ll let you in on a secret. They’re not interested in any of you; you’re all too young for them. They’ve actually been flirting with me, trying to get my number! These are nice men. They’re all over 40 and are not perverts or young teenage boys with raging hormones. They’re not even going to notice your vaginas.”

We wanted to argue with her but she was adamant.

“Besides, Jodie was right before, it is too hot in here. I’ve turned the heating off but I need to make sure none of you get too hot and faint. I can’t keep my eye on all of you at once so the men will be a great help there. Because of the heat, we will not be doing anything too strenuous today. We’ll start off with some stretching,” Miss Jayne said.

We all groaned and got into space in the gym as she ordered. The six men stood back against the wall facing us. We all just looked at the floor, too embarrassed to look them in the face. Miss Jayne stood in front of us with her back to the men and we began.

“Right, stretch upwards, raising your arms up as high as you can,” she instructed.

We all lifted our arms up and became increasingly aware that our gym kits were riding up our bodies exposing more and more to the men watching us. With our arms fully up, the hems of our kits came down to just below our navels. The men could clearly see our hairless pussies and because Miss Jayne had her back to them, they were not trying to hide their glances.

We carried on stretching and twisting for a while with the men unable to take their eyes off us and Miss Jayne completely oblivious.

She soon asked three of the men to stand at the back of the gym, behind us so they could monitor the girls at the back. As they got into position we could all feel their eyes locked onto our bare juicy butts, getting a good look.

Miss Jayne changed our activity slightly and said we now had to stretch by standing with our legs apart and bending forward touching our toes. As we bend over out kits rode up again fully exposing our butts to the men standing behind us. I couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was! While I was fully bent over, I could see behind me and saw one of the men looking right at my spread butt cheeks and pussy. He was mesmerized and looked like he was in a trance.

The heat in the gym was becoming a real pain. After only about 10 minutes of stretching and bending, some of us were starting to sweat which was making our white gym kits damp and transparent. They were clinging to us, which the men had begun to notice too. This had started to reveal all the curves of our shapely bodies and I could clearly see the breasts and areola of a lot of the girls as their kits had clung to their chests making their nipples standout as if they were cold. I looked down at my own breasts and saw my nipples protruding proudly. My kit had become so sheer with sweat you could make out the exact colour my nipples were through the damp material. I looked up again to see that one of the men was also studying the exact contours and perkiness of my boobs.

Ella was not handling the heat well and was very exasperated.

“I’m very concerned about the heat in here,” Miss Jayne said becoming worried that Ella might pass out. “You are all sweating quite a lot. To prevent you overheating, I want you all to take your gym kits off.”

What?!” We all said.

“What about them?!” Kandi asked nodding to the six men not caring if they heard her.

“Oh I’m sure they won’t mind,” Miss Jayne said. “Would any of you be offended if the girls were to remove their gym kits and continue naked?” she asked them. The men could not believe what they had just been asked and shook their heads rapidly.

“See, I told you,” she said completely missing the point Kandi was making. “Come on girls, hurry up! We have more to do,” Miss Jayne insisted.

We reluctantly peeled off our sodden kits and there we stood, hot, sweaty and naked in front of six men who were all eyeing us up intently!

“Okay girls, I want you to stand with your legs together, hands on hips and elbows back. Now jump up and down on the spot. I’ll tell you when to stop… begin!”

Now this was really humiliating! The position our arms were in, thrust our breasts forward accentuating them and now that we were jumping up and down, out breasts were bouncing and flopping around gratuitously. Peals of sweat were trickling down our bodies making them glisten and the men were focused on our naked bodies more than ever. I think I could even see a few of them with erections in their trousers but I couldn’t be sure.

After a while of us jumping on the spot, Miss Jayne went into the store cupboard and produced a crate of skipping ropes. She distributed them amongst the men then told us to stop jumping. The men went around handing the ropes out and they used the opportunity to get a good look at our glistening naked bodies up close. And yes, as they came close to us I could definitely see bulges in some of their trousers.

With the ropes shared out we had to begin skipping which was even more humiliating then simply jumping on the spot. Miss Jayne wanted us to skip fast to really get our hearts pumping but because of this, our boobs were bouncing and jiggling up and down double-time! The men were really loving the show. We were getting even hotter and our naked bodies were covered in sweat.

After a few minutes we could stop. Miss Jayne told us to rest while the men got the mats out for floor exercises.

With the mats positioned in rows, we had to lie on our backs then raise our legs in the air, supporting ourselves by placing our hands under our backs. I’m sure we all silently groaned because we knew what was coming next. Miss Jayne told us to separate our legs as far as we could then back again. We really didn’t want to with all the men watching us but we could not disobey our instructor.

Grudgingly, we parted our legs wide and could only image the looks on the men’s faces as they saw our beautiful pussies opening up to them every time we spread our legs apart. Thankfully they were all still by the wall away from us but then Miss Jayne asked them if they could walk between the rows to make sure all of us were doing it properly.

By now we were all very embarrassed and extremely humiliated with the men walking down the rows. Each man stood directly behind a girl while she continued to involuntarily expose her pussy as she spread her legs far apart then back again. All of a sudden, one man was standing over me. At this point my legs were closed and I held them there. I really didn’t want to open them but he remained there expectedly waiting for me. I held my legs together hoping he’d move on but then I heard Miss Jayne call my name, “Jodie, do the exercise properly!”

With a deep sigh I had to spread my legs far apart while the man standing over me got a good view of my pussy and ass hole. After a few times of my opening and closing my legs, he moved on.

Miss Jayne stopped us a little while later to let us catch out breaths. We all stood up and got into a huddle again trying to hide our shiny naked bodies from the men who moved back to the wall. Miss Jayne could see that we were all still sweating quite a lot and was wondering what she should have us do next.

“Can all of you do handstands?” she asked. “Hands up everyone who can’t.”

We weren’t sure what she wanted to do and the ones who couldn’t handstand, me included, were in two minds as to whether we should draw attention to ourselves by raising our hands but eventually we did.

“Good,” Miss Jayne said, “the volunteers can help you finally learn how to do them!”

Oh no!” we thought.

“But Miss? Couldn’t the girls that do know how to handstand help us instead?” I asked.

“Mmmm… no. Having a big strong man to help you will make it easier,” she answered.

The men suddenly got even more excited and couldn’t wait to find out how they would be ‘helping’ us.

“Jodie, you can go first and I’ll show you what I mean,” Miss Jayne said.

She pointed to the centre of the gym and I slowly walked there even more conscious of my nakedness in front of the men now that I was not in the huddle with the other naked girls.

“Henry, could you help Jodie?” Miss Jayne asked.

The same man that had stood over me during the previous exercise headed towards me. As he did so, I could see him clearly eye me from my ankles, up my legs, to my vagina, up my glistening torso and over my pert breasts and to my head. Then he saw me catch him looking but didn’t take his eyes off me.

When he was stood beside me, Miss Jayne said, “Okay Jodie, I want you to perform a handstand and Henry will hold on to you to stop you falling over. After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll be able to do it unassisted.”

I did as she said and threw myself forward to begin the handstand. As my legs went up, Henry quickly came around me and stood in front of me. As I was going upside down, I tried to keep my legs together tightly knowing exactly where he would be looking.

“Catch her Henry!” Miss Jayne said as I started to fall backwards.

I suddenly felt two very large strong hands grab my butt and Henry pulled me close to him.

“See, “Miss Jayne said, “he didn’t let you fall.”

I felt Henry start to gently squeeze and squish my butt while he was holding me, pulling me against his body even more. He was enjoying the feel of my soft clammy skin. I felt something hard poking back at me and I knew exactly what it was. This made me unsteady and start to sway.

“Jodie, you have to balance yourself so you don’t topple over. Use your legs.” Miss Jayne said.

“Huh?” I said, trying to keep still.

“Your legs,” Miss Jayne said, “use them to balance. You won’t be able to do it with your legs completely closed.”

She was right. I couldn’t stay still with my legs completely closed but I didn’t want him getting a good look at my pussy again. But all my unsteadiness was giving Henry a good reason to hold firmly onto my butt which I didn’t want him to do.

Reluctantly, in an effort to get Henry to let go of my ass, I had to spread my legs to balance myself out. Henry was now looking straight down at my pussy and he still didn’t let go of me.

“Very good, Jodie,” Miss Jayne said. “Now everyone who had their hand up, line up in front of the men and they will all help you do what Jodie did.

I was finally released to stand up and I joined the girls who could already handstand. The rest got into equal lines in front of the men and naked sweaty girl after naked sweaty girl performed a handstand and was grabbed by the man they were in front of and they too had to splay their legs to balance themselves while the man they were with got an eyeful of her luscious pussy.

When the rest of the girls had finished we all got back into a huddle waiting for Miss Jayne’s next instruction.

“Hey Jodie!” Bonnie whispered to me, “the man that I was with had an erection!”

“Yeah! Mine too!” Kandi whispered.

“And Mine!” Ella said.

More girls echoed the same.

“Yeah. Henry too,” I admitted. “We should complain to Miss Jayne.” All the girls looked in my direction, expecting me to raise the matter, so I did.

“Miss Jayne? All the men have great big erections!” I said loud enough for her and the men to hear.

The men froze on the spot suddenly looking very anxious that they were about to be busted.

Miss Jayne looked at us in shock, “Jodie?! How could you say such a thing?!”

“It’s true Miss! We felt them while we were doing the handstands,” the girls said backing me up.

Miss Jayne didn’t know what to do but she had to take us seriously. If there was any impropriety on the men’s part they could get into trouble.

She walked over to them and began to see for herself that there were indeed things bulging through the men’s trousers.

Miss Jayne said to them, “I have to ask you gentlemen if you have been finding helping the girls sexually arousing.”

“Oh, no! Not at all!” They lied. “We… err…  just have a lot in our pockets.” They proceeded to empty the contents of their pockets and they all took out various items.

“You see? I knew there was a reasonable explanation. Honestly, girls!” Miss Jayne said exasperated. “I can’t believe you have greatly embarrassed the men by accusing them of being improper! I want you all to apologise to them and give them a big hug to show that you have no hard feelings!”

I couldn’t understand it. I’m sure we weren’t imagining things but we apologised to them anyway but as each one of us hugged a man we felt them really hug us back, groping out young nubile wet bodies for all they were worth. We also noticed them bending forward slight and realised that they actually did have erections and were trying to hid them from us. They had had them all along!

Just when I was going to complain to Miss Jayne again, she said we could all get changed and not wanting to be naked in front of the men anymore, we all ran off into the changing rooms.

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6 thoughts on “College Tale Trilogy Part 1 – The Gym Helpers

  1. base

    I think I mentioned this before, but worth repeating. “Gymnasium” comes from the Greek word, gymnos, meaning naked/nude. Exercising naked does two things – frees you from sweaty clothing (unhealthy) and allows you and your instructor to see your progress in fitness. Natural competition amongst the students to be fit will be increased when participating in Physical Education. Males may be given exceptions depending on the situation. For instance, naked high hurdles might penalize a well-endowed male, and might result in a not-so-well-endowed male at the end of his run. A jock strap or cup could be worn in such training as warranted.

    For the above reasons, the entire Physical Education complex should be a “no clothing” building for all. Students, professors, assistants alike.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask Grinch about that. Maybe the Eroslavians lost that war and the foreign invaders took the site down. 🙂

      1. Grinch

        It’ll be up on within a week or two. Whether there will be new stories is less sure though. Thanks for asking though!!

  2. MzM

    The choice to have them remove the gym kits was right. For some reason, girls tend to worry a bit much about the continuity of their skin, defining boundaries which should and should not be seen when in the end, it’s all the same thing. My showing my pussy shouldn’t be that far of a departure than showing my palm. But because these distinctions are constantly reinforced in our social setting, faulty as it is in logic, girls continue to place an undue concern on their privates.

    I feel that base made a good point about gyms with nudity and seems this gym teacher is like minded because she nailed it on the head when she pointed out that older men not really caring about younger girls being naked. These guys have some life experience so they know, as she did, that it was all in the interest of learning. The girls will understand when they get out to the real world.

  3. William Kazak

    The men, over 40 and unemployed, were helping out for the week because the Men’s Help Charity wanted them to establish a daily routine and give them some work experience and confidence. Miss Jayne, let the men work the gym class, as makeshift teaching assistants. Give a guy a chance and he will show you what he can do for you. These girls were just not used to exercising in front of an audience in their gym kits nor completely nude. Miss Jayne only asked the girls to remove their gym kits because the heating in the gym was much too hot. Obviously, Miss Jayne cares about the girls. Go try and find a teacher who really cares for you. These girls should be thankful that the men stayed for the entire class to assist learning their exercises and giving them the confidence they will need for real life, outside the classrooms. These girls acted so silly and they made the men get giant erections. After this episode, the gym should be entirely nude for everyone.


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