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See this little brat?

She’s with my kid brother in High School. His little girlfriend. They’ll both be graduating in a couple of months. Lately, she’s taken this liking to me as well and has been trying these constant emotional bribes for me to like her back. Take this for instance. Last week she came in with a bouquet of flowers and leaves them on my dresser. ‘To a sister I never had’ – Note attached. With little hearts on it, too. Like who told her she could go into my room to do that?

Then a couple of days after that, she gets me a gift certificate to a lingerie store. Hello? Do you know how useless panties are for me? Is she forgetting the college I go to? It’s like telling me I should put on some panties cause she doesn’t like that I’m bottomless all the time. Is that her business? So, see, this has been going on for a while. I’m getting tired of all her snooty gifts and gestures.

Here she is now waiting for my brother to come out of the shower so they can go out on their lovey-dovey voyage to some concert. I understand they’ll be gone all night as well coming in late in the morning, the little horn pups. I doubt very much she deserves my brother. Hope it’s understood that i’m not a bitter person or anything. I’m very protective of my brother and I do want the best for him.

Just as i was settling down to play with myself quietly by the fireplace. Well, here comes this waif bustling in on my “me” time. All cause she’s constantly trying to impress me. Why can’t she just get lost and mind her own business?

Look at how unsightly she is. Wouldn’t you agree?

So i decided to teach her a lesson. Time for a somewhat cruel prank.

“Hey Madi, you expecting some rain at the concert?”


“You’re panties are white with some kind of pink decoration. I can see right up your skirt. Is that an open umbrella invite? Are you trying to draw attention at the concert or something?”

“Oh! No, not at all. Sorry”, she goaded tugging down the hem of her dress.

“That’s not how you should fix it, Madi. You’re going to a concert wearing something that short, then there was only one thing you were going to do. You and I both know.”

“No! Oh, sorry about that! I just wanted to wear something sexy. Nothing more”

“Oh c’mon. Someone as cool as you? You were sitting there in your uppity outfit flashing me tusah and now you want me to believe you were going to go to that concert to keep the hem of that skirt at a modest level? Madi, do you know how many concerts I’ve been to?”

“Um… a lot?”

“Yes, and you?”

“This is my first time… so, zero…”

“Well, either way, I had you pegged for someone hip to it. I know we don’t talk much, but if my brother is with you it’s cause you’re smart”

“That’s nice of you but I don’t think I’m that sma..”

I barreled forth, “You’re dating someone as popular as my brother. You have a ton of pressure to impress him. I understand. Been there… but you can’t roll into that concert wearing a skirt that short and not think you won’t provoke some attention with it?”


“You were trying to be provocative, weren’t you?”


“You want to impress my brother?”



“Then you need to listen to me, cause i know.”

“Well, what should I do?”

“First off, where is the concert?”

“Well, it’s a field over at…”

“A field? Like open grass field?”


“Not a stadium?”

“No, open air. Grass field. Near a farm or something”

Ok perfect. So this is what you do. You’re going to sprawl out on the grass with him, you hike the skirt up like so and just lay on your side”, adjusting the him of her dress, I demonstrated just what I meant and pushed her down on the sofa. “See do this and face him this way”.

“See that there?”

“Yes, but everyone is going to get an eyeful this way, though”

“Madi, c’mon. You’re at a concert. Do you realize what girls do at concerts? By the way, you think I’m not hip to what you two are doing when you get there? Or what you do to him on the drive over. I clean the car, Madi.”


“The stains?!? I know what you two are doing with my car.”

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I’ve only ever used my hand. I swear, we’ve never done anything else.”

“That doesn’t make cleaning up your stains from our car easier, Madi!”

“Alright, but… and I’m sorry, but…”

“The least you can do is wipe down the mess you make him make. It’s your mess, after all!”

“I’m sorry! Okay! But you should know i haven’t done anything else with him. He hasn’t seen me naked or anything. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

“Look. Just don’t try to make it out like you’re so prim and proper all of a sudden. You were giving me an upskirt a minute ago. You don’t have to explain anything else.”

“Okay, but…”

“Get on your stomach”


“Just do it!”

Madison rolled over on her tummy somewhat begrudgingly.

“See that? When you’re on your stomach you won’t be as self conscious about your panties showing. You know why? Because your attention is directed forward at the band. So you don’t care who is behind you seeing whatever they may see.”

“Okay. Right. That sounds pretty logical”

“You think you can pull it off?”

“Err, why do i want to do this, again?”

“Madi, you want to impress my brother, you first have to impress the crowd at that concert. I know what I’m saying sounds strange, but trust me. Okay? I know my bro”

“So, can you pull it off?”

“Oh, yeah. Totally.”

“I’ll give this a try, but I don’t get why i have to be crass about it. I was just going to do some mild, sexy flashes”

It was time for some reverse psychology, “Uggh.. you know, what? I get the feeling you’re not going to do this at all. No offense Madi, but you don’t strike me like the type. Sad, too. I thought we were about to strike a chord. You’re nothing like me, though…”

I goggled away, “You don’t have the guts”

“Yes i do! I’m totally going to do it! You’re right about what you said before. There was a reason why I was wearing this short skirt!”

“You think you’re gutsy then?”

“Yes. Yes, i am!”

“Turn around and lift your shirt up”


“Turn around and let me see your tits, Madi”

Madi paused a moment and guarded her chest, but then turned to face me. Having asserted herself verbally, she was intent to show with action. In a split moment, she flashed me her small and somewhat perky breasts, bringing her shirt right back down in the same instant.

“Oh, C’moooon, Madi”, i reached over and pulled her shirt up slowly, again, revealing her little bee stings as well as the most ugly and bizarre tat running across her side of her torso that I have ever seen on a human being. I totally hated this thing.

“Whaaaat? Are you kidding me, Madi? You have a tat?”

“You like it?”

“I love it!”

“Ok, so leave it right there for a moment and let’s talk about something.”

“Uh, ok”

“You’re going to this concert. You wear that short skirt and show this tat, and you’ll be totally official”


“Officially badass!”


“Now, you’ve admitted you had intentions to flash your panties at my brother. Right?”

“Uhh.. yeah. I guess you can put it that way”, she twirled her hair nervously with a finger.

“You realize, of course, all that effort of yours is going to be overshadowed. At these concert a lot of the other girls are showing off a thing here or there. You flashing these itty bitties a few seconds or even minutes isn’t really going to score you any brownie points with my brother. You’re really not going to stand apart from the rest this way”. Madi leaned back and away from me, mouth slightly agape, looking appalled. I didn’t mince words about her chest and so she was growing quite guarded.

On second thought, causing her to start clinging on to her shirt wasn’t the effect i was going for either. She was getting reluctant to go further. So, I applied some reverse-reverse psychology.

“You know what, Madi, there’s just too much to cover here and my brother is almost coming out of the shower. I don’t think i can help you anymore. Good luck to you on this concert…”

“No! Please, tell me. You’re basically saying other girls are going to be topless at the concert?”

“Most definitely. It always happens. It’s one of the reasons people go.”

“And so, I should lift my top like this at the concert”

“Yes, Madi”, I responded with an irksome hue.

“Okay! No problem, i can do that. Is that all?”

“No, it’s not all. That just helps you impress the concert goers. That’s going to do very little to impress my brother…”, I went on to grumble, “Or me for that matter…”

This really set her off as i made sure to say it low but loud enough for her to make out. “Look, I don’t know why you hate me so much.. but ever since we met, I’ve tried to be nothing but nice to you!”

“Look, Madi. It’s not that I hate you. I’ve just seen lots of stuff at my school these past years and I’m not that easily impressed. You try too much to impress me. That’s all. It’s nothing personal. Someone like me isn’t easily impressed. Not my fault. Not your fault. Just one of those things”, I asserted, “And anyway, you’re always either trying too hard or not trying hard enough”

“What? That doesn’t make any…”

“Basically, if you want to impress my brother, you do have to try to impress me. Not cause it’s some due you have to pay me. Simply that I’m desensitized to all this. So if you manage to impress me, you’ll definitely impress him. That’s all”

Madi sat there, restlessly teasing the ends on her hair while staring at me. I could see the little gears twirling in hear head.

“You know. Nevermind. It’s fine. You don’t need to impress me, Madi. Just relax. Just be yourself”

“Okay, no! Wait! So what am I supposed to do?”

“I’m happy if i know for a fact my brother is happy. Understand?”, I made sure to pointedly stare at her crotch.

“Got that. Yeah.”

“So what about your minge. Have you taken care of it?”

“My what?”

“Your pussy. Is it shaved?”, biting my lower lip.

Just as soon as I asked that question, I got Madi to blush. It’s just what she wanted. Oh, i know it! She’s relished this moment since the time we met. Some very personal girl to girl talk. I was finally giving it to her.

This made her complacent about letting me peek at her luscious little mound.

“Good! Well, my only real critique at this point is if you’re going to do the topless thing, you need to show everyone else up. So, instead of waiting to going to this concert to then lift your shirt or take it off there, you need to leave from here this evening… that way… in that state.

“What state? Leave here without my top?”, clutching her shirt suddenly, “You mean leave here half naked?!”

“God, Madi! I thought we were getting along here. No need to raise your voice! Sheesh!”, I crossed my arms and huffed, feigning an immediate discontent in the best eyeroll I had in my arsenal.

“I’m sorry”, Madi responded with a fidgety hints. “You’re right, I’m totally overeacting. Look I’m calm, see?” Madi then went on to pull off her little top and quickly flipped her frown upside-down, all for me.

“Look, how easy. Look… calm”, tossing her top on the ground, she worked up the most serene smile she could.

I picked up her top from the floor and clasped it tightly in my fists, viciously pulling it at ends to tear it up in one clean jerk.

“Why did you do that!?”

“Maddi”, I rolled my eyes again “I did you a favor. You’d have lost your backbone the minute your heard my brother coming this way and would have put it back on. This way, as a friend, I’m making sure you stick to your own commitments”

“Uhhh.. okay”

“Your panties are showing from the front again, though”

Madi looked down to inspect herself for a moment, “They are… but we agreed that’s what I was going to do.”

“Yes, but you’re not really getting it. You’re sort of supposed to… well, like I alluded to before, you’re not supposed to face the person you’re flashing”, I let out a lofty sigh.

“Madi, see how it feels when you’re showing it off from the back. Just bend over a sec so I tell you how it looks.”

“How does that feel, bending over like that in front of me?”


“Yeah. Weird…”


“See? No. Just, no, that’s not gonna work, Madi. It’s like you’re trying to be badass but then all the cred you build up comes right off with those dorky panties. If you want to score with my brother, you’re going to have to lose the panties”

“The panties?”

“Yes, Madi. The panties… or the skirt. If you go to the concert in just your panties, i really don’t think anyone will be doing that”, I imparted, “But should you go to the concert with the skirt, then without panties you’re going to have to brave up and deal with the fact that your pussy will be on display here and there. However, you’ll totally win my brother over. Probably for good. Can you deal with that?”

“I… I guess so.”

“So which is coming off?”

“My panties… i think”, she reached under her skirt, lowering them slowly to her knees before stopping.

“You chickening out?”


“What’s it going to be then?”

I could see Madi reeling and disconcerted for a moment. I had to do a little more to sell it. Parting my legs ever so slightly, “Look at me, Madi.. when have you ever seen me with panties?”


“Have you ever seen me covering my pussy?”


“Now admit that, during the whole time we’ve been talking now, you totally forgot that I was bottomless. Right?”

“Yes, that’s right. I suppose so.”

“So if I can be bottomless all the time, It’s not going to kill you to go to that concert without panties, especially since you’re going to have a skirt on the whole time.”

Having reinforced the role model concept, Madi had less of an issue prying those panties off. So, off they continued to roll, past her knees slowly until they reached her ankles. She pulled one leg out easy, but had an awkward second footing as she struggled to yank them on end having caught them on her heel. She then bunched them up in a tight fist.

I put my hand out gesturing that I wanted them. She clutched them away from me, “No, you’re gonna rip em!”

“No, Madi. Are you nuts? Just cause I don’t use any doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a lovely set of panties. Can you give here and if you don’t mind I want to try them on a sec…”

Madi hesitant again, seemed to search my face for sincerity. I sat there with my hand out. I arched my eyebrows and widened my glance, “You want to start acting like sisters eventually, right?”, you’re just going to have to trust me.

After one last nip of hesitation, she settled on passing them to me. No sooner where they in my clutches that I tore them in one clean, jerk motion. RIP!

“You ripped them!”

“Take it easy, Madi. I’m helping you. You knew damn well you were going to put them back on after you left.”

“Ok, yeah… but that doesn’t give you the right!”

“Madi, hush. Okay. We’re friends now. I think the price of that far outweighs whatever the cost of that top and panties were”

I threw the torn panties and blouse into the fireplace just to have a complete assurance they’d be totally unusable later.

“Now that we’re friends, listen to what I want to say. You’re going to have a great night tonight. You’re go to that concert with that skirt, just that skirt. You’re going to feel so liberated. Have fun with it! Be playful! Make mousey peer out every now and then! You’re gonna love it.”

Madi caressed the bare areas of her skin, scrutinizing herself. It’s as though she wasn’t confident about her body. I had to take her attention away from it.

“Madi, have you ever sat bare butt on the ground?”


“Well, you’re going to love it. So will he. You know my brother is constantly talking about your body?”

“Really? What’s he say about me?”

“Look, bottom line. Let that naked butt hang out from the back of that skirt when you sit down on that grass. Before you know it he’ll be pitching a tent.”


“Just, Fine?”

“No… it’s great. I think can make myself like this”

“Good! Now stand up and let’s have one last look at you”

She did so, but gazed at me with a very subtle tinge of doubt. Though, I did make her think we were friends and so she valued the connection we were supposedly making, but i don’t think i really had her trust quite yet. “See that. Panties don’t show, but you’re covering exactly what you should be covering. Nothing more and nothing less.”

“Oh, and one last thing, Madi”



“No, don’t bother saying it. I know what you’re going to say.”

“What? Why are you taking your skirt off?”

And that’s when she went into a tirade.

“I don’t know! Maybe you’re about to say something about how I can’t wear a skirt if i want to impress the band or something? First you want me to impress the crowd. Then you want me to impress you. Then, if I impress the crowd and you… somehow, i will impress your brother! What were you going to say next? You want my skirt off so badly? All you had to do was ask! You want some solidarity just cause YOU have to be bottomless? Just ask for it! You don’t have to manipulate me!”

“Madi! Wait!”

She rambled on, “How’s this? You think I didn’t know this was where you were taking it? Looks nice right? To have me naked here?”, she exclaimed stepping out of her skirt and kicking it awayat the floor.

“Madi, all i was going to do was wish you luck tonight with my brother!”

Madi, froze for a moment and there was a long awkward silence. I don’t think she really believe me, but she stopped.

Still, now that the skirt was off. I hastily scooped it up and tossed it over into the fireplace. I snorted out suppressed laughter. Madi stared, mouth open, at her last piece of clothing going up in a dark smoke and ember.

“Look, you did that last one on your own. I admit I maybe I was being a tad underhanded, but i wasn’t planning on getting you completely nude, I swear! Not what i was trying to do.”

Totally lying to her. The prank was that i was going to strip her totally nude for my brother. I was surprised with how she caught on. She’s smarter than i thought.

Madi just gave me an evil glower and said, “This is what you wanted. I know this is what you wanted”

“Madi, look. Cheer up, you look awesome. My brother just got out of the shower a few minutes ago. He’ll be here soon. You’re gonna have to make it look deliberate if you want to sell it. It’s about confidence. Now look, let me impart you these lovely words of comfort which we’re told at my college.

“See your pussy lips there. The part that’s actually private is not the lips themselves, Madi. It’s what’s behind them. Did you know a girls sex organs are internal?”

“I knew that.”

“Alright then! What’s the problem?”

She just stood there staring at me.

I had to cheer her up, pronto, “Let’s see you here from the side”

“Look, from this vantage point, you’re dressed to 50% of all people…”

Eyeballing me with her quick riposte and hands on hips, “And how is that?”

I pointed at our mirrored wall. “Simple, there will always be people to your west and to the east. Especially in that concert. From here, I’m not seeing anything that I don’t normally see on other concert-going chicks. If you had a bikini bottom, your ass would look just exactly like that. You know how many girls will have bikinis on there?”

She gazed toward her reflection intently. I added, “See, that dividing line between your butt cheeks? It’s the same thing that hangs out in a string bikini isn’t it?


“And you’ve worn one somewhere in public in your whole life, right?”

“Yes… i have”

“Okay, so no issues there!”

I went on, “Then you know the nipples peeking out from the side isn’t anything especially concerning cause we have our slips constantly. It’s just a question of whether someone was looking at the time it happened, right?”


“Don’t assume, then, that people are going to be looking constantly. They’re not! So by that reasoning, you’re not anymore exposed than you were with a bikini top. Right?”

“Okay… i can understand that…”

“You are dressed from the east and you are dressed from the west!”

“Well… okay…”

“Alright, then! That knocks out 50% of people. Now, north and south”, i suppressed another cackle seeing her holding in her anger.

“Turn around, Madi!”

“Ok, see here, your ass from this vantage point, which is lovely by the way. Again, i could finagle some explanation about how that same bikini string would cover you up the same way, but Madi, at the end of the day, it’s just your butt! What’s the private part? You’re butt or your asshole?”

“I’m not answering that, but i get it.”

“Well, honestly. You’ve shown this exact thing off in public before, haven’t you?”

“I suppose with a string bikini i have”

“Did you know that, legally, most states, including this one defines indecent nudity as frontal part of the body? There are barely any mention of butts so you can basically get away with it pretty much anywhere! How, is it that you think I get to and from school without bottoms?”

“I actually didn’t know that you went out in public bottomless until right now. Your brother told me you found a way to cover up”

“Sure! Only in the front, though! With a book or my hand or something… and only on the way to school! Once I’m there, i don’t cover at all”, I tried to assuage her by rubbing her back and even grazed slightly on her bottom as i did so. Yes, I was inspecting her bottom for my brother just as earlier i did her pussy.

I moved along, “So your South should be of no concern whatsoever. Okay?”


“Now about your, north, again… we covered the issue about nipples. Do i have to reiterate it again for the frontal view? Your pussy should be the only real worry here an you know what? You’re lucky!”


“Yes, look how it closes off perfectly. You think every girl has that? Some of us have a clit poking out through the curtains! Others have this obvious labia minora. You? You have this pristine pussy, Madi. Everything is neatly tucked inside or hidden well between your thighs. Clit is put away. Inner labia and vagina all put away from view! Your pussy lips do their job right! So what are you ashamed about?”

Madi looked down and on close analysis, said, “I guess I’m not.”

“You have have to feel dressed in your mind!”


“Are you?”


“Fantastic, then! Congrats, Madi, you’re officially dressed!”

Just then, my brother walked in the living room. Atlast, Madi looked very happy and thankfully just on time! My brother stood at the archway with an awestruck expression. I loved how happy he looked! Madi simply waved and smiled.

My brother, always trying to play it cool, had nothing special to say other than:

“We’re a little late. Let’s go!”

Pulling her in tow, out the door and with keys in the other hand he went. Off to a great night at the concert with his lovely date. I sat cozy and bottomless by my fireplace, watching my television, with a great smile of sisterly satisfaction. Given some thought, my prank wasn’t cruel at all. I actually taught her something of use, as I’m sure any of you can see how much confidence she will now have when she comes to my college next year.

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