College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #2

Peter Kent reports

Previously, we looked at Simple Clothes and Towels. Today we continue our look at the variety of alternative dress styles exhibited by some of the female students. (Most pictures can be clicked on for a larger image.)

We start with a last look at the towel style.

Danielle and her friend have unintentionally decided to be very daring by just wearing one towel between them. This came about after they got out of the pool. The girls realised they were late for lessons and rather than fumble about with their clothing, they decided to adopt the towel style but only had one towel to hand.

It remains to be seen how they got on all day sharing the one towel.

Body stockings

At first glance, you may think that one of our most experienced students, Alison, has had a complete brain drain and is in gross violation of the college dress code.

But take a closer look and you’ll see that our prized student knows the dress code inside out and was never in any danger of violating it. She is wearing a see-through body stocking that does not violate the code.

One could assume that our dear Alison is a little exposed just wearing the body stocking, however, she is a true lady and always adopts a ladylike posture, and at all times keeps her legs together thus never exposing herself unless asked by an inspector to prove that she is not in violation. She does not have to remove anything, all she needs to do is spread her legs a little, which is one huge advantage to what she is wearing.

Here is Aaliyah in a rather more colourful body stocking

She told me that another advantage to the body stocking was that she felt fully clothed wearing one. She can cover herself (almost) head to toe but never get too hot.

Her favourite feature however was that because of its open design, she did not have to remove anything or pull anything down to use the toilets.

Winter Wear

Brittany here is demonstrating to all the students how to live the student life on a tight budget. Instead of buying new clothes for the summer, she saves money by reusing some of her winter gear. As you can see, here she is making cleaver use of her winter scarf.

Aaliyah decided to follow Brittany’s ingenuity by wearing her own winter scarf in the summer.


The towelling robe is a style of dress that was an evolution of the towel, as worn here by Becky. Again, as with some of the other alternatives, if the wearer gets too hot, all she has to open the front and let the breeze in.

Julia had a woolly alternative of the towelling robe, but explained that one had to be careful how much breeze is allowed in as if not done properly, it could fly open completely, leaving her exposed.

Fashion conscious Aaliyah was keen to try out this style too. In her haste however she realised that her robe was far too long. To avoid drawing the attention of inspectors, she was forced to leave the robe open fully for the whole day.

Body Paint

We have already explored the use of body paint with the girl’s soccer team but this dress style caught on with the wider female student population. Although the most difficult to apply, it can be the most rewarding as passersby exclaim in awe as the girls reveals to them that they are actually completely naked.

‘Blue Angel’, as she is known to her friends is in love with body paint.

She loves that fact that she could be in a very public place without anyone noticing her nudity much.

Zafira also loved body paint. Her particular paint design was inspired by the girl’s soccer team.

She states that the only consideration is that one has to make sure that whoever applies the paint, applies it all the way around the back.

She wasn’t quite happy with this next photo as her shoes stood out a bit and she said that she could not wait until someone invented body paint shoes as well.

Various Other Styles

This next young lady’s dress style was born out of convenience rather than trying to set a fashion trend. Julia was working hard in the kitchens and found the heat unbearable. To keep from fainting, she decided to remove her clothes, keeping just the apron on.

Her friends remarked that the style suited her and she was still decent since her vagina was very hard to see. So she decided to stick with this in hot weather. If she gets even hotter, all she has to do is untie the back to cool down.

Finally, we have Petra who liked the light and airy fabric of this hula style outfit.

She adored the way it was a very modest outfit and was keen to show me how she could spread her legs wide open yet still remain decently covered.

Next, in our final look at alternative dress styles, we take a look at the styles that the Dean thought went a bit too far and were banned.

8 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #2

  1. Serena

    I love these clothing ideas and have tried some of them out already, especially since it’s been so hot out. I do have one problem, though: when I wear outfits like the ones pictured, I tend to get turned on very easily, especially when I’m being inspected. I’ve tried to relieve this sexual tension by exercising, doing yoga, and getting massages, but nothing really relieves it. Do you have any suggestions so I can get some relief? Thank you!

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      I have two experimental suggestions you can try.

      Whenever you feel sexual tension, you should place a small suction tube over your nipples and clitoris and create the strongest vacuum you can withstand. Leave them there for up to an hour. The dull ache and throbbing you feel in your nipples and clitoris will take your mind of the desire to have a hot rigid cock thrusting between your legs.

      You can also try getting hold of a mould of an erect penis, filling it with water and freezing it. Then, when you start to become aroused,
      slip the ice dildo into your pussy for an instant cool down and much needed relief from your frustrations.

      At the times you experience extreme sexual tension, you can of course use a combination of these methods.

      If you try these, please let us know how you got on.

  2. William Kazak

    When it is very hot outside, just leave a pair of sneakers on. No one will question you because they will just think it is your naked day. If you need to, run away as fast as you can from any inspectors wanting to do “probing”. You will be laughing your ass off in no time as they stumble.

  3. Tina

    I think the body stocking is the perfect outfit. It covers your full body and let the inspectors see you do not hide anything. On top of it, it accentuates your figure. This outfit has no downsides. And – as Alison shows – looks great


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