Bonnie’s Visit to the College Doctor

Half way through gym lesson, I had sprained my ankle and was sent to the college doctor. As I limped into the waiting area, I was surprised to find four boys looking a mess; hair all scruffy, clothes torn and cuts and bruises on their faces. They were sulking and holding various parts of their bodies. They must have all got in a fight with each other and none of them had come off well. I really didn’t want to wait around all day so I asked them all if I could see the doctor first. I hammed up my acting, making it seem as though my ankle hurt a lot more than it did. They were reluctant for me to jump the queue but after battering my lashes at them, they all finally agreed.

“Next!” the doctor called.

As I stepped into his office, the doctor looked up from some notes he was making with a slight look of confusion.

“Hmm. That fight must have been worse than first thought. One of the other boys has turned you into a girl!”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that remark but then he gave a little laugh and I realised he was joking as he was expecting one of the beaten up boys as his next patient.

“What can I do for you Miss…?”

“Vernliá. Bonnie Vernliá. I was running around in gym and I think I sprained my ankle.”

The doctor directed me to sit on the large examination table and took my sock and shoe off.

“If it is a sprained ankle, I will need to bandage it. My nurse is getting extra supplies from the storeroom right now for that lot outside. Well, I say ‘nurse’ but my regular nurse is off sick so I had to get a volunteer.”

Just then the surgery room door opened and in stepped a fit young guy holding a bundle of bandages. “Got them, doc,” the guy said.

“Thanks James.”

For a moment, I was distracted by James’ entrance but then I was even more distracted by the four boys outside the surgery watching me as the door was still open and they could see me on the table.

“Shut to door James,” the doctor instructed.

“Oh, sorry!” James uttered as he closed it looking at me, checking me out.

“Well Miss Vernliá, it certainly looks like a sprained ankle but the only way for me to be sure that it is not something more serious is to perform a full body examination.”

What?! For a sprained ankle?!” I couldn’t believe what he had just said.

“For what looks like a sprained ankle. One can never be too careful with these things. I once had a patient come to me with a broken finger nail. In an effort to get to the real cause of the broken nail, I gave her a full examination and discovered the true cause. If I had just used a bit of glue to fix the nail and sent her on her way, she would have died a few months later because of the undiagnosed condition she had. Better to be safe than sorry.”

“I guess you’re right…” I said. I was really reluctant but that story had terrified me.

“Just undress behind screen,” the doctor instructed.

I didn’t mind so much with the doctor but I didn’t what to undress, even behind the screen, with James present in the room. The doctor saw my hesitation.

“It’s quite alright. James is going to become a medical student anyway so you don’t have to feel embarrassed around him.

With reluctance I stood behind the screen in the corner of the room and removed my clothes. It was only when I was fully naked that I realised that there wasn’t a gown anywhere for me to put on.

“I don’t have a gown…”

“Really? There should be some there. James, have a look and see if you can find one.

To my shock, James came behind the screen with me completely naked and looked in the cupboards that were there. I immediately tried to cover myself but as he was in between me and the pile of my clothes, I could only use my hands.

All the while he was checking the cupboards, he could not stop glancing at my body. I was becoming extremely embarrassed and started blushing.

He finally moved away telling the doctor that he could not find any gowns.

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had to use them. Never mind. We’ll continue without. They only get in the way anyhow and make the examination take longer. Please come and sit on the table Miss Vernliá.

I was now crimson behind the screen not wanting to budge. After some insistence from the doctor, I slowly stepped out covering my vagina with my left hand and my breasts with my right arm.

James tried to look business like but he was just dying to take in more of my lovely body.

“Just some routine things to start with,” the doctor said as I sat on the table again, still shielding my feminine body from him and James. “I’m going to check your lungs. Please move your arm down,” he said with a hint of annoyance.

I didn’t want to but I let my arm fall away from guarding my large breasts and they bounced around a bit making me more self conscious.  James’ eyes lit up at the sight of my overdeveloped breasts.

The doctor placed the stethoscope on my chest and listened to my lungs. After a few moments, he sighed cautiously and said that he wanted to get a clear reading of what my lungs sounded like under active conditions and to do this, I needed to be out of breath. He ordered me to hop on my good leg for 60 seconds.

What, now?” I asked thinking that I had to remind him that I was still naked.

He looked at me with that annoyed look again and said sarcastically that he didn’t have all day. He told James to keep count of how many I did and to steady me if I looked like I was going to topple over. Still self conscious, I got down off the table and moved to a part of the room that had more space. Thankfully, the doctor turned away and began writing some notes but James continued to visually grope my naked body.

“Begin,” the doctor said still writing his notes. As I started the first hop, I could instantly feel my breasts bounce and jiggle bringing even more of James’ attention to my nakedness. My hands reached up to grab them and keep them restrained while I hopped up and down. James looked disappointed now that he would not be able to see my tits bouncing all over the place.

The doctor heard my intermittent hopping, “It will take far too long for you to become breathless like this. Hop as if you were performing star jumps, raising your arms into the air and down again. James will steady you.”

I silently groaned and grudgingly moved my hands away from my breasts letting my boobs flop free. James’ face lit up again now that I had been forced to hop without holding my tits and he enjoyed every bounce and jiggle they made as I hopped around for that minute.

As I got to the end, I was losing stamina and lost my balance and started falling forward. As James was eyeing me very closely, he quickly spotted this and rushed forward preventing me from falling completely. I was glad he did so but then realised he was just using it as an excuse to cheekily grab and squeeze my bum and rub his hands all over my smooth skin as he wrapped his arms around to catch me.

Now out of breath, I was sat back on the table still trying to cover my lady parts. The doctor checked my lungs again and declared them normal.

He could see my extreme embarrassment in the way I was still trying to cover up and by the fact that my face was blushing wildly and he had a bit of pity for me.

“Ok James, you might as well see if there are anymore gowns in the storeroom,” he said.

Boy, I was relieved to hear him say that! As I sat on the table, continuing to try and keep myself covered, James was still standing there watching me.

“James?” The doctor questioned.

James snapped out of his trance and very slowly headed for the door.

“Please lie down on the table, put your arms by your sides and place your legs in the stirrups,” the doctor instructed.

He pushed a leaver under the table and metal stirrups sprang up from each side of the table at the foot end.

I looked at the stirrups and saw that my legs would be lying flat, not raised like they would be at a Gynaecologist. Even so, they would still be spread open quite wide. The doctor once again saw my hesitation and he was starting to lose patience “It’s quite alright,” he said slightly exasperated.

James was still in the room. I had just placed my legs in the stirrups and had my arms by my sides when he opened the door to leave and the four boys who were previously sulking now all looked up at me in awe as they saw me from the side completely naked on the couch. I immediately curled up into a ball trying to cover myself again.

James closed the door behind him then the doctor turned around and saw me hunched up and got very annoyed.

Arms by your sides and legs in the holders!” he said reprimanding me.

My embarrassment had now turned into humiliation with the boys outside having seen me naked like this on top of being told off. I was dreading the moment James came back in. My only consolation was that he would be returning with a gown for me to wear.

The doctor said he would check for any other areas of pain and started at my head, gently prodding and squeezing, asking me if it hurt here or there. I was in too much of a state to concentrate on where he was applying pressure and just answered ‘no’ to everything.

He had made it down to my breasts and was checking for any lumps when the moment I feared happened. James opened the door. He was in a hurry to get back and had both arms full. The door swung open fully and he could not catch it with his foot. The four boys had now forgotten all about their indifferences and were all huddled up trying to get the best view of me through the doorway. I instinctively flinched to cover up again and the doctor let out a loud annoyed disapproving tut and I had to lie still placing my arms by my sides. I had managed to remove my legs from the stirrups and kept them closed together tightly.

James moved to a side cupboard to put what he had down. The door was still wide open with the boys watching my naked body and the doctor still squeezing my plentiful tits. Now feeling more humiliated than ever, the only thing I could do was close my eyes.

I heard James finally shut the door and opened my eyes to see an angry scowl on the doctor’s face. He was extremely annoyed that I had removed my legs from the stirrups and without him telling me, I put them back.

“Oh, no,” James said. “These aren’t gowns, these are the paper sheets that fit on the table. I searched the whole cupboard and didn’t find anything else. Looks like we’ll need to order some more.”

“Very well,” the doctor said. He was still very annoyed with me, “I cannot take any more delays with this examination and your continued fidgeting is extremely disruptive. It will go a lot quicker if you are strapped down. James?”

I did not think I had heard that correctly and was about to question him when James reached under the holder my left leg was in and brought a strap up and over it securing my leg in place. The doctor simultaneously did the right one. I sat up in the table to protest but before I could say anything, the doctor cut me off. “You see! This is exactly what I’m talking about. You keep incessantly getting in the way of this examination! Now lie back down and this will be over quicker.”

Flabbergasted, I lay back down. The doctor and James strapped my arms above my head to something at the head of the table.

Under James’ watchful eyes, the doctor continued to move his hands down my body asking if it hurt at certain points. His mobile rang and after checking who the caller was, he said, “I must take this. Won’t be a moment. James, while I’m gone, read over this check list so you know what I’ve done and what I haven’t.”

He handed the clipboard to James then stepped outside the room (thankfully) closing the door quick enough before the boys outside could see much.

“Checked lungs, checked heart rate, check prostate… Looks like the doc forgot to check your prostrate. I’ll do that for him while he’s out.”

What?! Girls don’t even have a prostrate!” I yelled at him.

“Yes they do. They have a small one,” and he proceeded to place his hand between my spread restrained legs and wiggle his finger right up my bum. He didn’t even use any lube! I was so annoyed at him and tried to get a hand out of the restraints to slap him but they were too secure.

We could hear the doctor finishing his call and he was about to come back in. James quickly withdrew his finger from my anus making a little popping sound.

“Right, where were we?” The doctor asked rhetorically as he entered the room.

“James said he had to check my prostrate!” I complained to him.

“Don’t be so ridiculous! Girls don’t have a prostrate. Now stop all this silliness and let’s get on with the exam! By your continued disruption, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of those students who was a total trouble maker with a complete disregard for authority. I bet you defy the rules all the time. I will not have any rule breaking under my watch, so while you are naked here you just make sure that you control yourself and refrain from any sexual excitement. Being naked is no excuse. I’m giving you fair warning, I’m about to check your vagina. If I feel any wetness you will be in big trouble young lady!”

Now I was even more mortified with him mentioning my vagina in front of James. His hands moved over my vagina and he asked if it hurt anywhere. I was too humiliated to answer but the doctor took my silence as a reason to be suspicious of me.

“She’s still dry James but she could be trying to fool us. Test her nipples and check for any firmness.”

I couldn’t believe this was about to happen. James moved over to me and gently pinched each of my nipples with his fingers. Arousing bolts of electricity shot through them.

“Her nipples are soft, doc.”

“Hmm, she still could be trying to deceive us. Check them again.”

Oh no,” I thought. Because of James’ previous touch, I could feel my nipples begin to firm up. Again James gently squeezed both my nipples and a tingling sensation shot through them once more. When he let go, I could feel them tighten up even more. I just hoped he didn’t check them again.

“Well… they seem ok…” James said but he was not quite sure and the doctor picked up on his uncertainty.

“Check them thoroughly until you are absolutely certain. Take as long as you need.”

I shrieked quietly, knowing that I was about to be busted.

James trapped my nipples firmly between his fingers for a third time and began gently pulling and tugging on them making me squirm. I was trying so hard not to enjoy his interaction but it was becoming too much to bear. My nipples were now approaching full firmness. I was doing well to hold out but then he started milking my nipples and that sent me over the edge. I let out an involuntary moan.

“Ah-ha!” The doctor said, “I knew she was a rebellious one! How hard are her nipples?”

“Very firm and hard,” James said still milking them.

“Well, we’ll have to test just how insubordinate you are Miss Vernliá.”

He placed his hand back on my vagina and ran his finger up and down between my pussy lips.

“Well… you seem like you’ve managed to refrain from full sexual excitement. You have a chance of redeeming yourself Miss Vernliá, I will authorise one more test to investigate your rebellious nature. If you are still dry after this, I will take back everything I have said about you and apologise. I need to write some notes. James, test her clitoris and tell me if it is engorged or showing any signs of sexual excitement. Be very thorough. We don’t know how cunning she is. Raise the stirrups”

This was the worse thing possible for me. With all the attention James gave my nipples before, I was highly turned on and was so glad the doctor hadn’t felt my pussy internally otherwise he would have discovered that I was indeed wet. However, with James now about to focus on my clitoris, I knew I was done for. I could already feel it tingling in anticipation of his touch and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I started leaking pussy juice onto the table.

I earnestly started to try and struggle out of my restraints, to at least get one arm free but it was no use. The doctor turned to his clipboard and James moved to the side of the table pushing another lever under it. The stirrups, with my legs in them, raised up and back towards me making my legs naturally bend at the knees and spreading my them even wider apart. Now I was in a position similar to what I would be at a Gynaecologist with my pussy fully exposed. James stepped in close to my spread legs and gently pinched my clitoris through its hood with his right thumb and forefinger and began massaging.

The sensation was incredible! I desperately tried not to make a sound and had to bite my bottom lip to stifle myself. He kept going, tenderly working away at it. With all my might I resisted any utterances and just when I thought I would break, he stopped.

Thank heavens!” I thought but I had celebrated too soon. James placed the same fingers back on my pussy but this time he carefully pulled back my clitoris hood, licked the forefinger of his left hand then lightly started stroking my clitoris directly. Waves of pleasure burst though me and I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.

The doctor looked up from his writings shaking his head, “Just as I suspected, a very rebellious student indeed. Now check her for wetness.”

James now let his right hand tease and caress my clitoris and eased his left forefinger deep into my pussy, as he slid it in, a copious stream of pussy juice oozed out of my vagina, running down my butt crack and on the table.

James was about to announce his findings but the doctor stopped him, “No need to tell me, I can see, and smell her from here.”

James’s finger was deep inside me and he was now expertly caressing my g-spot. I was building to an epic orgasm and writhing around uncontrollably on the couch.

“Good job we restrained her,” the doctor said watching me squirm around.

“Well James, in line with protocol, you know what you have to do now. I still have some paperwork to do but I doubt you’ll need me.” He turned his back to us and sat at his desk to write again.  James undid the restraints, asking me to turn around and bend over the edge of the table. I had to oblige but on my way over, I spotted that the surgery door was ajar and saw the four boys who were outside peeping though. I started to utter a sentence but couldn’t get the words out.

The doctor cut me off thinking that I was trying to get out of a consensual rape, “Tsk tsk, defiant to the end, is it Miss Vernliá? Will we have to restrain and gag you this time? I shook my head and attempted to point towards the door but the doctor thought I was trying to give James trouble and ordered him to bind my hands behind my back. I tried to protest and alert him to the four boys spying at the door but the doctor quickly placed a gag around my mouth and tied it behind my head.

James positioned me over the side of the table and dropped his trousers. He used both his thumbs to part my pussy lips as far apart as he possible could then sank his dick deep into me making a loud squelching noise. He immediately hammered into me, getting faster and faster, building up to his own orgasm. I was on the verge of cumming too but suddenly remembered the four boys at the door. I desperately needed to know if they were still watching. It was embarrassing enough being consensually raped in front of the doctor but it would be totally humiliating if the four boys were watching me getting fucked as well.

I couldn’t quite turn my head to see the door but with every vigorous thrust James made, our position changed slightly. He kept banging away at my cunt and had now started moaning. He was about to cum and so was I. He was on his last few strokes and gave one final forceful pound and I felt his dick spasm and jerk inside me as his cum squirted into me. That feeling was the trigger for my own orgasm and a sensation of euphoric bliss crashed though me as I was cumming but just then, I managed to catch sight of the door and saw the four boys, their eyes glued to my naked body getting pounded by James. They started to snigger and I realised they were laughing at my ‘cum face’ as I was still having my orgasm. They caught the attention of the doctor who leap up and shut the door on them saying this was a private consultation.

I was really wiped out after that. James and the doctor untied my hands and released the gag. Since I hadn’t raised any other pain issues, the doctor bandaged my ankle then let me get dressed. He said I should come back in a few days for a follow up, then he said I could go.

As I was about to leave the room, the doctor said, “Aren’t you forgetting something Miss Vernliá?”

I was puzzled for a moment than realised what he was on about. “Thank you James,” I said.

“Ah, so there is hope for you yet,” the doctor said with a little proud smile.

6 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Visit to the College Doctor

  1. Don Juan

    Great story, Slick. It reminds me of one I’m working on. Speaking of which, I’d better go finish that….

  2. Serena

    My friend had a dental checkup the other day. She expected just a teeth cleaning, but the dentist also did a thorough examination of some of her other body parts. Is this really true? What does a dental checkup entail? I’m nervous because I have an appointment with the dentist this week.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      It depends. Some dentists, being highly respectable and extra caring, are very conscientious and care greatly about their patient’s general health, not just the health of their teeth. They may feel it necessary to investigate the other parts of your body for your own good and refer you to the correct practitioner if they spot something of significance.
Even though they are dentists, they know what they are doing because they socialise with a lot of doctors and even gynaecologists so do not be afraid if your dentist undresses you while you sit in his chair and moves his skillful hands all over your young naked body, touching, gentley squeezing and probing your most intimate areas. Just make sure you wear clean underwear (if your the type of girl that wears any).


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