College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #3

Peter Kent reports

So far, we have seen many alternative dress styles worn by the girls of this college and new ones are springing up all the time. As the saying goes: “Fashion never stands still”. Sometimes, fashion goes too far for some and in this final look at alternative dress styles, we look at two that were very controversial and were eventually banned.


When this style first started to spread around the college, many of the girls simply loved it. These nipple coverings allowed the girls to wear the skimpiest tops without having to worry about exposing their breasts. Eventually, the girls started to wear them without tops altogether.

Although not fond of Pasties, the Dean respected the creativity of the girls and allowed their use to continue. However, he began to raise his eyebrows when girls started turning up for lessons like this:

This was the Pasties set which caused quite a stir among both sexes of the student population. They came in a variety of styles.

One issue the Dean had with them was that the bottoms did not appear to have a back to them.

Other problems started arising. Newer students wearing them did not put them on correctly and the girls would lose parts of it and in some cases, girls were suddenly turning up for classes completely naked not realising they had lost their coverings.

The Dean hated to quash the girls’ creativity but in the end, decided to ban Pasties because he did not want girls walking around the college naked solely because they had lost their ‘clothing’. If they were naked as a result of an inspection, that was another matter entirely.

Tan Lines

In the past, some of the female students came up with what they thought would be the ultimate outfit, one they figured would allow them to completely escape the attentions of inspectors yet remain decent: tan lines. This became highly controversial as some boys tried to enforce the ‘grouping rule’ for the girls’ own good, stating that the girls were not decently covered. The girls on the other hand, insisted that they were fully decent as from a distance, they did not appear as if they were naked.

After much campaigning and demonstrations by the girls who saw it as their right to be able to ‘wear tan lines’, the Dean had to intervene in the matter. He said that if the tan lines were very fresh, then it was almost passable but the real problem arose when the tan lines became a few days old and it became harder to distinguish what was the tan from the natural skin colour.

Here is Aria, one of the advocates for tan lines.

Her argument was one that readers may have heard before in other circumstances: decency is a state of mind and if one feels decent, then one is decent. She was showing here how she feels comfortable dressed in only tan lines because she feels completely decent.

Elizabeth threw her support behind the right to wear tan lines by showing how relaxed she was in this attire.

(Click for larger)

Another campaigner for tan lines was Abby. She like many of the campaigners stated that if done correctly, a girl only wearing tan lines looked as if they were wearing a bikini from a distance and sometimes, up close too.

Jessica agreed with Abby saying that their nipples just looked like two polka dots.

Simona wanted to prove that another advantage of wearing tan lines was that the outfit would never clash with a girl’s shoes and that in fact, she could wear any footwear she chose without having to worry about it matching.

As beautiful as Simona is, the Dean felt girls wearing just tan lines would be far too distracting to the male members of the college.

Nikita’s argument was that tan lines were even better than the super quick towel style. With tan lines, girls would never have an excuse for being late for class again as like she is showing here, she can just get straight out of bed and head to lessons but the Dean questioned the hygiene implications of this.

Shae, Nikita’s roommate, backed up her friends’ argument by showing that she was also ready to just get out of bed and head straight to lessons, saving valuable time.

A third girl, Sandra, was also in support of the convenience that tan lines allow her. She too wanted to show how she was ready to go straight from her bed to class.

When the Dean saw the following picture of Sandra, he immediately spotted another negative side effect of tan lines.

Unfortunately, this picture and the one below of Summer was one of the things that made up the Dean’s mind against tan lines.

The problems with these pictures were that, 1: Summer’s tan looked like it was fading which broke the illusion that she had something decent on, and 2, she and Sandra both felt so comfortable wearing just the tan lines that they had forgotten themselves and were sitting in positions that were very unladylike, with their legs splayed far apart. All it would have taken was some weak willed young man passing by them and he would become easily excited which would have been the girls’ fault.

Summer was desperate to show the positive side of tan lines, again bringing up the fact that they don’t clash with any shoes she chooses to wear.

The Dean however had already made up his mind and ruled tan lines illegal.

And so ends our fascinating look at the interesting alternatives the girls at this college have created, most of which have become very popular with the students.

As fashions continue to evolve, only one question remains: whatever will these inventive girls come up with next?

11 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #3

  1. base

    The Dean only has limited authority concerning the Dress Code. It is the elective student body that makes the judgement on the enforcement. While the Dean can re-write the rules through a complex approval authority, it is still the student judges that will decide how those rules are enforced. This can make for an effective veto.

    This was evident when the Dean was escorting a visiting associate professor across campus but failed to get her a visitor’s pass. The Dean stood helpless as an inspector recruited several football players to assist the young visiting professor “volunteer” to strip for inspection. Failing the inspection, she was left naked. The Dean attempted her defense at the hearing, but the judge determined the error was his resulting in the visiting professor being subject to the student authorities. This included the punishment from the jury which was odd in that three jurors were taking the course the visiting professor was teaching. As part of the punishment, a week without clothing was imposed, and her Human Sexuality classroom was filled with students auditing the course. Again, the Dean was helpless to assist the visiting professor to avoid these punishments. He was also helpless when the visiting professor elected to not obtain her visitor pass leaving her subject to inspections, groping, and punishments. He found himself without any means to stop her from finishing her semester “wearing” just a small patch of trimmed pubic hair as bottoms and her long hair as her covering for her top.

    Creativity is not limited to the student body. We also have plenty of examples of faculty being plenty creative in their discipline within their classroom resulting in females wearing even less than tan lines.

    The Dean’s authority is limited to asserting pressure. He stood helpless to when some students used shadows as their outfits.

    [at least this is my view of the Dean.]

    1. William G. Gruff

      Your view of the Dean’s limited authority gives me hope, base. Still, I’m hoping these bans will be repealed.

  2. William Kazak

    It sounds like the gals on campus adapt pretty well to any situation. Isn’t that what college is supposed to teach young people? Also, wholesome body awareness is something to acquire on campus if they haven’t already learned it at home from the example of their parents. The new teacher seems to be a wonderful example of what the co-eds can strive to achieve in life. I think the gals should emulate their new teacher.

  3. Bob Fred

    Tan-lines? Well, considering in an earlier story, girls wearing body paint were allowed to be groped as they were naked. Essentially they were considered naked for everything, but supposedly without getting the unwanted glaring of being naked.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      If you mean the Girls’ Soccer Team, groping wasn’t in the story but a possibility raised by the comments in certain situations.

  4. bobblushing

    quite a dilemma, here, i can’t stop…thinking about the tan line issue! The students must be struggling with the concept!

  5. Tanline supporter

    Although it may be a bit too late to change the Dean’s decision regarding wearing tanlines, I must protest against the claim that the girls’ spreading their legs is somehow “unladylike”. What could possibly be more ladylike than celebrating one’s lady parts, by allowing other people to enjoy them?

    Furthermore, the College Code of Conduct explicitly forbids covering up, once a part of the body is exposed. Crossing one’s legs, or assuming some other less open position, could easily be considered as “covering up”, since the whole purpose of doing that is to hide one’s pussy from view. Therefore, the girls were merely being good students by adhering to the CCC.

    I’m surprised that the Dean would say such a thing…


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