Stirrings of Discontent, Part Nine (archived)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The sun was shining, and it was obviously going to be a beautiful day. The quad was a space right in the middle of the school, and if someone wanted to start an official protest, this would be the place. Apparently the word had gotten out that something big was happening, since there were hundreds of students, along with a few teachers, milling around.

Boy, there had been quite a few changes in just the last few days, hadn’t there? It had all started out as sort of a game, to see how far she could go. Now she was standing in front of hundreds of people with her clothes in trash bags at her feet. The fire was going pretty well, more than adequate to consume everything. There weren’t going to be any microphones or amplifiers, but the acoustics here would compensate. Her best friend Ashley stood right next to her, offering moral support.

She’d been a real trooper through all this. Last night she had tried to argue with Judy, making one last attempt to convince her friend to fight it out. Oddly enough, though, once Judy had made it clear that she was going to give in, Ashley seemed to give in as well. She had given Judy an odd look, then finally murmured “OK, if that’s what you really want, I’ll go along with it.”

Judy had woken up early and had put all her clothes in the trash bags. She had chosen the sun dress she had worn on that fateful Friday night when all this started, when Amanda had turned her world upside-down. She had even worn a bra and panties, something that technically violated the Code, but it didn’t matter. Todd’s “suggestions” were still in effect, so no inspector was going to approach her. That’s when Ashley definitely proved her status as best friend, as if she needed any more evidence. “You know, I have some friends who can help get these down to the quad. Why don’t you have some breakfast, and I’ll meet you there? I’ll get the bags there.” At first Judy had resisted, but Ash could be very persuasive when she wanted to be.

In the audience she caught the faces of a few other friends and acquaintances. Of course Amanda was there, along with Lori and Sophie, her partners in crime. Wait a minute, something wasn’t right in the expression on her face. Where was the gloating smile she had displayed two days ago on the dorm steps? She glanced at Judy, but seemed to be more interested in. . . Ashley?

Whoa whoa whoa, there was something else. One of the trash bags had opened a little bit, and there was a blouse peeking out. And it wasn’t her blouse.

All these thoughts took less than a second to register, when the incongruent pieces suddenly came together and made sense: 1) Ashley turning on a dime in the argument last night, then volunteering to bring her clothes to the quad, 2) The strange behavior of Amanda, and 3) The blouse. The last time she had seen that blouse was. . . in Ashley’s closet!

She was about to rush forward and stop her friend when Ashley’s voice booming out over the public square stopped her short. Then the look on Ash’s face pleaded with her not to interfere.

“Hey guys, I’m glad to see everybody here today! You probably got the word just last night to be here this morning at 8 A.M. sharp. You were told you were going to see a naked girl, but I promise you you’re going to see more than that!” Cheers came up from the crowd.

“You’re going to see a new beginning here on campus. A new day. A breath of fresh air. A scent of freedom!” More cheers.

“Here in these trash bags are all the clothes I own in this world. All my blouses, dresses, pants, shorts, bras, and yes. . .” She paused and winked at the crowd as she pulled a pair of panties out of the top of a bag, “all of my panties too!” It was like at a political rally for President: She had to pause every couple of sentences so that she could be heard over the applause and cheers.

“And you know what else is in these bags? Oppression. Inhibitions. Hypocrisy!”

“I look at the girls around me on campus everyday who get inspected. A lot of them get their clothes back right away, but the lucky ones? You can see them, they’re easy to spot. They’re the ones who are basking in freedom. Freedom from clothes!”

“And there are a few others, maybe here today. You lost a bet, or maybe someone convinced you to go naked for a while. A day, a couple of days, or maybe even a week.”

“That’s fine for you, but that’s not what I want! What I want–here, today–is to proclaim that I HATE WEARING CLOTHES! And you know what I’m going to do about it?!”

“I’m burning them–all of them. Every last stitch. Starting now.”

That said, Ashley started throwing her clothes into the fire. She turned upside-down every trash bag and shook it out, just to be sure. All of her dresses, blouses, pants, shorts, etc. was burnt to a crisp. Surprisingly, it didn’t take all that long to reduce the beautiful girl to just what she was wearing. Then, with barely a pause, she started unbuttoning her last dress.

“I’ve owned this dress for about two years. It cost my parents about two hundred dollars. Oh well. . .” Into the fire.

“I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but speaking as a girl with big tits, I’ve ALWAYS hated bras. Haven’t you?” A quick unclasping behind her back, and it too was surrendered to the flames. You wouldn’t think the audience could get any louder, but the cheers and hoots from the female spectators actually succeeded in making it so.

Ashley had had big boobs for a while, and had been shy about them since she had matured. You would have to look closely, and know her well, like Judy did, to know that the buxom girl was about to jump out of her skin with nervousness. The reason she had disposed of her clothes so quickly was because she was scared that she was going to chicken out. She did blush a little, and her arms fidgeted a bit, but those were the only obvious signs that she wanted to cover up her large breasts from the onlookers.

“Here we go! Are you guys ready for me to do it? Are you ready for your first official nudist on campus?” Just for a moment, she teasingly hooked her finger in the last scrap of clothing that she owned. At the crowd’s roar of approval, she pulled her panties down her legs, stepped out of them, and consigned them to the flames.

That was it. As of now, Ashley Monroe owned absolutely no clothes on earth. She had to wait for almost a minute before they calmed down enough for her to continue. “OK guys. Now I want you all to hear my promise, and I want you to hold me to it. I, Ashley Monroe, swear that those will be the last clothes that will ever cover my body, no matter what.” She stood in all her naked glory: gorgeous round breasts, shaved pussy, and a beautiful smile. And although they couldn’t see her ass from their current view, it was one that could stop traffic. She raised her arms above her head, stretched for a moment, then lowered her arms and clapped her hands to get their attention once more.

“All right, there’s nothing more for me to throw in. Or is there? I’m thinking that there are other ladies in this crowd, girls like me. You’re so tired of inspections, of getting stripped, of having to worry about what to wear. I have a simple solution. Stop wearing clothes! Join me! Who else wants to take the pledge? The fire’s more than hot enough to do the job!”

There were murmurs in the audience. Several girls were quietly conferring with each other, and Judy caught a few snippets of conversation: “I’ll do it if you will.” “No way!” “You don’t fool me! You’ve always enjoyed it when you had to go naked to your classes!” “I don’t think I could ever do something like that!”

“I’ll do it.” One voice carried above the rest. Without another word, Amanda stepped forward, pulled her dress over her head, and casually tossed it into the fire. Lori and Sophie both looked incredibly relieved when they also hurriedly yanked their dresses off and threw them in. As she watched her friends strip naked in front of hundreds of people, Amanda muttered to Ashley: “Don’t forget to announce it.” Ashley nodded, and was about to say something when something else distracted her. Two, no three, girls walked forward. Two of them were holding hands, as if to encourage each other in their decision. They undressed each other (which didn’t take long) and threw the offending garments into the fire. Now there were seven nude girls in front of everyone else.

Obviously neither Ashley nor Amanda had planned on this. It took a moment for Ashley to get over her shock of seeing more recruits, but she quickly recovered. “I just have two more things to say today. First, I am SO PROUD of these girls up here with me who are taking the pledge!”

“Second, we’re going to have another ceremony just like this one, tomorrow at eight. We’re going to bring the barbeque pit and light it. And I’d better see everyone of YOU (pointing to the other six girls) here at eight, along with ALL your clothes. Spend the day naked, tell everyone what you did, and encourage all your girlfriends to take the pledge. Will you do that?” All the “recruits” nodded their heads and verbally committed to following through like Ashley had asked. “Well, I guess that’s it for now. See you tomorrow at eight!”
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