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Awakenings, Part Two (archives)

The car pulled up in front of the dorm and immediately slid into some of the convenient parking situated next to it. Brenda turned her head and announced “We’re here! In spite of my crazy driving, we made it all in one piece!”

The girls exited the car, and Saeko went to the trunk in the back to haul out her bags. Again, Saeko was struck by Sarah’s discipline in carrying only one small carry-on for the entire weekend. Brenda turned to Sarah and told her “I think you’re a little early for the orientation, sweetie. It won’t start until 4:00 pm. Do you wanna hang out with us until it’s time to start?”

“That would be AWESOME!”

“Saeko, let me grab one of those bags for you.”

“It’s OK, I can handle them.”

“No, I insist. Any friend of Judy’s is a friend of mine, and you’re our guest.”

Saeko hesitated for a second, then pretended a lot more reluctance than she felt.”All right all right all right. You talked me into it.”

The slight Japanese girl pulled her bags out of the trunk and laid them on the ground, then closed the trunk. Brenda locked her car with a keyless fob and squatted down to pick up a bag.

Saeko did a double-take. It was only for a split-second. She couldn’t have seen what she thought she saw. As Brenda bent down to pick up a bag, Saeko could have sworn she saw a flash of. . . the girl’s pussy? No. She must have been mistaken. There’s no way a girl could have been walking around downtown in nothing but a shirt.  But at the very least, if Brenda was wearing underwear or anything else under her shirt, it didn’t show when she bent over. Quit imagining things. You’re here to see your best friend and hear her earth-shattering news. I know you just discovered you’re bi, and Brenda is smoking-hot, but this is ridiculous. Some chick who you just met decides to dress a little provocatively, and you’re thinking she’s walking around in just one piece of flannel. Focus!

The trio entered the building and went up two flights of stairs, where Brenda informed them that Judy was staying. They came to a room three doors past the stairway, and their guide knocked on the door: “Hey Judes, are you home yet? We got visitors!”

“I’m here. Come on in!” A wonderfully familiar voice.

Brenda opened the door and the girls came into the room.

Being a mystery novel aficionado, Saeko took in her surroundings at once. It was sparse, like most freshman dorm rooms: Two beds on opposite sides of the room, two large closets, two desks, a window facing the courtyard outside, two desks, and two chests of drawers. She recognized her friend’s back as she was sitting at a desk away from them. Judy put her pen down from writing something, stood up, turned around and gave out a short shriek. She shouted “Nutters!!!!!” and ran to greet her pal.

Saeko was also very glad to see her friend after so long an absence, but she was pretty shaken by a strong distraction from the happy reunion. Her friend was stark naked. No dress or panties or any other clothing covered her friend’s beautiful body. It was pretty disconcerting, to say the least. Get a hold of yourself, girl. This is your best friend, and she happens to not be wearing any clothes. Damn, I never knew her tits were so cute! Calm down. That’s right. Don’t let her know that your kitty just got a tingle while she was hugging you.

“I’m glad to see you too, Judes. In fact,” she grinned nervously, not knowing exactly where to look, “I’m seeing a lot more of you now than I have in a long time. Did you forget something?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I know we’re in the dorm and it’s just us girls, but the Judy Morgenstern I know was a lot more modest. Did you want to finish getting dressed before we catch up? And maybe give me this great news you’ve been holding in?”

Judy grinned slyly at Saeko and replied “Actually, that’s what I wanted to tell you. It’s all connected, Nutters.”

Brenda and Sarah both looked quizzically at Saeko, and Brenda voiced their common question: “Nutters?”

“Long story. It’s something Judy started calling me after a little incident at a swimming hole. Anyway, I’m dying with curiosity. I took an hour-long train ride to see you and have you tell me about this wonderful change you couldn’t tell me in email.”

“Actually, the reason I wanted you to come is so that I could show you. I knew you wouldn’t believe me otherwise.”

“Show me what?”

“Come over here.” She led her friend over to her closet and opened the door wider. “What do you notice about it?”

“It’s empty. So what?”

“This is my closet which the dorm issued me when I moved in. My closet.”
“And. . . . so?”

“Let me show you one other thing, then maybe you’ll get it.” She pulled her friend over to the chest of drawers. “This is my chest, where we’re supposed to keep things like t-shirts, shorts, panties, bras, slips, lingerie, stuff like that. What have I got in here?”

“Um, nothing.”

“That’s the point, Saeko. I don’t own any clothes. You asked if I wanted to get dressed before we kept talking? I am dressed. Or at least as dressed as I normally am. I’m a full-time, 24-7 nudist. I’ve been clothes-free for three months now, and I intend to stay that way for the foreseeable future.”

Saeko stared at her best friend for several seconds. The friend she had had to cajole, trick, even threaten into doing anything dangerous. The friend she had accused of being a scaredy-cat too many times to count.

And busted out laughing. She laughed harder than she had in a long time. It took her quite a while to regain her composure enough to look her friend in the eye and say the one word that she had to express.


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So sorry guys for the delay. I’ve been going through some personal issues which I won’t go into here. I should be able to post some more chapters soon.

Comment By Keith At 8/10/2010 11:33 AM

Welcome back. I enjoyed this segment, and will be awaiting many more in the near future. thanks for posting.

We’ve all been a little distracted from writing. Actually, not quite true. I’ve written quite a lot, but nothing I like. Seems my mind keeps drifting into similar holes.

Comment By base At 8/10/2010 10:34 PM

Now in Russian:

You are welcome!

Comment By Mellory At 8/11/2010 5:44 AM

Ive noticed nothings been posted on this site in the past few months, is there another site where stories such as these are posted?


Comment By SWB At 8/12/2010 12:25 PM

None that I know of, unfortunately. All the regular contributors (including myself) have apparently been going through a dry spell. The good news is that if one of us adds a story, that usually inspires some others. None of us get any money for this, so we aren’t always motivated to get something new out. The way you can help is with positive comments. if you can’t write a story, then that’s something you can do.

Comment By Keith At 8/12/2010 1:31 PM

eroslavia.com is somewhat similar but is also having a dry spell. not quite the same but reminiscent of here.

still prefer here though.

Comment By Joe At 8/13/2010 8:17 AM

Hello. I found something similar at http://www.asstr.org/~NIS/Naked.html

Anyway good looking story Keith, keep going.

Comment By Fredy At 8/13/2010 12:39 PM

Depends on what you mean by similar. Do you mean specifically the whole specialty school with dress code rules and things, or a more broad naked in public/humiliation story site… the former has very few (including my own), the latter has a good number of them all over the place (from the ASN Story Board to the CMNF forums). Most (of both kinds) are relatively slow to update since they are mostly done by one person or a small group.

There are also more varied sites that have numerous types of stories (like Literotica), including some of these kinds of stories, but you have to wade through them to find the ones you like. On the plus side they tend to be updated far more often since they have such a varied group of people and story types.

Comment By Dragavan At 8/13/2010 2:35 PM

This blog is regularly updated and will be for a long time: www.illusex.com.

The story format is more based on pics, since I’m simply not that good a writer. But I think there are a few interesting stories there…

Comment By Grinch At 8/25/2010 1:11 PM

Grinch is a much better writer than he gives himself credit for. Illusex is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Comment By William G. Gruff At 8/27/2010 5:57 PM