Stirrings of Discontent (archives)

Without even thinking about it, Judy opened her door with the key hung on a chain around her neck and walked into her dorm room. Her mind was on the lecture her Economics professor had given that afternoon, and she wasn’t looking forward to the extra reading she was going to have to plow through that evening. She was really grateful for going to the college, but some classes were a lot harder to endure than others.

As she entered the room, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror next to the door, and smiled to herself. Apart from some sandals, Judy was entirely naked, just like she had been for the past month. After her wonderful experience with Selina a few months prior, she had waited on pins and needles for the chance to come here and take advantage of their Dress Code, or as she titled it (in her private thoughts) the Undress Code. Supposedly the Code was the means to ensure that the lovely ladies on campus dressed modestly while on campus, but of course the intentions and the actual outcome were two very different things. By accident or possible design, the Code ended up causing at least a few of the female students not only to be stripped in public for a few moments during inspection, but for many actually to be forced to attend their classes in the nude for anywhere from part of a day to several weeks (if they went through the Grievance Procedure).

Judy, however, was different from most of the students. Most of her new friends reluctantly went along with Codes, with the understanding that they would occasionally have to walk around campus in the nude, but they tried to avoid it when possible. Not Judy. After learning “the ropes” from Selina on her previous tour of the campus, she had quickly figured out how to avoid dressing at all. All you had to do was claim that you had been inspected and were filing a grievance, and no one thought twice about you going everywhere without a stitch on. She had worn clothes for a few days in order to put up appearances, and then had simply stopped wearing anything. Her dresses , blouses, and skirts were gathering dust in her closet, and on her first day she had thrown away all the panties and bras which her mom had forced her to pack. Her exhibitionistic streak had even caused her to undergo electrolysis on all her hair below her neck, so that her pussy (which seemed to be constantly wet these days) would have no hair to block anyone’s view. Her personal goal was to avoid wearing clothes until she had to go back home for Christmas vacation.

Her perky breasts hardened at the very prospect of going naked all the time on campus, and the thought of what probably awaited her in the cafeteria that evening brought a tickle to her pussy. Officially, in order to encourage modesty, any female student was subject to groping on any exposed body part, which meant that a completely nude student would be groped constantly. And of course once a male student determined that her cute little pussy was wet (usually after a few seconds of groping), she would be subject to “consensual rape.” Most females had an ambivalent attitude towards the rapes: They would try to avoid them when possible, but would end up enjoying them once they occurred. Again, not Judy. She had trouble hiding the fact that she was thoroughly enjoying the “rapes,” and every time she stepped outside her dorm room, she looked forward to getting a very satisfying fuck from the first student who had the courage to approach her.

Her roommate Ashley had at first tried to encourage her to actually wear something, but had given up after a few days. Part of what convinced her to go along with Judy’s façade was because she (Ashley) had been the recipient of some of Judy’s pent-up sexual frustration. Yes, there were times in which Judy stepped out and, for whatever reason, wasn’t given the proper fucking which she craved. When that happened, Ashley was the most convenient target once Judy stepped back in, and many an hour had been spent in delightful 69’s. Since coming to the college Judy had quickly discovered a taste for pussy, and had rapidly become quite the seductress of her willingly victimized roommate.

As Judy turned to shut the door, she suddenly noticed something that she stepped over in her earlier distraction: an small envelope. It only had her first name addressed on the front, so obviously someone had slid the envelope under her door while she was out. Mildly curious now, she tore it open and read the brief contents of the letter inside. She read them, and stood in shock for a few moments, gathering her wits. She read it again, hoping that this was not reality but a nightmare. Unfortunately, nothing faded away, and the letter was still in front of her.


She stood there for a few minutes just considering what to do, but in the end she obviously had no choice. Ashley was going to some night classes that evening and wouldn’t be back until after 9, so she didn’t even have the luxury of talking it over with her before the deadline. Going to any other girl was out of the question, since that would entail revealing her secret. The west science building was on the edge of campus, and the far side would be facing some woods which bordered the college property. Whoever was summoning her wanted some privacy.

The only remaining question in her mind was not whether to go, but how to dress for the rendezvous. Whoever wrote the note apparently had a problem with her walking around campus naked, so maybe she should bite the bullet and actually wear some clothes to the meeting. Not too surprisingly, something in her rebelled against this. She hadn’t worn clothes in over a month, and she wasn’t sure how they would feel against her skin which had been so long unencumbered. Her suspicions were confirmed a minute later when she put on a light sundress—it was so thin it was almost transparent, but even with this little wisp of cloth, she felt smothered, and even the smooth fabric felt irritating and scratchy. Wearing any clothes for any length of time was now a burden for her, but she would have to put up with it for this meeting.

For the next couple of hours, she tried to study, but it was no use. Like a condemned prisoner on death row, she kept looking at the clock, and the prospect of this meeting made her stomach do flip-flops. Naturally her original plan of going to the cafeteria for supper was shot, since her appetite had fled the moment she had read the note. Finally, at about thirty minutes before 8, she slipped on the sundress (waiting until the last minute to put on the hated garment), and walked out the door. The walk to the science building would only take about twenty minutes, but she certainly didn’t want to make “YMNA” was wait for her, whoever that was. Whatever her fate, she was resolved to face it head-on.

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Part Two
cant wait for part 2 keep going please :).

Comment By carlos At 2/22/2009 3:52 AM

Thanks for the interest. I’ll be posting Part 2 on 2/23. In the meantime, I would love to know if anyone can guess (or remember 😉 who or what YWNA is.

Comment By keith At 2/23/2009 1:57 AM

Actually, let me clarify that. If you know anything about YWNA, then email me at Don’t post the answer here, since I want it to be a surprise to some folks on Tues.

Comment By keith At 2/23/2009 3:19 AM

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