Stirrings of Discontent, Part 4 (archived)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ashley was annoyed, wondering what was going on. Her roommate (and best friend) had just walked through the door, went straight to her closet, and was examining her clothes, all without even greeting her or acknowledging that she was in the room! It wasn’t like her at all: She was usually one of the friendliest girls she knew. For almost a minute, Judy stood in front of her closet, running her fingers through the material of the dresses, blouses, skirts, and other things she kept there, looking preoccupied.

At last Ashley couldn’t take it anymore. She got off the bed on which she had been reading a fashion magazine, went over to Judy, and wrapped her arms around her from behind. Her plump breasts felt good against her friend’s bare back, her nipples hardening against the bare flesh.

Of course she was naked. Under her roommate’s unintentional influence, she usually didn’t wear anything inside their room; in fact, she usually didn’t put on any clothes until she was ready to step out of the dormitory. When she had arrived on the campus a month ago, she had been rather shy when it came to her body, usually wearing some kind of nightgown to bed, even wearing panties when they were going off campus. One thing about the Dress Code which she adored, however, was the absence of bras. She HATED bras, and had done so ever since she had begun developing her breasts. Since her boobs were bigger than most girls, she really would need a bra in order to keep herself from bouncing around all over the place, but her comfort had quickly trumped any notion of decency. Since the Code forced her to wear no bra as an undergarment, she hadn’t touched one since a couple of days after her arrival.

“What’s up, girlfriend? You haven’t even said a word to me, so I guess that closet’s more interesting. Is something wrong? When you came in, you rushed over to this thing like it was your dying mother.”

“Uh, yeah. Everything’s fine. I’m sorry, Ash. I really didn’t mean to be rude like that.”

“That’s ok, babe. You can make it up to me in some other ways.” With this, she uncrossed her arms around Judy, brought her hands up, and gently squeezed her breasts. “I’ve been trying to read that magazine to distract me until you got home, ‘cause I am soooooo horny. I saw an inspection just before my class, and I got to watch this poor little girl strip for us. The inspector started fondling her in front of all of us, and once he got her wet, he got her down on her hands and knees, pulled out his dick, and FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF HER! Oh God, it was so hot, seeing her come so hard in front of a small crowd like that. I guess I’m kind of a voyeur, huh? And you wanna know the best part?”

“What’s that?”

“He cited her for indecency and confiscated ALL her clothes for ‘evidence.’ That poor girl was late for class as it was, so she didn’t have time to go back to her room to get anything. She had to come to class with me in the nude. Her blushes were so cute!”

“So that got you really worked up, huh?”

“Oh, you know it, babe. All during that boring class, I kept sneaking glances over at her. I just kept thinking that the only thing that would make it better is if this happened at the beginning of the day, so she would have to walk over the campus like that.”

“Why is that so sexy to you, Ash?”

“You know why, silly, because it reminded me of you! The thought of you walking around campus without a stitch for over a month. I gotta tell you, there are times when you aren’t here and I get myself off just thinking about it! My little nudist, keeping her secret from the bigwigs and pulling this off right under their noses! Baby, I want you to keep doing this as long as you can! See how long you can go!

In fact, I’ve got a new nickname for you. I’m gonna start calling you ‘Judy the Nudie’ from now on. Of course, this’ll just be between you and me. To the world you can keep pretending that you’re walking around naked because some nasty inspector had it in for you, but we both know better. You LOVE it, showing off that hot little body. This was a body made for showing off! And for fucking! I love it when you walk back in and have some guy’s spooge all over your face or between your legs. I especially love licking it out of you! Ummmm”

As she was prattling on, her horny roommate had not been idle with her hands. She loved playing with Judy’s breasts, had spent many an hour just toying with them, both before and after making love. She loved doing everything to them: caressing them, gently squeezing them, running her fingertip over a sensitive nipple, kissing them, sucking on them, and anything else she could think of. Of course she knew that Judy’s breasts were very sensitive, so her post-fuck tit-play usually turned into foreplay. And since Ashley’s boobs were bigger than hers, Judy loved returning the favor.

Despite the distraction of Ashley’s fingers doing what they did best, Judy had to talk to her friend. But how to begin?

“Um, Ash, what would you think about me. . . if I went all the way?”

“What’re you talking about, babe?”

“I mean. . .what if I just got rid of all of them?”

“You mean your clothes, right?”


“You mean, like throw all your clothes away, for good?”


“Ummmmm. I would love it. I can see it now. You and me hauling your clothes out to the dumpster. You’ve just given me more ammunition for my fingers later on.”

“No, I mean it, for real.”


With supreme effort, because she knew in order to have anything like a serious conversation she would have to get Ashley’s hands off her breasts and Ashley’s big tits off her back, she managed to disentangle herself from her horny roommate. She led her friend by the hand to Ashley’s bed and sat her down upon it.

“Ok, I need to be serious for a minute. I’m not talking about a little fantasy that helps you get off, I’m talking for real.”

“Wait a sec. you’re not kidding.”


“You’re actually thinking about throwing all your clothes away for real, like permanently?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

Ashley paused for almost a minute. To her credit, she was able to somewhat switch from “horny” mode to thoughtful. She could tell her roommate was deadly serious, and really wanted her opinion.

“I’m not sure, baby. I mean, officially isn’t that illegal? The Code supposedly is there to make us more modest, right? I know that that’s not how it always works, but at least they can claim that they’re trying to keep us covered up. If you just decided to give up your stuff altogether, wouldn’t they see that as being, I don’t know, defiant or something?”

“I’m not talking about the Code, or the law, or the inspectors, or the Administration. I’m talking about you and me. What would you think? About me?”

“Well, to be honest, I think I’d love it. I mean, apart from any trouble you’d get into, I’d think it’d be the greatest idea I’d ever heard. Judy, honey, you’re gorgeous. You’re one of the prettiest girls on campus, and as far as I’m concerned the sexiest one by far. In fact, if I had my way it’d be illegal for you to wear anything!” With that last thought, Ashley giggled a little.

That’s not the first time I’ve heard that tonight she thought. She sighed. Time to bite the bullet, and tell her everything.

“Ok, Ash, we need to talk.”

“Whoa, nobody ever says that when they’ve got something good to say. Are you mad at me or something? When a guy says that to girl, it usually means he’s breaking up with her.”

“No no no no no. I love being your friend, and I especially love being your friend with benefits. No this is something else. I’ve got to talk to you about what happened tonight once I got home. . .”
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To everyone-
Sorry it took so long to post another chapter. Quite frankly, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block. I think I’ve jumped the hurdle, however, and should hopefully be posting more chapters soon. Thanks for the encouragement!
Comment By Keith At 3/21/2009 11:45 AM
Wow! What a story. The sexual tension between Ashley and Judy is exquisite! I totally buy Ashley’s explanation for her horniness, and sympathize with the poor littl girl who was stripped and raped by the inspector (He should know better than to do that). I can’t wait to see if Judy the Nudie goes through with her daring plan!
Comment By Richard Hertz At 3/22/2009 1:24 PM
Keep it cumming! 🙂
Comment By b At 3/24/2009 2:33 PM
Hey, where’s the rest of the story?
Comment By b At 4/12/2009 12:49 AM

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