Susie and the spammer (archives)

Susie screamed, “My computer has gone crazy!”

Everyone in the library turned to see the girl standing and screaming at her laptop.

The librarian didn’t particularly care for the disturbance, and she dispatched the resident nerd to trouble shoot the problem. It turned out to be a simple virus, of the adware variety. He was able to regain control of the laptop in short order.

Susie was so relieved she kissed the nerd as she did a little happy dance to his pleasure as well. As Susie spun around, her skirt flared out. Susie was definitely not in violation of the dress code.

The nerd reported to the librarian as was well, and explained Susie had clicked a spammer’s link sending her computer into fits. The librarian was quite upset. Too many students fell for these spammers. She decided that anyone in the library’s network downloading viruses – intentionally or unintentionally, it didn’t matter – needed to be punished. Susie was to be the first.

As the nerd deleted all the spammer’s worthless posts from the library’s articles, the librarian informed Susie of the trouble she had caused. Not only screaming and disturbing other students from their work, but now the nerd was cleaning up her mess.

The librarian said, “Your skirt please.”

Susie asked, “What for?”

The librarian said, “For failing to follow common sense. You caused quite a problem tonight. For that, you will give me your skirt as a reminder to practice save internet surfing.”

Susie reluctantly stood and removed her skirt. She was only half embarrassed since some had already told her that her happy dance revealed as much as she was now bottomless.

The librarian asked Susie, “Why would anyone click on a link to a Chinese spam site?”

Susie was now embarrassed, “It mentioned gold, and I wanted a gold necklace cheap.”

The librarian said, “Your blouse please. No thinking person would click on a scam as those. Maybe being naked will be a good reminder to think before clicking.”

Susie stripped off her blouse, now naked, she felt sorry for falling for the spammer’s scam.

The librarian said, “For the next week, each time you enter the library, you will surrender your clothing at the front desk. If you manage to not cause a disturbance, you will get your clothing back when you are ready to leave.”

Susie said, “But I have a report due in next Monday. I’ll have to come to the library everyday.”

The librarian said, “Good. The lesson will sink in quite quickly for you. Maybe you’ll be a good example for the rest of the students, too. Besides, if you are working on your report, there will be no reason to click on a spammer’s link, right?”

Susie said, “Right.”

The nerd walked over to tell the librarian, “The system is all clean of the spammer’s attack. I banned a few IP addresses from China, but I’m sure they’ll be back.”

Nice story like to see the truth i know alot of people like this just randomly click on web pages. people just don’t know what the net really is until its to late but hey if you own a computer shop you love these people. 🙂
Comment By carlos At 4/4/2008 1:05 AM

A good continuation of this story would be that she went back to her book report and caused further problems later in the week, and her additional punishment is that she has to let a boy rape her for every virus she downloads
Comment By b At 4/25/2008 9:17 PM

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