Strength in numbers (archives)

Dear Base,

This picture illustrates your recent story.  The pretty brunette agreed to take off her only item of clothing to make her friends feel more comfortable going to the dining all bottomless.  She reasoned that her breasts would draw attention from the bare bottoms of her friends, and maybe she was right.  What a good friend!


While I’m thinking of it, I must say that girls who band together to show a little more skin than either one feels comfortable showing alone, well, it’s great to see this kind of comraderie!




thanks Dick.

You are right about how girls safer and more confident in numbers. It really is a nice thing they do for each other.

Of course, it always will help to have one exhibitionist in the pack to ‘help’ the others relax.


Comment By base At 3/20/2008 9:14 AM

Yes, also in
we see three equally bottomless girls, but only one of the girls feel exposed. The other two are quite comfortable.
Comment By Grinch At 3/22/2008 12:02 PM

Dear Grinch,

What a delightful picture you found of those three co-eds, and I agree, it illustrates the point very well. I barely noticed that girl number 1 and girl number 3 were bottomless. It was thoughtful of their friend to agree to be carried that way as a distraction!


Comment By Richard Hertz At 3/22/2008 10:11 PM

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