April’s Fool (archives)

April woke to find her naked body not covered by her bedsheets. She smiled thinking she must have had a wild dream to kick them off. As she rolled out of bed, she discovered the bed was missing all its linens. She rubbed her eyes, and the linens were nowhere to be seen.

As she yawned and stretched, she moved to her closet… no clothes. She immediately checked her dresser, again no clothes.

The only item of fabric in her whole room was a small hand towel. That’s when she realized she slept past her alarm. She only had 5 minutes to get to class for the mid-term exam.

April grabbed the hand towel and held it in front of her bare pussy as she stepped in the hallway. Normally, the hall was filled with girls running around in their morning ritual. Not a soul was about!

April gulped realizing everyone else was off to classes. She had no clothes and no one to borrow from either. Like other girls, she had been publicly stripped before during inspections. She even had her clothes seized for a hearing, but that was after classes. April had never gone to classes nude. Four minutes to go before her exam started. April was glad she decided to braid her hair the night before during a study break. A quick slash of water on her face and she was off to classes – clutching the hand towel to her pussy as she ran across campus.

Of course, a naked girl breezes past the inspectors. One waved to April, and April instinctively waved back… with the hand holding her towel.

In the classroom just as the professor was handing out the exams, April breathed a sigh of relief. The professor raised an eyebrow at seeing April naked having never see her bare in class before. He smiled thinking he’ll have to make sure she does attend nude more often in the weeks remaining.

The professor said, “Couldn’t decide on what to wear this morning? Please be considerate of the next student, and sit on your towel.”

April blushed as she laid the towel on the chair and sat down.

All during the exam April felt her fellow classmates staring at her. The exam was surprisingly simple for her, but still the stares were unnerving.

April finished the exam early and turned it in so she could miss most of the campus foot traffic between classes. The professor had to remind April she left her towel. Blushing head to toe, she retrieved the towel to the delight of several students sitting around her.

April again set a fast pace across campus back to the dorm. She was sure someone would loan her something to wear.

When she opened her room, a dozen of her friends yelled, “April’s Fools’ Day!” She looked around and her bed was nicely made, and her clothes were all hanging in her closet.

As her friends each gave her hug, she smiled and took the prank well. Everyone felt, who more appropriate than her, April, to play the Fool’s Day joke on. Especially true since April first was also April’s birthday.

All her friends chipped in to buy her a present – a babydoll dress. Not really a dress, but by the Campus Dress Code it was. AprilĀ  agreed to wear it for the rest of the day. She was actually happy that her friends managed to pull the prank on her. It meant they cared.

Alice asked, “We’re still on this weekend for joining the hiking club, right?”

April smiled knowing Alice had been after April to join all year. “Sure thing. Thanks for asking.”

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