Pretty Girl of the Day, October 1, 2013

Oh, why did I ever agree to this? My heart is beating so fast I think it will explode! I’ve never ventured outside the dorm completely bottomless, but today is my turn.

Let me tell you how I got into this fix. First, I should tell you that I’m just a freshman, so there was a lot to get used to at the College, and even though I took the College Prep class in high school, somehow I didn’t believe it was really true. I mean we were taught that the girls all dressed, well, comfortably in the evenings, but I figured that meant pajamas, or a nightie, maybe, and I would have been okay with that. And quite honestly, most of the freshman girls packed this type of lingerie. I remember the first night, all of us freshmen looking at each other, wondering which one of us would change into our sexy clothes first. I remember Julienne was the first, emerging from her room in a really cute sheer babydoll with matching panties, also sheer. She sat in the hallway where a bunch of us had gathered to chat about our first day at the College. I was still wearing my dress, feeling so awkward because I wasn’t used to going “commando”. Should I put my legs up? Would the other girls care if I didn’t cover my pussy? What about the boys who keep walking past our little group?

Just then, our preceptor walked by, stark naked! I stifled a giggle, and then felt silly for laughing. She was probably just going to take a shower or something. But no, she actually came to talk to us. “I know you girls just got here, and the College takes some getting used to, but there really isn’t any need to dress up in the evenings. You don’t wear clothes to bed, do you?” We gaped at her. Well, I did, anyway. I was all set to get into my pajamas! “Of course not,” she continued. “So there’s no need to wear clothes in the dorm, either, unless you’re planning to go out later.” One of the girls looked like she was going to say something, but then thought better of it. The preceptor turned to me, and said “be a good girl, and take off that dress, okay?” I nodded, and ducked in my room to take off my dress. It took all my courage to come out again, and sit with the girls. I crossed my legs, and kept my hands in my lap, trying to act casual. The preceptor gave me a sweet hug, and rubbed my inner thigh so softly I thought I would cum. I got up on my knees, and kissed her as she let her hands gloss over my pussy and down my other thigh. Mmmmm, that felt good! Soon, I felt another pair of hands caressing my butt while the preceptor continued to rub my thighs. Both girls rubbed me all under, dipping their fingers in my vagina every now and then for some natural lubrication.

Oh! Oh! was all I could say, as I kept kissing our preceptor, arching my back more and more with each gentle stroke down my legs, and then up to my crotch, along my butt crack, around my asshole, and repeat.

Oh! Oh! I said again as I came like I had never cum before. It felt like a hundred orgasms wrapped up in one.

Exhausted, I flopped backwards, my arms legs spread wide. I must have attracted a lot of attention, because it seemed like all the girls on the whole floor were gathered around me, most of them naked, and all of them caressing me softly.

The preceptor was talking, but the girls were keeping my afterglow alive with their gentle touches and kisses. I realized that evening why it’s so much better to have sex with a girl, or a bunch of girls — it’s because they truly understand how to make me feel so good.

I slowly came out of my trance and heard what the preceptor was saying. “All the freshman girls will take turns spending the whole day bottomless,” she said. It’s a dorm tradition, apparently. You can’t refuse. All the freshmen girls participate in this thing. There were 28 freshmen girls, she said, and as luck would have it, there were 28 weeks in the school year, not counting holidays and exam weeks. Every Wednesday, the preceptor would draw one of our names from a bowl, and that girl would be allowed to wear a top, but no bottom.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying. When it’s my turn, I’m not allowed to wear any kind of bottom for the whole day? I would have to go to all my classes with a completely bare butt?”

She nodded, and the girls giggled.

“I can’t do it.” I felt my face redden. “I– I–” The girls stopped rubbing me when they saw I was upset. I was never good about hiding my feelings. I sat up, and hugged my knees, and bawled. The other girls draped themselves over me, hugging me, and stroking my hair.

The preceptor knelt next to me, and took my hand in hers. “I know why you’re scared, honey,” she said.

“I don’t think you do. It’s so embarrassing, I don’t want to say.”

“You don’t have to say,” she said. “It happens to me, too.”

I looked at her wide-eyed. How could she know?

“Wait,” I said. Maybe we were talking about different things. “What happens to you?”

“When I’m in public, and my bottom shows, even a little bit, well…” she searched for the right way to say it. “Maybe it’s something about the breeze, or the feeling of sitting my naked butt down on a chair. I’m always feeling for the back of my dress, and when it’s not there, well,”

“You get excited?” I asked quietly.

She nodded. It took a lot of courage for her to admit it, I could tell. She sat with her head down for a while. I stroked her pretty hair, and kissed her neck. When she lifted her head, I could see she was crying, too. “Me too,” I said. We kissed softly for a minute, and then we laughed. Here we were, a couple of College girls, crying over getting excited when we go out in public in a short dress!

“I remember my first bottomless day,” she said. “I was so scared! And the other girls didn’t seem to care that I was getting wet. They just kept teasing me, and making me wetter. Finally, we all went out for breakfast. I pretended not to mind when they playfully spanked my bare butt as we walked to the dining hall. Then I noticed they were spanking each other, too! Then I noticed all my friends’ butts were just as bare as mine! Can you believe it? All the girls went bottomless with me to breakfast, so I wouldn’t have to be alone. It was so sweet of them.”

Before I knew it, it was Tuesday night, and we all met in the lounge for the first Bottomless Wednesday drawing. All the girls were laughing and playing around, and spanking each other as the boys watched. The preceptor held up the bowl of names, and we all hushed as one of the boys drew the first name. He looked at the paper. “Audrey,” he announced.

What a relief! That was my first thought. But then I saw Audrey’s face. The poor girl looked like she was about to collapse. She was tall and thin, with the most adorable round butt cheeks. I hugged her, and rubbed her back. “It’ll be okay,” I said, stroking her hair. “Come on, let’s sit down,” I said. She sat on my lap, with her legs straddling mine. I rubbed her cute little breasts, her flat, smooth belly, and then very gently, I stroked her between the legs, delighted to discover she was as turned-on as me. She turned around to face me, her legs straddling my hips, her arms around my neck. I lifted her up by the cheeks, and hugged her, pressing her wet vagina into my belly. We kissed as I felt her up until she came. The next day, she wore the sexiest little sweater I had ever seen, and she made no effort to hide her excitement.

Later I heard that Audrey had offered herself up for sexual intercourse several times as a punishment for allowing her sexual excitement to show. I felt bad for her, because I know how hard it is to avoid becoming excited when I’m not wearing a bottom, especially in public. The first time a boy came up to her and began feeling between her legs, she immediately stopped walking, and spread her legs. The boy was nice and gentle, but she tried to think about anything other than how nice he smelled, or his blue eyes. A crowd gathered as they began kissing. He wasn’t supposed to unbutton her sweater, but she let him do it anyway, and then she didn’t object when he caressed her adorable little breasts. She took off his pants and pushed him to the ground. With her sweater flapping in the wind, she climbed on top of him, grabbed his cock, and gently eased it in. He grabbed both her butt cheeks, and kneaded them like loaves of dough. Within a few seconds, he exploded inside her, and pulled her down to him, and they hugged. He grunted a few more times, as he continued to ejaculate inside her for a long time. She took off her sweater, and offered it to him as a thank-you for being nice and gentle with her, but he declined the offer.

Finally, it was my turn. I’m glad I wasn’t the first, because from talking to the first few girls, and watching what happened to them, I knew better what to expect. ┬áMost boys were nice, and gentle, even when they fondled me. Having no choice, I always let them do whatever they wanted to me. Even though they weren’t supposed to reach under my top, I let them do it anyway, because at any point, they could say I was sexually aroused, and I knew the Code of Conduct well enough to understand that I should be punished by having sex in public. Essentially, I would have to be raped, which I accepted as my punishment for allowing my pussy to get all wet and bright pink. I would have liked to keep my legs together, and pray that my sexual excitement didn’t show, but the rules require me to spread my legs as wide as necessary for the boy to feel me. One of the hardest things I had to do, standing with my legs spread wide, was not to flinch when the boy touched the tender skin between my asshole and my vagina.

By being a good girl, and never objecting to the fondling or the sex, I had managed to keep my top all day. After being forced to have sex on my way to class, it was comforting to have some small amount of clothing to wear. I was especially worried about my last class of the day, because the professor seems to enjoy stripping one girl each day, just because he can. You see, at the College, professors are free to make their own rules. Well, my professor requires girls to wear a top, a bottom, a bra, and panties, can you believe it? Lucky me! He claims a girl should be able to survive the loss of any one item of clothing that he picks, or any three items that the girl picks. Many girls try to sneak past the Inspectors wearing a bra and panties under their clothes, just so they can pass his cruel little test. So picture his devilish delight when I show up with my bruised red pussy, wearing nothing but that little top. You guessed it. He made me come up to the front of the room, spread my legs, and bend over. Of course, I did as I was told, and believe me, it was embarrassing to have to stand there with cum leaking out of my pussy, dripping straight down onto the floor.

Then my professor starts ranting about girls not wearing underwear, and he hits me square between my cheeks, and hard! For some reason, I found it sexually exciting as well as very painful. My clothing was an abomination, he said. Thwack! I would be better off naked than wearing such slutty clothes, he said. Thwack! He hit me so hard I fell over, but I got back on my feet, and bent over. He made me spread my legs even farther, exposing much more of my softest parts not only to the classroom full of my fellow students, but to the professor’s ruthless spanking. I braced myself, but he didn’t hit me. “You know what to do,” he said softly. Honestly, I didn’t know what he wanted, so I guessed that he wanted me to give up the only thing I had that made me feel the least bit decent. Still bent over with my glistening, dripping pussy in full view of the class, I slowly removed my top, and left it on the floor. “Thank you, honey,” he said. Then he spent the next five minutes gently stroking my pussy, thighs, perineum, and anus. I prayed I wouldn’t cum in front of the class, but I felt like it was a losing battle. All I could think about was how embarrassing it would be for the whole class to see me cum. “Let yourself cum, honey,” he said. “the class is looking forward to seeing your vagina pulse gently open and closed as you reach orgasm.” As soon as he said that, I came. I screamed as he probed my clitoris with one of his arthritic fingers. Then he whispered to me, “you can have your top, if you would like to wait for it, but I’m going to dismiss the class now, and I can’t guarantee these boys won’t feel the need to punish you for your very evident sexual excitement. On the other hand, you can leave without your top at any time. Your choice.”

I left immediately, of course.

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