Pretty Girl of the Day, November 17, 2013

Today’s pretty girl is Sasha. Normally, we don’t reveal their last names, to protect their anonymity, but Sasha gave us the go-ahead, and we think her full name is extra cute: Sasha Paine-Diaz.PrettyGirl2013-11-17a

We invited Sasha to sit down for an interview, but she declined at first. “Why?” We asked.

Sasha blushed, and said “Isn’t my dress too short?”

We laughed, and said “Of course not, honey! It’s a good two or three inches longer than necessary.”

She laughed, and sat down for us. “I’m sorry I’m so shy. I know other girls wear shorter dresses than this one. But I can’t help it. Are you sure this dress is okay?”

PrettyGirl2013-11-17d“Of course, honey,” we replied. We chatted for a while before we noticed the ladder behind her. “What’s up there?” we asked.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, where are my manners? Would you like some wine?”

“We’d be delighted!”

Then Sasha blushed, and said “Don’t look, okay?”

“But, darling,” we said, “how can we take our eyes off a beauty such as yourself?”

She giggled, and climbed the ladder to fetch some wine.


“Did you see anything?” she asked.

“Just the most beautiful girl in the world, climbing a ladder!”

“No, I mean…” she sighed, and then lowered her voice. “did you see my pussy?”

“Your… Oh, honey, no,” we laughed, then lied through our teeth, the way one does whenever a drop-dead gorgeous girl asks us that question. “Of course not. Your dress is several inches longer than necessary to cover you completely.”

We expected Sasha to be relieved by that news, seeing how shy she was, but instead she looked sad. “But I thought you could see my pussy if you looked up my dress when I was climbing the ladder.”

“Did you want us to see your pussy?”

She turned beet red, and looked coyly down. “Yes,” she said quietly.

“Does it turn you on when people see your pussy?”

Still quite crimson, she admitted that it does. Still looking down, she got very quiet.

“Are you crying,” we asked.

“No,” she said, then took a deep breath.

“Listen, sweetie, we can take an upskirt picture, if you like.”

She instantly snapped out of her funk. “You can?”

“Like we said, your dress is pretty long, and we hate to ask you to do this, but you might have to spread your legs apart…”

Without waiting for us to finish our sentence, she jumped on the table, and squatted.

“There’s not a lot of light in here, so can you spread—that’s fine!” Sasha was a delight to work with. Her pussy was indeed beautiful, so pink and moist. It was clear she was turned on. We asked her if it would be okay to touch her inner thighs, and of course she agreed, but she asked her not to touch her pussy, because that would make her cum, which would be too embarrassing for her. We agreed, and let our fingers play across her beautiful, silky thighs before playfully pinching her sexy little rump, and feeling her soft, puckered anus between her sexy cheeks.

“Please stop,” she begged, “or I might cum!”

PrettyGirl2013-11-17cWe respected her wishes, and snapped the picture. What a delightful girl! She wasn’t at all the way her name suggested.



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