Pretty Girl of the Day, November 16, 2013

I’m so honored to be selected as the Pretty Girl of the Day! I’ve looked at some of the other “Pretty Girl” posts, and those girls are so pretty, I never expected you’d pick little old me. I had no chance to dress up, either. I was amazed when you said this little hoodie would be fine for the pictures.


This is my favorite top, because it’s so comfy. It’s fine for wearing in the dorm, among my close friends, but I feel a little, well, self-conscious when I wear it out in the campus, because… This is silly. Do I have to say?


I know the Dress Code is a positive force for girls, and it helps us avoid wearing mini-dresses that are too short, so I’m all for it. But this top is, well, just a top, not a mini-dress, despite what everyone thinks. Yes, I know there’s a spectrum from long tops to short dresses, and there’s really no way to distinguish between the two. I’ve heard all that. I get it. Honest, I do. And like I said, I support the Dress Code, so *sigh* I’ll have to accept this top is the same thing as a short dress, and so I won’t wear anything under it.


It’s not the fact that it’s open in the front that bothers me about wearing this top to class. I can just hold it closed, no problem. The thing that bothers me is that it’s not quite long enough to cover my butt, and, well, I really wish I could wear something with it. Even a thong would be better than nothing. Listen, I’m not a prude. I know it’s not hard to look up a girl’s skirt. Heck, even I look up pretty girls’ skirts, when I’m going up the stairs behind them, for example. And I get a kick out of seeing girls’ pretty little pussies when they’re sitting on the benches outside the cafeteria.

But this little hoodie is different, don’t you think? There’s nothing to “look up”, really. I’m afraid my pussy will be “out there” for everyone to see (and touch).

PrettyGirl2013-11-16dWhat do you think? I trust your opinion. If you think it’s long enough to wear in public, I’ll go ahead and wear it. In any case, thanks again for selecting me as today’s Pretty Girl!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, November 16, 2013

  1. Lola Dean

    That hoodie is more than long enough just keep it unbuttoned a tad and no one will think you’re wearing a bra either win win


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