Pretty Girl of the Day, March 9, 2016

It was today’s pretty girl’s turn to be stripped naked and tossed out into the quad. This is a rather quaint tradition, dating back to the time before the current Dress Code.


It’s all in good fun, of course. The girls each draw a ball out of a special urn. All of the balls but one are white. The girls keep the color of their ball secret from the others, until one-by-one, by process of elimination, all the girls finally figure out who drew the black ball. Then there’s a mad scramble to strip that poor girl, and drag her, naked, kicking, and screaming to the quad, where there are boys waiting for her.

As you might have guessed, the boys have just one thing on their mind. The victim knows it, and all the girls who stripped her and threw her to the boys, well, they know it too. One by one, the boys chase the naked girl, until she’s too tired to run any more, and then a few of the boys take turns raping her while the other girls watch.

After each boy finishes, the girl typically lies on the grass in the fetal position, not knowing if another boy will take his turn. Some of the boys fuck her in the pussy; others in the ass. Most are gentle, but some are a little rough. When the boys are all done, the girl usually lies there for a while before the other girls come out to console her. Some of the girls are naked, while others wear just a short top, leaving their bottoms bare, to show sympathy for the girl they just stripped and threw to the boys. Each girl knows it could have just as easily been them who was gang-raped, so they all have a good cry together before going to breakfast. It’s a bonding experience for the girls, all entirely consensual, of course.

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 9, 2016

  1. lover_mystery

    It’s always difficult when strange students have to live together. While boys usually find their places due to their sports teams, for girls it is much more complicated. It should be mandatory at least at the beginning of each semester to support the girls in building team-spirit. The girls of each dorm should attend at least one training of a boys sport-team. They should all strip naked and draw out one of them to be available to the attending boys. The girl has to kneel down on all four to let the boys all rape her, either in her pussy or her ass, while the other girls stay around and watch. It will be sure, that her mates will empathize and some of them wish to stand by her. A girl that feels to support the still raped girl, should simple kneel next to her mate. She can be sure, that the boys will appreciate it and spread their efforts evenly. When the raping is finally finished and either the one and only or her supporters too are filled with the boys sperm, the girls will feel a great sense of togetherness. It will help them to prevent any catfight. It can be useful to repeat it, especially when new female students enroll during a semester or girls switch the dorm. If teachers notice some air of tension inside a girls dorm, they should inform the dean, who will decide what to do. If it is serious, instead to draw out by a lottery as above described, he may tell all the girls of the dorm to enter the sports hall naked and bend over the vaulting boxes, standing in a row. Immediately after they took the requested position, the dean may open the door and let in the male athletics that had won at least one match. The first group of the boys will quickly pick one of the girls and do his best to leave her not without filled with his seed. As soon as he leaves her, the next will take his place. It is to be assumed that the team spirit of the group of girls will increase related to the number of boys who had already won a match.


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