Pretty Girl of the Day, March 7, 2016

No one likes to see a girl renege on a bet or a dare. Yet this sort of thing happens all the time. When Donna was the third floor preceptor of Bodacious Hall she helped settle — and better yet prevent — arguments over bets and dares.


Here’s a case in point. These three girls all agreed to play a stripping game in which they start wearing identical outfits: Shorts and a “belly shirt”. Then, they draw cards, and the girl drawing the low card takes off an item of clothing until one girl is naked. Then all the girls have to stay this way for the entire day — none of them are allowed to put on any clothes until the following evening.

The three girls agreed to these rules. It’s fun for the girls, because the most likely outcome is just losing a single item of clothing, which is no big deal. But they can be guaranteed that one of them will be stark naked, which is exciting for all the girls, including the naked one! The first girl, at the upper right, took off her top, and kept her shorts on, even though she knew this would leave her vulnerable to Inspection. The second girl, at the lower right, took off her shorts. This kept her from being naked, although she was completely bottomless, leaving her susceptible to fondling and possible rape. The third girl lost a round and gave up her top. She was eager to see one of the other girls strip naked, but was surprised to lose twice in a row.

This is where the argument started. The third girl refused to take off her shorts, even though she lost fair and square. She was so expecting one of the other girls to lose the game that it came as a real shock to her that she lost. She tried to crawl away while the other girls stripped her naked.

As it turned out, Donna had to step in, and enforce the rules the three girls agreed on. Both the bottomless girl and the naked girl were in the same class that morning, both good girls, spreading their legs when fondled. The boys who fondled them allowed the two girls to hug and kiss while they were being fondled, which just made the girls more excited. It was nice for the girls that they were together when they were both raped, and they were allowed to kiss, and console one another afterwards.

As expected, the girl wearing the shorts was Inspected, and being a good girl, she removed her shorts right away. Like many girls, she received an early release from her Inspection, in return for forfeiting her shorts. So, the three girls actually spent most of the day completely naked, each keeping her promise to wait until the evening before putting on any clothes. The three girls went to dinner in the nude, and shared their exciting stories.

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 7, 2016

  1. lover_mystery

    Girls should socialize and have fun together when in their dorm. Playing games together, naturally enforce to play fair and respecting the rules. Chicken-out is quite uncomradely and a fair playing girl should never do it. Although it may happen that a girl, joining in stripping game may decline to take off her clothes when loosing. It’s not only fair, but almost required to strip her naked by force. The other participants should agree for a penalty, reflecting the offence. A perfect way to prevent further chicken-out would be to ban her from wearing any clothes till the next evening and to require her to seek common places only. The girl will be seen naked by a large crowd and welcomed with cheering. It truly will happen, that boys frequently show their affection and touch her tenderly. Although being naked is a penalty for her misbehaving, the girl will surely enjoy the boy’s familiarity. The boys will not leave her without caressing her and will not spare any part of her body. The girl should accept it as result of her cheating and try to enjoy it. Indeed, she will often find herself in a state of oddity, especially when a boy’s hand is between her legs. The boy probably will notice her excitement and show her the consequence, right on the spot. The girl will be seated on his lap, laid on a table, bend over or pushed in any other position, that is suitable to rape her. The girl can be sure, when finally the evening had come, she hadn’t spend much time without having her pussy or ass being filled with fluid from many different boys and the next time she’s playing games, she won’t chicken-out again.


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